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Danny Nightingale vs. Abu Qatada: British Justice in the Dock

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- Tom Winnifrith

You all know about Abu Qatada. He is the latest beardy weirdie Islamofascist who hates everything about Britain but likes living here with his wife and five little Islamofascists. The benefits and free housing flows in and so far this gentleman has cost us £3million. No matter that he supports Al Qaeda, arrived here on a forged passport and is wanted in Jordan on terrorism charges, the British Courts yesterday ruled that he cannot be sent back to Amman to face charges.

It’s against his bleeding yuman rights. Evidence that had been obtained as a result of torture might just seep into the prosecution’s hands so he gets to stay, at our expense. Now meet Sergeant Danny Nightingale, an ex SAS soldier who was given a pistol as a “war gift” by Iraqi soldiers. Danny has just been given an 18 month military detention sentence after West Mercia Police found the pistol in his Hereford barracks.

I am surprised that the Police found time to search the barracks so busy are they arresting T-shirt wearers and tweeters across the land. But search they did. It is suggested that the pistol was in fact not even packed into the bag in which it was found by Nightingale but by colleagues from Iraq instead. Nightingale was told that unless he pleaded guilty his term would be five years.

That is irrelevant. Nightingale is clearly a hero and no threat to Society at all. Qatada is clearly a total monster and is a threat to society. Yet the former is starting an 18 month stretch. The latter is a free man, costing the taxpayer several hundred thousand quid a month in benefits and because – given he is an Al Qaeda supporter – he now needs 2e4 hour surveillance.

In less than 200 words would any supporter of the current Government care to explain why I should regard the British justice system as “fair and sane” and why I should have any faith in it at all? I will make that 300 words if it helps. Good luck.

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