Saturday July 30, 2016
If Corbyn wins Labour Leadership we will get 2 parties- can I join both this is so much fun
Bugger me, I'm gutted for Nicola Sturgeon as poll shows Scots want to stay in the UK despite Brexit
ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump


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We dont publish share tips often but we publish at 2.30 PM TODAY

183 days ago

Waterman AGM update - its good news: buy

223 days ago

Video: John McGloin Chairman Amara Mining presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

230 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 October - plagued by Zak Mir, a fuckwit PR Girl & Paragon owning twitter morons

302 days ago

After five years it is time to nibble at mining stocks once more – new hot tip from Tom Winnifrith TODAY

319 days ago

IS Solutions - bullish trading update confirms another winning share tip, shares still cheap

329 days ago

Buy Norcross at a 20.25p offer

373 days ago

New share tip from Tom Winnifrith this afternoon at 3.15 PM

409 days ago

Amino Technologies, more good news from this Nifty Fifty winning share tip

430 days ago

1Spatial - already 62% up on this share tip but there is more to come

438 days ago

A mistake we made as share tipsters that cost our readers money: we confess ahead of new Tip Tuesday

439 days ago

Video interview from the UK Investor Show Blogger's Cafe: the UK's leading bear Lucian Miers

448 days ago

Video of K3 Business Technology Presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

457 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Positive Seminar Video: Reasons to be buying shares right now & 5 share tips

487 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus podcast - banking profits

505 days ago

Impellam - Results very much on track

506 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bullcast (no kidding!) - 8 March

510 days ago

Adept Telecom is a buy at up to 150p

516 days ago

Video - Symphony Environmental at ShareProphets Seminar

522 days ago

Premaitha – how high could it go in the Long Term? I am asked

537 days ago

Amino is already a winning share tip from Steve & I but there is still c40% upside

639 days ago

Amara Mining, drill results and thoughts on the share price of the ONLY gold stock we are tipping

647 days ago

The market is plunging and we are about to do what?

647 days ago

Restore – well ahead of my June share tip – far more to come

647 days ago

Amara Mining: Great Drilling Results and the Loathsome Peter Hain MP buys shares

692 days ago

Reader Poll – when will the stockmarket suffer a crash? I think soon!

692 days ago

Hutchison China MediTech – biotech setback last chance to buy

700 days ago

Jim Slater’s Two AIM share tips

712 days ago

Amara Mining – we are well ahead on share tip but there’s more to come – Yaoure news

712 days ago

K3 Business Technology cheap at 209p – worth 250p plus: Heck I agree with Edison

747 days ago

Stanley Gibbons – well ahead on this tip far more to come

762 days ago

Buy 1Spatial at a 7p offer

777 days ago

Advanced Computer Software - Cracking Results

783 days ago

Lucian Miers & Tom Winnifrith Video: Globo, blinkx, Avanti Communications, Iofina and Quindell

789 days ago

Empresaria – we are 58% ahead on this share tip after AGM but more to come

799 days ago

Cineworld Trading Update - Buy

812 days ago

Symphony Environmental – 37% ahead on this share tip: more to come!

814 days ago

Gable: Sell – we bank a 78% gain on this share tip on the Nifty Fifty

818 days ago

Steve Moore finally gets this twitter thing figured out

826 days ago

Lucian Miers & I record a Video: Gulf Keystone, Avanti Communications, Naibu, Globo, Blinkx and More

852 days ago

Amara Mining - ahead on our share tip despite placing - still cheap?

859 days ago

Advanced Computer Software Contract Win - this is about forecasts, we are 34% up - more to come

863 days ago

Gable - we are 73% ahead on this share tip but more to come

869 days ago

How share tipsters fudge performance & a valentine’s love-in with Steve Moore as we discuss ours on Nifty Fifty.

895 days ago

Buy Max Property at a 157.5p offer Price

900 days ago

Human Psychology and why Vialogy is a buy

906 days ago

Cineworld - we are well ahead but more to come?

928 days ago

Buy Interquest at a 92p offer price

978 days ago

Buy 1Spatial at 8.125p (I am 100% up already on this tip) - target 12p by Christmas

985 days ago

Buy Fox Marble at a 17.5p offer price

991 days ago

Buy Kryso Resources

1005 days ago

Buy Advanced Computer Software at 86.25p – target 150p

1037 days ago

1Spatial Interims – We are more than 100% ahead: what now?

