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Global Warming Alert – Several inches of inconvenient truth already falling in the Pennines

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- Tom Winnifrith

Bloody hell these inconvenient truths keep on coming. Having spent gazillions tackling the threat of global warming based on computer models which used false data, it just keeps on getting worse for the global warming nutters.

Firstly we learned from the Met Office that the world had, in fact, cooled marginally during the past 16 years.

Then, having been warned a few years ago that the droughts that swept the UK were a presage of global warming we suffer our wettest year in decades.

And now, snow is falling in the Pennines and temperatures are set to fall to minus 3 in some parts until the end of the week. According to forecasters, during December and January we might see minus 20 in some places as the UK faces “one of the coldest winters for a Century.”

Hmmmm my plan to buy cheap land in Scotland to grow olives and vines in a global warming driven Mediterranean climate seems to be coming a cropper. How jolly inconvenient.

As I have noted before, on the political/media scene there is a strong correlation between those deluded lefties who warned that it would be disastrous if Britain did not join the Euro and those who warned that it would be disastrous if we did not spend gazillions tackling global warming.

I await the apology of the guilty men but not with baited breath.

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