Friday February 24, 2017
Can Jo Cox's sanctimonious husband Brendan STFU - your wife was not a nationally loved saint
Warwick School - More Former Pupils speak up about the abuser, my abuser, Geoffrey Eve: Will the school please do something?
Photo Article Coal Not Dole (in English & Welsh). Of course that was not the choice


Once again fraudbusting journalist Tom Winnifrith has received a menacing lawyers letter from a company on AIM. Over the past four years Tom has exposed all the biggest frauds including Quindell & Globo but also a raft of smaller ones. As a result crooked AIM bosses have sent him a couple of hundred lawyers letters.

Tom has also received death threats and suffered serial harassment onliine and offline...not that the Police lifted a finger. Had he been shagging Tom Daly as opposed to exposing billions of pounds worth of fraud the Old Bill might have cared a bit more.

It is not just his battle against the crony capitalists or fraudsters that attracts such vitriol but his ardent belief in a small state guided by libertarian principles. Pointing out the dead hand of a politically correct nanny state and the error of big state liberal "group think" on both sides of the Atlantic attracts abuse in various forms. The left only likes some sorts of free speech. Their sort.

If you support and enjoy Tom's work we ask for your assistance as Tom now faced the threat of a legal case brought by the fraudsters at African Potash.

Click here to establish a regular donation of make a one off payment to allow us to expand our fight against lies, fraud and corruption on the London Stock Market and Tom's writings on this website in support of a world that is fairer and more free.

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#TrumpimpeachmentParty - Get over it Democrat losers you lost!

9 days ago

New Bulletin Board & Twitter Moron of the week sponsored by Lookers payroll Cloudtag genius Hayley

69 days ago

Cloudtag homophobe and ignoramus of the day - Greg Brittan

76 days ago

Gary Gritter - how Oldham Council wastes its cash

92 days ago

The vile double standards of the liberal left when it comes to Melania Trump

99 days ago

#BoycottGrubHub - Nasdaq listed company commits commercial suicide over Donald Trump

102 days ago

Twitter suspends Clint Eastwood for supporting Donald Trump - please suspend me too you Nazi pigs

106 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - can you monetise a twitter Troll & Belfort, Bushveld & the AIM Cesspit

126 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why twitter could be worth $0 & a note for stock owning moron homophobes

138 days ago

Brexit: a Remainer in denial on facts: meet nutty eco-potting tweeter Petra Mason

141 days ago

Patronising lefty academic Caroline Dodds Pennock shows undisguised contempt for the great unwashed (who pay her wages) & for free speech & tolerance

144 days ago

The default liberal fascism & double standard of twitter: Glen Reynolds suspended

155 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Pricks who cant check facts report me to the FCA again

191 days ago

Humourless bastard, DJ and TV presenter Jay Hynd tries to floor me on behalf of his welfare addicted, thieving neighbours in Liverpool

200 days ago

Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

203 days ago

#PrayforLondon after Russell Square - fuck off you Godless liberal hypocrites

204 days ago

Show you support the law, visit a Byron Burger Bar today - here's where to find your local store

206 days ago

Donald Trump masters Crooked Hillary Clinton with twitter wit

213 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Gooseberry Crumble, Avanti crumbles

226 days ago

Cloudtag - Option spoof and Bulletin Board Morons Fail to understand basic maths

229 days ago

#Morrissey starts trending on twitter, oh no, I read he had health issues but

278 days ago

Chris Oil quits blogging - caption contest

282 days ago

BREAKING: Chris Oil Twitter Fantasy "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy"

287 days ago

Search "actor sex toy" on google: Another #celebrityinjunction farce: both the famed actor & the law take it up the arse

291 days ago

Mad twitter loon Kathryn Buckley lying Lenigas loving bitch

291 days ago

Sad & morally bankrupt David Lenigas tweets blatant lie & smear

302 days ago

Bogus twitter accounts talk to each other telling lies for the Lenigas ramps

306 days ago

Having sex with 10 people is like shagging the whole of Belfast? Really? Gerry Adams included?

