Saturday December 03, 2016
Half a Cow, Mad Vegans, Daft Millennials and the new £5 note
Toff Bashing by the Daily Mail in a "post fact" era
Superb video: Dan Hannan on millennial snowflakes, a generation that can't accept NO!


Once again fraudbusting journalist Tom Winnifrith has received a menacing lawyers letter from a company on AIM. Over the past four years Tom has exposed all the biggest frauds including Quindell & Globo but also a raft of smaller ones. As a result crooked AIM bosses have sent him a couple of hundred lawyers letters.

Tom has also received death threats and suffered serial harassment onliine and offline...not that the Police lifted a finger. Had he been shagging Tom Daly as opposed to exposing billions of pounds worth of fraud the Old Bill might have cared a bit more.

It is not just his battle against the crony capitalists or fraudsters that attracts such vitriol but his ardent belief in a small state guided by libertarian principles. Pointing out the dead hand of a politically correct nanny state and the error of big state liberal "group think" on both sides of the Atlantic attracts abuse in various forms. The left only likes some sorts of free speech. Their sort.

If you support and enjoy Tom's work we ask for your assistance as Tom now faced the threat of a legal case brought by the fraudsters at African Potash.

Click here to establish a regular donation of make a one off payment to allow us to expand our fight against lies, fraud and corruption on the London Stock Market and Tom's writings on this website in support of a world that is fairer and more free.

PS. Every person making a donation of £25 or more (and please do make it more) will receive a special See you in Court Bitchez T-shirt.We will contact you to ask your size on receipt of the donation.

Weekly Caption Context – Low Tax & Gary Barlow Edition

930 days ago

Tim Yeo MP – A Scumbag, sleazy MP tries to hide the truth of his failings

1028 days ago

Nick Clegg is Right and the Moralising Tories repel me

1250 days ago

Tory MP wanted threesome with his lesbian housekeeper - tribunal told

1278 days ago

Making Money from My Father thanks to UKIP & the Shipston poll

1311 days ago

Cyprus – State Sponsored Socialist Theft in the Eurozone – it could happen here

1357 days ago

Today’s Instalment of The Conservative Party Suicide Plot: Protecting welfare spending

1370 days ago

Scumbag Tories in Grantham betray Margaret Thatcher

1370 days ago

Why UKIP is the ONLY sane and honest vote in Eastleigh

1385 days ago

Friday Caption Contest: Heir to the War Criminal Edition

1387 days ago

Friday Caption Contest (on Sunday) – Conservative 2015 Election Triumph Strategy Edition

1399 days ago

Nick De Bois MP (Con) – Loathsome Bigot

1399 days ago

The Romanian and Bulgarian EU immigrant issue – lies, lies and more lies

1404 days ago

What anti business planet is naive Jo Swinson MP (Lib Dem) on? Why does Call Me Dave agree with her?

1417 days ago

Andrew Bridgen MP (Con) – Out of touch tosser?

1423 days ago

The Gaping Divide between the Political Elite and Plebs like us in 2013: Foreign Aid

1431 days ago

Visiting the Birthplace of Baroness Thatcher

1433 days ago

Abu Qatada, his £217,000 cash haul and the feeble Conservatives

1445 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – O Come All Ye Conservative Party Faithful Edition

1457 days ago

Margaret Thatcher in her Prime: You don’t grow richer by ordering another chequebook from the Bank.

1461 days ago

The Daily Mail, the Government house prices and first time buyers – all wrong

1467 days ago

Jake Berry MP, Tory Moron and Guardian writer

1481 days ago

George Osborne puts gay Marriage at the centre of the next Tory Manifesto, forget the EU or the Economy they must be “fringe” issues.

1481 days ago

Video Postcard Number 14

1484 days ago

Irony from Westminster on child care and the paedophile scandal

1487 days ago

Paedophile Scandal at BBC and Westminster – it is the establishment cover up and faux outrage that truly revolts

1488 days ago

Does Anyone NOT know the Newsnight alleged paedophile Tory yet? New Media wins again

1489 days ago

UK’s libel laws and new media – imminent collision: Paedogeddon Westminster Issue

1491 days ago

Post Ken Clarke Prison Service Newspeak in Airstrip One

1493 days ago

Sir George Young, Baronet, Eton, Christ Church Oxford to reach out for the Tories to the working class

1493 days ago

S and U – You have almost Doubled your money so far but more to come: buy at 910p – target £12

1509 days ago

Baroness Warsi – the New Louise Mensch & a Christmas Prize for me

1552 days ago

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