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Weight Loss – Officially healthy for the first time in my adult life

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- Tom Winnifrith

I get bashed by some for going on about my weight. But when you are diagnosed as diabetic, told that your weight is enough of an issue to dramatically reduce life expectancy, etc these things do sort of matter to you. In that vein, I managed to find a pair of scales today and weighed in at 13 st 3 llbs. That gives me a Body Mass Index of 24.5 – officially a “healthy” weight.

In context, this is the first time since I was 18 that my BMI has been below 25. I am now 44. In terms of BMI I have gone from 36 (clinically ultra obsese and so grotesque that I do not want to think about it) at my peak to 24.5. In terms of weight I have now lost 32.4% of my peak weight – 6 stone and 3 llbs.

If you are fat, weight is a lifelong battle so I am not about to go out and eat 58 cream pastries to celebrate. I still have a mental target of 12 st 3 llbs – a BMI of 22.5. That may be unrealistic, I have heavy bones. But I still have a bit of a tummy and so I would be aiming to start September at sub 13 st (BMI 24 or lower). One battle almost won. A couple more to go.

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