1038 days ago

Gable Holdings - More Good News

1039 days ago

Stanley Gibbons bids for Noble Investments – a double win for my readers

1047 days ago

Buy Symphony Environmental at 7.25p

1048 days ago

New tip on my Nifty Fifty within 24 Hours and the old t1ps team 100% reunited as one at RMPC

1079 days ago

IQE Trading update - as cheap as chips?

1102 days ago

NetDimensions 5 year plan not convincing - sell

1157 days ago

1Spatial shares to double after transformational deal

1163 days ago

New share tip: Silverdell - it's time to buy

1164 days ago

Share tip: Buy Entertainment One

1189 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore on Halfords

1207 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore on Oxford Instruments

1207 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore on Cable & Wireless Communications

1213 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore on Telecom Plus - trading statement

1215 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Electrocomponents

1220 days ago

S&U Full Year Numbers – look at the dividend flows

1220 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on heavy director buying at Cable & Wireless

1221 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on KCOM Group

1222 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Diploma

1223 days ago

Cupid…the telephone number question

1225 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore: Euromoney Institutional Investor – a eurozone-type growth outlook?

1226 days ago

Lucian Miers quits ShareCrazy and Makes Nifty Fifty debut today

1226 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore - Is Supergroup Super at all?

1226 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Domino's Printing

1229 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on JD Wetherspoon

1230 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Fenner PLC

1230 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard Number 32

1231 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on ITE Group

1235 days ago

Guest post: Steve Moore on Imagination Technologies

1236 days ago

Guest share tip: Steve Moore on Anite

1237 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard Number 30

1238 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Dialight

1239 days ago

Impellam 962.5 per cent ahead on my share tip ( plus dividends) – is it time to bank gains?

1244 days ago

Leyshon Resources: New Meeting with MD Paul Atherley

1247 days ago

Guest post Steve Moore: Halma a Safety First Investment

1249 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Aveva

1250 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore: Oxford Instruments – making a noise in the nanotechnology space

1251 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard Number 29

1252 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore: Micro Focus International – a share to focus in on?

1254 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Tullow Oil Trading Update

1255 days ago

Guest share tip: Steve Moore on The Innovation Group

1256 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore: EMIS Group – Exacting Market Impeding Shares?

1257 days ago

Guest blog post: Steve Moore on Phoenix IT

1257 days ago

Video Postcard Number 28

1259 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Wales based IQE

1261 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Entertainment One – a potential blockbuster?

1262 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore: Tullow Oil – 2012 Results Analysis

1263 days ago

Densitron Profits warning – Not good

1263 days ago

Guest Post Steve Moore: NCC Group – continuing growth through Negating Cybersecurity Concerns?

1264 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Telecom Plus

1265 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on S&U

1268 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore on Craneware Group

1270 days ago

Guest Post: Steve Moore - GB Group – a Great Buy or not?

1271 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard Number 20

1273 days ago

Randall & Quilter Trading Statement - Buy for Income

1275 days ago

Telecom Plus: I was wrong to bank gains: Buy

1288 days ago

Medusa Mining: Is it time to buy again?

1291 days ago

Silverdell - a good share tip gets better

1317 days ago

Access Intelligence: Decent Trading Update

1318 days ago

Anglesey Mining – Labrador Update: Speculative Buy

1320 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard Number 18

1330 days ago

Northern Petroleum – Probably Duff Well, Company chat and market over-reaction – Wessex it is different

1334 days ago

Video Postcard Number 17

1337 days ago

First Property – A Pre Results buy?

1340 days ago

Leyshon Drilling News – It is good but Unclear

1340 days ago

Plastics Capital: Results Comment Boring is still sexy

1341 days ago

Video Postcard Number 16

1342 days ago

Lombard Risk Management New product launch and company chat

1347 days ago

Minera: Don Nicolas update – worth a nibble

1347 days ago

Advanced Computer Software – Almost 100% ahead: what next?

1348 days ago

Accumuli: Results Today still a buy ( 80% upside)

1348 days ago

Amara Mining (Cluff Gold) Baomahun Results Analysis

1348 days ago

InternetQ – another tech buy?

1348 days ago

Densitron - Getting Interesting

1349 days ago

A Short Weekly Video Postcard number 15

1350 days ago

Video Postcard Number 14

1358 days ago

Video Postcard number 13

1364 days ago

Vatukoula – New China Placing: is it time to junk?

1367 days ago

Nexus – Reverse Takeover: Hope at last?

1369 days ago

Skywest Bid from Virgin – What next?

1369 days ago

Centamin: The company issues pathetic response to asset theft – not convincing: sell if you can

1369 days ago

The Nifty Fifty is live

1370 days ago

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