Sunday August 28, 2016
Tom Winnifrith postcard: I explain to a 15 year old from Islington why she should not be disgusted that her Dad backs Donald Trump
Scotland & the BBC - is the big issue, really how gay friendly the nation is?
Hypocrite Theresa May spends YOUR cash to tell you to do as I say not as I do


St Etienne: Nearly all Moslems are NOT evil terrorists BUT...the BBC still wont admit the truth

33 days ago

Nice: a reminder of the lies of two former Prime Ministers that shame Blair and Cameron

43 days ago

40,000 very silly young people #marchforeurope. Oh no they don't

57 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The warnings of Soros & the Wonderful Mrs

72 days ago

The Hills are alive with the sound of Extreme Right Wingers, Hofer almost wins in Austria

98 days ago

Festive Break 2015: The view from ShareProphets' readers' windows - La Rocque, France

241 days ago

Ireland Triumph, BOD goes out in glory, God honours our deal

896 days ago

Labour’s banker & pension tax to cure youth unemployment will not work – Ed Balls is a Moron

902 days ago

A Mixed sporting weekend – Ireland, Wales & West Ham

917 days ago

I am Off to Wales v France – who to support?

920 days ago

The final journey for Kitosh (my old cat)

927 days ago

My global Christmas Tree 2013 says goodbye – 2014 will be different

966 days ago

Don't you just love the French? Brilliant come-backs

1100 days ago

What Cyprus actually means – the New post Euro Order

1245 days ago

What will be the Black Swan that blows up the world economy by 2015? China, US or Europe?

1273 days ago

France & the Nutella Tax – Crackpot Socialism at its best as bankruptcy looms ever closer

1384 days ago

David Cameron, an EU spokesman, the Biased BBC's Today programme and your cash

1402 days ago

Shorting Ban: Spain is Bust so too are Italy and France. Let’s be honest for Once.

1497 days ago

Peugeot Job Cuts – Francois Hollande Mad - Vive La France (she’s bust)

1506 days ago

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