Tuesday May 30, 2017
A nervous traveller to Kalamata caught between Scylla and Charybdis at Gatwick Airport
Happy Birthday to TomWinnifrith.com -now five years old: my 20 most read articles on this website
Sitting in a garden centre in Bristol I dream of the snake repellent shop in Kambos


Once again fraudbusting journalist Tom Winnifrith has received a menacing lawyers letter from a company on AIM. Over the past four years Tom has exposed all the biggest frauds including Quindell & Globo but also a raft of smaller ones. As a result crooked AIM bosses have sent him a couple of hundred lawyers letters.

Tom has also received death threats and suffered serial harassment onliine and offline...not that the Police lifted a finger. Had he been shagging Tom Daly as opposed to exposing billions of pounds worth of fraud the Old Bill might have cared a bit more.

It is not just his battle against the crony capitalists or fraudsters that attracts such vitriol but his ardent belief in a small state guided by libertarian principles. Pointing out the dead hand of a politically correct nanny state and the error of big state liberal "group think" on both sides of the Atlantic attracts abuse in various forms. The left only likes some sorts of free speech. Their sort.

If you support and enjoy Tom's work we ask for your assistance as Tom now faced the threat of a legal case brought by the fraudsters at African Potash.

Click here to establish a regular donation of make a one off payment to allow us to expand our fight against lies, fraud and corruption on the London Stock Market and Tom's writings on this website in support of a world that is fairer and more free.

PS. Every person making a donation of £25 or more (and please do make it more) will receive a special See you in Court Bitchez T-shirt.We will contact you to ask your size on receipt of the donation.

Strat Aero - shares sliding - it is placing ahoy

196 days ago

Fast Forward: strategic update = shameless pre placing ramp

319 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Gulf Keystone toast & shagging Cheryl Cole & the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad

330 days ago

There he goes again, Malcolm blaming Brexit for everything - he is just plain wrong

359 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Even Cheryl Cole knows ( from personal experience) that George Osborne is talking bollocks on Brexit & House Prices

373 days ago

Conroy targets 5m oz Gold, I target Cheryl Cole's "virtue" - the only cert is its placing ahoy!

424 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast St David's Day: Sheep Porn, Barclays & More Horse Shite

455 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Pancake Day Bearcast - talking of flipping: MX Oil

475 days ago

West Ham - defying Mark Lawrenson, it all seems so different these days

506 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 December: In the Garden of Edenville no-one's Able but plenty of snakes

544 days ago

From one train wreck to another, is Raylene Whitford of Sefton “fame” helping Solo Oil?

547 days ago

Chris Oil finds another lobster pot disaster – bargepole alert Mkango Resources

558 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 11 February

838 days ago

In praise of Nicho, Papou in Kambos

878 days ago

US Oil & Gas - Christmas cracker – Suspension & Full Regulatory Investigation

895 days ago

Reasons to divorce the Mrs – Giving money to Simon bloody Cowell of X-Factor

896 days ago

Quindell Full Listing Statement so Very Weak but Cheryl Cole puts it better

1086 days ago

Ukrproduct – Getting Another Dire Profits warning out on a quiet day

1243 days ago

Hull named UK City of Culture 2017 – is this irony?

1287 days ago

I have a really guilty confession – I have started watching the X-factor

1294 days ago

West Ham v Southampton – the most dismal fact you can imagine

1353 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

1375 days ago

1 year old today…well sort of

1464 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Saturday – College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography Edition

1521 days ago

Could UKIP win the South Shields by-election?

1522 days ago

Avanti Communications, College Group, pornography, sheep shagging and Cheryl Cole – ref Kay Larsen

1525 days ago

Imagination Technologies, pornography, College Group PR, Cheryl Cole and sheep shagging – ref Kay Larsen

1525 days ago

ASOS – Evil Knievil STILL Wrong to short the shares at 3,334p + College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography

1525 days ago

Kay Larsen PR prude at College Group PR, Pornography, Cheryl Cole, sheep shagging and Advanced Computer Software

1525 days ago

HMV Follows Jessops and goes bust – who is next?

1596 days ago

The Strange Case of Zoltav Resources

1624 days ago

Vialogy Joke Company – Pre Placing Ramp Underway – Sell

1651 days ago

A Matter of principle – the frigging Google Puritans vs Doing What I want

1662 days ago

The frigging Google Puritans are also rank hypocrites – please burn in hell (part 2)

1663 days ago

The Frigging Puritans at Google – Please Burn in Hell

1664 days ago

Rangers to Division 3 and John Terry Not Guilty

1782 days ago

Cheryl Cole – Time for a Boney M?

1819 days ago

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