Tuesday May 30, 2017
A nervous traveller to Kalamata caught between Scylla and Charybdis at Gatwick Airport
Happy Birthday to TomWinnifrith.com -now five years old: my 20 most read articles on this website
Sitting in a garden centre in Bristol I dream of the snake repellent shop in Kambos


Once again fraudbusting journalist Tom Winnifrith has received a menacing lawyers letter from a company on AIM. Over the past four years Tom has exposed all the biggest frauds including Quindell & Globo but also a raft of smaller ones. As a result crooked AIM bosses have sent him a couple of hundred lawyers letters.

Tom has also received death threats and suffered serial harassment onliine and offline...not that the Police lifted a finger. Had he been shagging Tom Daly as opposed to exposing billions of pounds worth of fraud the Old Bill might have cared a bit more.

It is not just his battle against the crony capitalists or fraudsters that attracts such vitriol but his ardent belief in a small state guided by libertarian principles. Pointing out the dead hand of a politically correct nanny state and the error of big state liberal "group think" on both sides of the Atlantic attracts abuse in various forms. The left only likes some sorts of free speech. Their sort.

If you support and enjoy Tom's work we ask for your assistance as Tom now faced the threat of a legal case brought by the fraudsters at African Potash.

Click here to establish a regular donation of make a one off payment to allow us to expand our fight against lies, fraud and corruption on the London Stock Market and Tom's writings on this website in support of a world that is fairer and more free.

PS. Every person making a donation of £25 or more (and please do make it more) will receive a special See you in Court Bitchez T-shirt.We will contact you to ask your size on receipt of the donation.

Berkeley Energia - more great drilling results but does it matter?

265 days ago

40,000 very silly young people #marchforeurope. Oh no they don't

332 days ago

Dodgy Dave Cameron - when were you going to tell us about the extra £2 billion EU bill? Post Brexit?

357 days ago

Work Related Trips I’d like to do: Kosovo, Spain – any other ideas?

611 days ago

EMED – Buy after placing

1003 days ago

EMED Quarterlies - Buy

1108 days ago

Having to Choose 14 beers to drink – it is a hard life as we prepare to launch Maribelle’s

1221 days ago

EMED – Getting there at last: Buy at 10p

1226 days ago

EU backs Spain over Gibraltar - what total tossers: buy the T-shirts

1292 days ago

It’s Time to Leave (the EU) T-shirt winning fans at breakfast in Greece

1357 days ago

A day when friends popped in again and again and again

1369 days ago

Maribelle from Real Man & Spain models our Sod off Spain T-shirt

1370 days ago

NEW Today: Show your support for Gibraltar with Sod Off Spain T-shirt, mug, hoodie range

1387 days ago

Video Postcard Number #43 – Gibraltar, the Evil Empire, Ted Heath edition

1387 days ago

Green investors beware - learn from Spain

1453 days ago

A generation pulverized by the Euro – this is a crime against humanity

1506 days ago

What Cyprus actually means – the New post Euro Order

1519 days ago

EMED and the Great EU bank robbery

1532 days ago

Cyprus – State Sponsored Socialist Theft in the Eurozone – it could happen here

1535 days ago

What will be the Black Swan that blows up the world economy by 2015? China, US or Europe?

1547 days ago

Is Spain about to go bust triggering a Lehman x 10 crisis?

1559 days ago

EMED Mining: New technical report, target price cut and house broker flags that it will follow – shares still a buy

1561 days ago

Caitt Reilly, Idle British Youth and hard working European youth

1563 days ago

EMED: Broker Fox-Davies thinks shares will treble & Slovak approval

1649 days ago

EMED Mining $50 million financing secured – Very Good News Indeed

1658 days ago

Going on Strike soon: Spain, the Guardian, The Tube Drivers – I stand with you comrades.

1663 days ago

Shorting Ban: Spain is Bust so too are Italy and France. Let’s be honest for Once.

1771 days ago

Video Postcard from Tom Winnifrith & Book News

1771 days ago

The USA is even more bust than much of Europe

1777 days ago

Striking Miners, Baroness Thatcher & Spanish Madness

1783 days ago

Spain – An Apology

1793 days ago

Italy versus Spain: Euro 2012 Final

1794 days ago

Farage on the Euro Farce – not enough lifeboats and the titanic has hit the iceberg

1811 days ago

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