319 days ago

David Lenigas ramps up the smears and threats: Tom Winnifrith I shall not be silenced

324 days ago

David Lenigas on twitter: Lying, insider dealing or what?

329 days ago

A ditzy liberal explains why mad Bernie Sanders trumps The Donald on Social Media

332 days ago

Twitter idiot rather than racist Matthew Doyle and Britain's 1984 Police State of Political Correctness

334 days ago

LeniGas Cuba - something critical that ramper Big Dave failed to mention

336 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week (8/2016) in honour of Lenigas diehard Lynda Duval

345 days ago

Chris Oil & the Dubai Supercars - is this the ultimate twitter fantasy?

352 days ago

The Unnacceptable face of Capitalism that is David Lenigas misleading investors again

361 days ago

Evelyn Waugh: the missing link with the Other Great 20th Century writer Time also missed

365 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus Bearcast: David Lenigas your soul will burn in hell (mental health smears) & LGO RNS unspun

366 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Feb: A dying cat, a moronic follower of Lenigas & Gavin Burnell's kiss of death

368 days ago

Market abusing criminal Chris Oil: I am going to "kick the brains" out of Tom Winnifrith - here's his chance

371 days ago

A 100% sure fire way to make money on the stockmarket

381 days ago

Block @TomWinnifrith on twitter - moron campaign of the year

397 days ago

MX Oil - Placing Scoop Confirmed, Questions unanswered, Morons in a frenzy

403 days ago

Bulletin Board & twitter Moron of the week contest (2016/1) - You can't beat this can you?

404 days ago

Glenwick - Ramptastic bollocks that stinks

404 days ago

David Lenigas - a pompous and deceitful arse: new media, trolls and lies

409 days ago

David Lenigas now breaking ISDX Rules for POS Lenigas Cuba

432 days ago

David Lenigas - tell us about Marsden Resources Ltd NOW!

436 days ago

MX Oil forced to admit to fund raise by Chris Oil lying as he commits market abuse

436 days ago

Afriag wants to fly me to South Africa - - why that is not needed

436 days ago

David Lenigas panics over Afriag revelations and signs its AIM death warrant on twitter

437 days ago

David Lenigas tries a pre-emptive twitter smear as the Afriag construct is laid bare

439 days ago

Saturday caption Contest - David Lenigas prepares for a slaughter of dumb creatures edition

439 days ago

Drug addled Tom Winnifrith is losing twitter followers says the LIAR David Lenigas

440 days ago

Senterra Energy – all very cosy round at Optiva Securities wih market abuser Chris Oil on board

457 days ago

LGO Energy – is Neil Ritson trying to shit on David Lenigas over his share dumping?

459 days ago

David Lenigas gets new job: Troll hunter – please report me to the rozzers as well

464 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 17 November - in sights: NHS, blinkx and Jabba the Hutt

464 days ago

David Lenigas goes twitter mad – help the poor man follow him

481 days ago

Fraudster Rob Terry tweets into life again via the Quob Park Ponzi

482 days ago

Quindell fraudster Rob Terry: Go on tell us about your boardroom discussions with Daniel Stewart

488 days ago

Bitch fight at the twitter OK coral: top share blogger Paul Scott trashes disgraced share ramper Roger Lawson

489 days ago

Fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas goes (pea)nuts on twitter - its official

492 days ago

Tom Winnifrith an abuser and sad drunk says Chris Oil

495 days ago

David Lenigas and your PR bully - welcome to the kiddies' playpen - more questions

498 days ago

David Lenigas on twitter – proof of insanity as he won't answer questions

500 days ago

My second team crashes out of the Rugby World Cup – Hooray! Family joy

509 days ago

Can I please be on Market Abuser Chris Oil’s hate list?

522 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in defence of Andrew Bell and of free speech

537 days ago

AIM Regulation tells CEOs to stop tweeting – what utter plonkers

557 days ago

Daniel Stewart & Quindell: same ramper, same lunatic shareholders, same harassment of critics – same end game

585 days ago

Twitter Moron/Rob Terry worshipper of the week – profitseeker

586 days ago

Heading past 6,000 twitter followers – just outside the top 1 million twitterers worldwide: so 'ffing what?

