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Intandem - Catch up with Gary Smith

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- Tom Winnifrith

Back in the last century there was a CEO who appeared on Show Me the Money and sat next to me. It was Gary Smith who now runs AIM listed film producer Intandem Films (IFM). Large numbers of viewers phoned in to ask if he was my big brother? There was a bit of a likeness. A million years later he is still not my brother. He still travels the country supporting Blackburn Rovers (hell is not being the CEO of an AIM company suffering enough?) and he is not only the CEO but a material shareholder in Intandem.

Gary and I do have quite a bit in common. Dashing good looks, taste in women, supporting piss poor soccer teams and conversation is always free flowing. Intandem is an AIM tiddler – at 1.875p the market cap is just £2.4 million. Given that Gary and his key staff own 30% I would be sorely tempted to take this private if I was him. Intandem has cash and does not need to raise any more. But Gary is a public markets man so he will stick it out.

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