Thursday August 25, 2016
Poisonous and delusional midget Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP is mad, innumerate and running a near bankrupt nation of scroungers
Farage meets Trump on the stump and the liberal idiots go into meltdown
Why cant the BBC report what the Islamofascist murderer in Oz or the Police actually said?


Bulletin Board ramper of the week result - its another Worthington winner

5 days ago

What do Pokemon Players and Bulletin Board Morons have in common?

16 days ago

Bulletin Board & twitter Moron of the week contest (2016/1) - You can't beat this can you?

221 days ago

Glenwick - Ramptastic bollocks that stinks

221 days ago

HotStockRockets share tip now out 8.30 AM Tuesday

240 days ago

Once bitten twice shy: the Horse Hill ramping starts again - ETA the placings?

267 days ago

The Worthington Fraud Part 12 – Who benefits and Bulletin Board Censorship

550 days ago

The Bulletin Board Jihadists win another victory AGAINST free speech as Etihad Airlines blacklists ShareProphets

570 days ago

Join ShareProphets in our campaign to get LSE Bulletin Board Asylum to unban deluded Ramper QPP1000

662 days ago

TXO - Tim Baldwin explains and puts the case on video

747 days ago

Should Shareholders Oust the Gulf Keystone Board?

861 days ago

Magnolia Petroleum – 10 Reasons to Avoid a Bulletin Board darling: shares are 75% overvalued

920 days ago

Xcite Energy – broker Fox Davies suggests it is bid target

1248 days ago

Register for weekend Tomograph – The Cheeky Girls and Mel Phillips to run Britain edition + BB tosser of the week

1265 days ago

I have balls of steel - its official

1269 days ago

Falklands Oil & Gas – sell into latest hype

1305 days ago

Guest Post Sam Bottell: Buy Xcite Energy at 102p – Target 181p

1312 days ago

Pan African Resources Evander purchase update

1361 days ago

US Oil & Gas goes to Court To track down Bulletin Board critics

1366 days ago

Falklands Oil & Gas & Borders & Southern, Vindicated by another duff well I say Sell again

1367 days ago

Centamin – Market Update Does Not sound Good say two brokers and me

1368 days ago

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