Wednesday August 24, 2016
Katie Hopkins, France and most folks so wrong on Burqa ban and gagging Islamofascists
EU leaders react to Brexit by ignoring the little people even more
Inbred chavs on Isle of Wight get their man: David Hoare of Ofsted walks


The Guardian: Lies, rugby, Eton toffs and Homosexuals

170 days ago

Ban Rugby tackles & scrums in schools says the mad Professor Allyson Pollock & 70 Quacks

175 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 1 October - blame Ireland - sticking it to David Lenigas & Lenigas Cuba

311 days ago

The England squad ready for the Rugby World Cup quarter finals - new photo emerges

323 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 5 October - Suspension is never good & a cheap joke

324 days ago

Come on Fiji – I am 100% behind you

341 days ago

My father and I are sent to purgatory by St Peter – thoughts on the rugby

528 days ago

Ireland brightens up my day

542 days ago

The Four Reasons I shall support Wales vs England today

565 days ago

Picture article: Winter shower arrangements at the Greek Hovel

633 days ago

Ireland Triumph, BOD goes out in glory, God honours our deal

892 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #58 – Great Uncles, Great Rugby, Bob Crow and the deceit of the left edition

892 days ago

Come on Wales, Reflections on Ireland – Paul you are too calculating show Celtic loyalty!

899 days ago

The Mrs Catnaps my cats who are now officially Indian

900 days ago

A Mixed sporting weekend – Ireland, Wales & West Ham

913 days ago

When did Ireland & West Ham both win on the same day last? Er…7 days ago

927 days ago

Ireland & West Ham both win on the same weekend – when did that last happen?

934 days ago

In defence of John Teeling & David Horgan at Petrel

980 days ago

Paulo di Canio off to Sunderland - I have fallen out of love with football & sport

1241 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard Number 32

1256 days ago

Ireland Rugby Humiliation – what can I say?

1257 days ago

New Look Tom Winnifrith and New Look

1265 days ago

I have abandoned the White Bear - sporting Disaster x 2 and now it gets worse

1291 days ago

Ireland vs. England – God vs. Pub

1292 days ago

Olivia won’t be happy – Wales vs Ireland

1298 days ago

Great Western Mining & US Oil & Gas – An Observation or Two

1364 days ago

Petrel Resources – Valuation Not Justifiable

1380 days ago

When in Wales...

1382 days ago

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