Tuesday July 26, 2016
Picture article: the one group that is 100% behind Crooked Hillary Clinton
Trump surges to four point lead post Cleveland - Beltway media calls it wrong again
In defence of a real American, Melania Trump, the liberal media just do not get it


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Come on You Yellows – Watching Oxford United at the Kassam

457 days ago

When do folks take their Enger-land flags down?

760 days ago

Am I being sexist? A comment on Women’s soccer players

800 days ago

Who Should Present Match of the Day? The BBC thinks hosts re “too white & male”

878 days ago

A Mixed sporting weekend – Ireland, Wales & West Ham

884 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week: Michael “It Will be Different this time” on Monitise

884 days ago

When did Ireland & West Ham both win on the same day last? Er…7 days ago

898 days ago

Ireland & West Ham both win on the same weekend – when did that last happen?

904 days ago

West Ham v Southampton – the most dismal fact you can imagine

1045 days ago

Alan Pardew Manager – an Indictment of football as a business

1062 days ago

18 Hours to Kick Off: West Ham vs Cardiff

1074 days ago

Is Andy Carroll worth £15.5 to £17.5 million and £100,000 a week?

1130 days ago

West Ham Season Ticket Renewal…Against My Better Judgement

1137 days ago

West Ham vs Reading- Match Preview

1164 days ago

Reaction to the Retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson

1173 days ago

Paulo di Canio off to Sunderland - I have fallen out of love with football & sport

1212 days ago

3 -1 to the Cockney Boys but at least 1 more win needed

1214 days ago

West Ham vs. West Brom Match Preview

1214 days ago

Chelski vs West Ham Match Preview

1227 days ago

Might QPR NOT be relegated?

1235 days ago

West Ham wins 1 nil – Relief and Despair: do I renew my season tickets?

1242 days ago

Stoke v West Ham Match Preview and Fat Sam’s Excuses Do not Wash

1242 days ago

Di Canio quits Swindon – Fat Sam Bookie’s favourite for next Premiership P45

1253 days ago

I have abandoned the White Bear - sporting Disaster x 2 and now it gets worse

1262 days ago

Aston Villa vs. West Ham – Match Preview and those John Lyall memories

1262 days ago

West Ham vs QPR: Match Preview & why Sam MUST go in May ( again)

1284 days ago

Great Birthday Present for a West Ham Diehard

1289 days ago

David Bowie’s New Single: Emperor’s New Clothes moment – it’s crap

1295 days ago

West Ham v Norwich – match preview

1302 days ago

Why Allardyce should go and Paulo di Canio be appointed in may as West Ham Manager

1303 days ago

Reading vs West Ham – Match Report & Allardyce cannot stay after May

1304 days ago

Reading v West Ham: Match Preview

1305 days ago

West Brom vs West Ham Match Preview & relegation thoughts

1318 days ago

West Ham vs Liverpool - Two ways of losing

1324 days ago

West Ham vs Liverpool Match Preview

1325 days ago

West Ham 3 Chelski 1 & now on to Wimbledon and MK Dons

1332 days ago

West Ham vs. Chelski Match Preview

1333 days ago

Hari Kiri economics – Premier League Agents Fees

1333 days ago

Sad Git West Ham supporters I despise – but the climate does not deter anti-semitism

1338 days ago

The Scum (Spurs) vs West Ham - match preview

1339 days ago

Martin Wickham – Mad Hatter & Vialogy shareholder

1341 days ago

Thoughts on West Ham 1 Stoke 1 and on a Big Match at Swindon tonight

1344 days ago

West Ham versus Stoke City: Match Preview

1345 days ago

Majestic Swindon go Third, P45 for Mark Hughes and December 2nd in Milton Keynes will unite the nation

1347 days ago

Light Blogging Day Ahead: All the Fault of Zak Mir

1349 days ago

West Ham Win, go 6th and I cannot look at league tables like this

1353 days ago

Swindon Town – Now One game off an Automatic Promotion spot

1353 days ago

West Ham vs Newcastle, Walsall v Swindon Match Previews

1354 days ago

West Ham v Man City Bonus Point, Swindon shocker

1360 days ago

West Ham vs Man City – Preview and the tough eight weeks ahead

1361 days ago

Wigan 2 West Ham 1 but at least Swindon were glorious

1368 days ago

West Ham v Wigan – Match Preview

1368 days ago

4-1 to the Cockney Boys – How far from relegation are West Ham?

1375 days ago

West Ham v Southampton – Match Preview

1375 days ago

West Ham Arsenal Reviewed, Boris you are a git and now to Downton

1388 days ago

West Ham v Arsenal – the late kickoff

1389 days ago

West Ham Triumph, Goddess on Form but with a horrible knowledge gap

1393 days ago

West Ham vs QPR Match Preview and Paulo speculation starts to grow

1394 days ago

West Ham vs Wigan or Midsomer Murders

1400 days ago

West Ham Sunderland – I do not understand Fat Sam

1402 days ago

150 minutes to first Upton Park kick off of the season

1403 days ago

Manchester United: Poor Full Year Numbers -Sell Down To $7

1406 days ago

Attacked viciously by a poodle pup and West Ham match preview

1410 days ago

Paulo di Canio – Just a class act

1422 days ago

3-0 and 4th in League – Happy Days at West Ham

1424 days ago

Yossi Back to The Academy as well – Starting to think West Ham can stay up

1424 days ago

Capital One Cup Draw - Wigan at Home (unexciting) but Swindon dream alive

1425 days ago

Lunch with Paul Atherley of Leyshon Resources - Valuation is just wrong

1425 days ago

Andy Carroll to West Ham – Mixed Feelings

1425 days ago

West Ham – I’m Feeling Old and Fingers Crossed for Paulo’s Swindon

1427 days ago

Explaining to Americans why the Man United IPO is for suckers

1429 days ago

Same Old West Ham: A Very bad day at the office ( 0-3 at Swansea)

1431 days ago

Manchester United – Biggest Brand in Sport? Why DealCloud? – Target price $7: Sell

1443 days ago

Rangers to Division 3 and John Terry Not Guilty

1474 days ago

Spain – An Apology

1485 days ago

Italy versus Spain: Euro 2012 Final

1486 days ago

Italy vs England – The Right Result: What Next?

1492 days ago

Greece v Germany: Up Yours Merkel

1495 days ago

West Ham: Tom Ince - Bury a Hatchet, Bye Bye Greeno, fixtures out

1499 days ago

Engerland, Engerland

1501 days ago

Gearing Up to Support a Lost Cause: Ireland v Croatia

1507 days ago

Dismal England but is this a cunning plan?

1514 days ago

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