609 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Brokerman Dan Quits Sefton Resources

673 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition 16

684 days ago

Blocking someone on twitter is NOT free speech denial

739 days ago

David Lenigas vs Doc Holiday Round 67 –Je Suis Charlie Holiday

748 days ago

The Quindell Morons and Market Abuse on Twitter re Gotham City Research

763 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Reader Request Bearcast - Golden Saint Resources

764 days ago

David Lenigas and Rare Earth Minerals – Something Not Right here

770 days ago

Sam Antar on tweet warpath again – this time it is research analysts

775 days ago

Audited Accounts Mean Nothing – The Great Sam Antar on twitter fire overnight

813 days ago

Heading through 5,000 twitter followers – so ffing what?

817 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board/Twitter Moron of the week (5) – winner announced

830 days ago

David Lenigas Abandons Twitter and a few Horse Hill thoughts from me

856 days ago

The Bears Scent Death at Quindell – King of the US Bears Muddy Waters weighs in

856 days ago

Quindell Twitter Moron of the Week – Ron Clifton

869 days ago

Horse Hill update c/o twitter – I was fooled

882 days ago

Quindell Morons Smear Campaign – these people are just so incredibly stupid

904 days ago

Hamas supporters in UK try to get pro-Israel tweeter fired by blackmailing employer

926 days ago

Some hateful and vile twitter comments from deluded western liberals because #IstandwithIsrael

933 days ago

Quindell owning Twitter Moron says “I have the money to shut Tom Winnifrith up”

963 days ago

Mr Contrarian is a Genius – A Song for Quindell

973 days ago

For my twitter pests, free speech once again explained to a moron

977 days ago

Astar Minerals – was I wrong to accuse it of lying? No… and it gets worse.

980 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith Quindell Special

992 days ago

Financial Twitter Moron of the week – A Quindell Moron

999 days ago

The best of #ImvotingUKIPbecause – very funny twitter parody

1009 days ago

The Mrs Buys a hovel in Greece and I head off to the Building Site in July

1013 days ago

Steve Moore finally gets this twitter thing figured out

1035 days ago

W Resources – why I disagree with Robert Tyerman & a twitter cretin and would sell

1067 days ago

Barraco barner 17 GCSE twitter girl is dumb but Britain is dumber still

1082 days ago

The Voltaire of Twitter – Mr Luke Woods

1082 days ago

#UKInvestorShow on April 5 full 44 person speaker line-up revealed – win a ticket with a tweet

1085 days ago

Call Me tasteless & see if I care: Recycling the Oscar Pistorius twitter jokes

1087 days ago

More than 4,000 twitter followers

1097 days ago

Twitter may be outraged but the Danes were right to kill Marius the baby Giraffe

1110 days ago

Reflecting as we mark World Holocaust Day in this home

1124 days ago

1,103 People follow @ShareProphets on twitter – why not join them and win a prize?

1124 days ago

Michael O’Leary of RyanAir set for twitter PR disaster at 4 PM today - #AskRyanair

1142 days ago

Should Justine Sacco the PR bimbo be fired for twitter racism?

1161 days ago

Twitter followers willy waving – a well-known businessman exposed

1167 days ago

Misleading, Deceitful and Repellent: UKIP on Immigration

1187 days ago

Twitter PR Disaster for EU President Herman Van Rompuy - #AskThePresident

1222 days ago

Debating with the mentally unhinged on Israel

1223 days ago

The Best of #Ourday – Infuriating shite from the Public Sector

1225 days ago

Best tweet I have received this week - many thanks Luke

1278 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

1280 days ago

Brokerman Dan Unsuspended by twitter – what went on? Another Sefton dirty trick?

1308 days ago

The Best of #socialistchatuplines – thanks twitter

1335 days ago

Blocking some tool (Clive Winward) on twitter

1353 days ago

Louise Mensch – what don’t you get about freedom you silly cow?

