Thursday February 23, 2017
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Russian LinkedIn hacker – Do us a favour

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- Tom Winnifrith

I gather some Russian chappie has hacked into LinkedIn and stolen 6 million passwords. How enterprising. Given that it has to be the most boring site going I am not sure what he will do with them but, if he is heading this I wonder if I could beg a favour? It is some time since I last logged in to check my three dozen invites to connect with IFAs in the Northern wastelands and I have forgotten my password.

And my account was registered using an old, now defunct, email address. And so I cannot request a reminder and am thus snookered. So if the hacker has a spare minute might he send me an email (no questions asked at my end) with a reminder? If he really wants to be helpful might he change my photo there as I have never worked out how to do it myself.

I assume that the hacker is a he. That is a sexist stereotype. She might actually be a glamorous Balkan spy figure looking like Anna Kournikova in her prime who just happens to be good with technology. Somehow I doubt it. But Anna/hacker if you are reading and can help it would be much appreciated.

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