Saturday August 27, 2016
Hypocrite Theresa May spends YOUR cash to tell you to do as I say not as I do
President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan
Poisonous and delusional midget Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP is mad, innumerate and running a near bankrupt nation of scroungers


Cracking Spoof Call Me Dave Cameron Conference Speech Musical Video

695 days ago

Jimmy Jimmy - the 2013 Version of the Undertones Classic (Sefton version)

1099 days ago

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Sefton version

1105 days ago

Ken Scott to play live at Real Man in Clerkenwell on Monday 29 July

1130 days ago

Trapped with my UB40

1162 days ago

Killer Frogs song about corrupt and sleazy MPs

1181 days ago

Rocking With the anarchists not the commies

1217 days ago

Do you do Deliveries? Er no it is 3.38 AM! And a song for Maggie from the Kinks

1229 days ago

Dilemmas: Another night with Wendy James because Thatcher says so

1229 days ago

The Witch is Dead Song – Farage is instinctively right on Thatcher songs, Clegg & Cameron useless & spineless

1231 days ago

Blog Readers always welcome at Real Man

1235 days ago

Working late with the lovely Wendy James

1237 days ago

Compiling the new Politically Incorrect Play List at Real Man Pizza

1305 days ago

Camden Council hates me

1309 days ago

David Bowie’s New Single: Emperor’s New Clothes moment – it’s crap

1327 days ago

As Requested by Blog Readers: Oakley Update

1333 days ago

Christmas Day always starts with the last verse of O Come All Ye Faithful

1341 days ago

Christmas carols for Sefton Resources, the EU, Vialogy and the Modern World

1343 days ago

Just Listening to our new music playlists at Real Man Pizza Company

1345 days ago

Zak Mir reviews Letters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe

1347 days ago

Link up with a FTSE 100 stock? The Pursuit Dynamics, Vialogy, Proteus 3 card gambit – Adele is singing soon

1349 days ago

Saturday Music Medley – The Right Brothers, Christmas shopping for deluded lefties

1351 days ago

Another hit from Latma TV ( Blame Canada) and 2 classics from the Past: We Con the World and the 3 Terrors

1358 days ago

America’s Victoria – Cute Conservative Student Blogger with Attitude - Occupy parody video

1394 days ago

West Ham Triumph, Goddess on Form but with a horrible knowledge gap

1426 days ago

Jimmy Saville – Pervert or Victim?

1426 days ago

Madonna. Moralising Slut? No. Publicity whore. Probably. On Gays & Pussy Riot she is bang on the money

1478 days ago

Holiday in Albania

1490 days ago

Debbie Harry - Music & Memories

1534 days ago

Happy Birthday Ziggy Stardust (aged 40)

1542 days ago

Cheryl Cole – Time for a Boney M?

1544 days ago

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