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Top of the Pops – Hamas Style

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- Tom Winnifrith

Thanks to my pin up girl Melanie Phillips for the lead on this. This is for those who argue that either Hamas wants peace or that it and Israel are morally equivalent. The truth is that Hamas wants a one state solution, a final solution. It wishes to destroy Israel which is why ship loads of rockets are currently on their way to Gaza from the Islamofascist Republic of Iran.

The last ceasefire started in January 2009, it took three years and thousands of rocket attacks on Israel before she retaliated.

Hamas are Jew haters bent on genocide. Watch top of the pops from the Hamas TV station Aqsa TV and please explain why I am wrong?

First up ( from before the ceasefire) is that little ditty:

‘Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah’.

Lyrics in this video included this charmer.

‘[Oh] lovers of the trigger: Killing the occupiers [Israelis] is worship that Allah made into law…’

Next up is one dedicated to the Qassam Brigades: “Brigades – we kidnap soldiers, Brigades – we kill Jews” which includes the delightful chorus line “‘Repeat in the name of your Jihad: Death to Israel!”

While the song was broadcast in Arabic, Hebrew words appeared on the screen addressing Israelis, while pictures of Israelis being attacked and of an Israeli funeral were shown:

“Your body parts are scattered everywhere”
“The cemeteries await you

Oh, but the apologists for these blood stained genocidal Jew haters at the Guardian, the BBC and in the liberal political elite ( notably that vile woman Clinton) argue that Hamas wants peace, has signed up to a ceasefire and so this has all changed. Yeah right. So here is TOTP 2 from AFTER the ceasefire.

A delightful little number: “Repeat in the name of your Jihad: Death to Israel!”

While showing footage of explosions and Hamas fighters firing rockets, this song called to “destroy” Israel – “the house of absolute evil” and “the enemies of humanity.”

Now I realise that Israeli pop music can be pretty offensive. If you have forgotten the Eurovision 1979 winner Milk & Honey I bring you a reminder. I should warn you that it really is a musical and fashion crime against humanity.

But in Israel, state run TV does NOT call for genocide, celebrate the death of Gaza residents or promise to sweep the Arabs into the sea.

Incidentally in the extensive coverage offered of the situation in Gaza by the BBC and others have you seen these sorts of videos ever mentioned? Er.. me neither.

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