Sunday August 28, 2016
Tom Winnifrith postcard: I explain to a 15 year old from Islington why she should not be disgusted that her Dad backs Donald Trump
Scotland & the BBC - is the big issue, really how gay friendly the nation is?
Hypocrite Theresa May spends YOUR cash to tell you to do as I say not as I do


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 May - a short edition

459 days ago

Geong – Another Crap Chinese Company on AIM provides pure comedy

1311 days ago

Video Postcard Number 12

1401 days ago

LDK Solar's Price Spike Offers Chance To Add To Short Position

1402 days ago

Range, Sefton, Qihang etc – Revenue and FREE cashflow

1417 days ago

The US Dollar – The Political Angle ahead of November 6

1426 days ago

The Weekly Video - Edition 8

1430 days ago

Qihang Equipment – another China sell

1432 days ago

Geong - Numbers Just Look Wrong

1438 days ago

LDK Solar: Dismal Q2 numbers - Shareholders Equity gone by Christmas?

1439 days ago

My Fellow West Ham fan Ben Bernanke – The Weekly Video is Live

1441 days ago

Focus Media - New Bronte Allegations - Stonking short

1445 days ago

China Crash 2012/2013 Overcapacity and bubbles - Part One

1447 days ago

JA Solar Responds To EU Threat, But It Cannot Win

1448 days ago

China Crash 2012 – Socks, Walnuts and capital misallocation

1449 days ago

The Tulip bubble of 1637 and the China Walnut bubble of 2012

1449 days ago

Sell Trina Solar at $4.51 - Target Price cents ( another China play)

1454 days ago

Sell Anthony Bolton’s China Special Situations Fund- the need to have China & India exposure myth

1455 days ago

Two Chinese Solar stocks listed in the US to short - target price sod all

1459 days ago

Short Focus Media Holding For Maximum Loss Of $2.49, Potential Gain $14.51

1459 days ago

The Great China Bubble and the crash of 2012: Fraudulent statistics unravel

1527 days ago

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