1357 days ago

Nice work if you can get it - Rob Terry at Quindell: but what is Indoor City Golf Ltd?

1358 days ago

The Downing Street Affair – Cameron is dreaming if he tries to gag the story

1363 days ago

Quindell more on that loan and other questions about misleading investors

1382 days ago

US Oil & Gas: Lie after lie after lie exposed – target price 0p

1387 days ago - big upgrades to service

1397 days ago

1984 Comes to Kent Police as they Harass stupid Paris Brown

1405 days ago

Thatcher who? say how many young people?

1418 days ago

Reporting back on New Media marketing - Facebook and twitter

1424 days ago

Bully Boy Lefties and an Orwellian view of free speech - re UKIP and Immigration

1428 days ago

Register for weekend Tomograph out Sunday - Facebook and Twitter stats are so much hogwash issue

1433 days ago

The best of #Askpermissionfromhugh – twitter reacts to State censorship from a crap actor

1438 days ago

Piss off cyclists – Not all of you just some of you

1445 days ago

US Oil & Gas – There’s nowt as deluded as a believer

1456 days ago

A volley of twitter abuse from a deluded lefty

1468 days ago

Oscar Pistorious kills girlfriend - the best of the tasteless twitter comments

1471 days ago

Meaningless Statistic of the Day: I have 3,000 twitter followers

1474 days ago

The best of the Pope quits jokes from twitter

1474 days ago

I am in the top 1 Per Cent of LinkedIn which means er...nothing

1477 days ago

The best of Tweet like a lefty #tweetlikealefty

1478 days ago

The best of the Chris Huhne MP (pro tem) jokes from twitter

1481 days ago

EU to blow £2million monitoring people like me

1482 days ago

RyanAir Loses Ash case - the twitter joke reaction plus another helping of Tesco

1484 days ago

Is New Media a waste of space for marketing?

1486 days ago

The best of the Lance Armstrong tweets

1486 days ago

Range Resources – Flagging a Tweet from David Lenigas

1486 days ago

Zoltav Resources – I am accused by a total moron of being an imbecile or misleading

1491 days ago

The Vanity of a Businessman – buying twitter users

1495 days ago

The best Tesco jokes from Twitter today. No foaling.

1500 days ago

My 3000th Tweet was today after seven months on twitter

1513 days ago

Doha Tweets and King Eco Loon and Parasite Peter Coville

1539 days ago

Global Warming Nutters (BBC Included) on twitter

1548 days ago

Tomograph to go twice weekly – register now for Wednesday share tip edition

1558 days ago

Does Anyone NOT know the Newsnight alleged paedophile Tory yet? New Media wins again

1572 days ago

#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama – Trending on twitter

1574 days ago

UK’s libel laws and new media – imminent collision: Paedogeddon Westminster Issue

1574 days ago

Yet Again, congratulations due to my good friend Zak Mir (and Mrs M)

1614 days ago

The Love that Dares to Speak its name all the bloody time

1631 days ago

1 or 2 Fundraising windows for Junior Resource stocks before Oblivion and another 1 million overtaken on twitter!

1636 days ago

House Price Maths Explained to a 29 year old & More New Media Tomfoolery

1644 days ago

New Media: Fraud or fad or both?

1649 days ago

Twitter Killing off Margaret Thatcher and ( almost Prince Phillip)

1654 days ago

Passing 6 million people in a week & The Fed Can't Say what it wants to say but the Presses are being oiled

1658 days ago

EU Couldn’t make it up – Olympics nonsense from the Evil Empire

1662 days ago

Louise Mensch Quits – And talks Rubbish Again

1663 days ago

#Christmas on Twitter Trending and Insomnia

1665 days ago

New Media Stats - Do you Believe 1 of them?

1666 days ago

Overtaking 1 million people in a day (obscure twitter stats) & welcoming new twitter followers

1666 days ago

Cherie Blair – a reason to go on twitter

1674 days ago

Carlton Cole on Twitter – Something Not Quite Right

1718 days ago

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