Friday August 26, 2016
Hypocrite Theresa May spends YOUR cash to tell you to do as I say not as I do
President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan
Poisonous and delusional midget Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP is mad, innumerate and running a near bankrupt nation of scroungers


Am I hexing West Ham? Bristol City on Sunday

581 days ago

City forex dealer Alpari goes bust thanks to the Swiss: Poor West Ham

588 days ago

The Sacrifice I have made for West Ham and its inspired manager Fat Sam Allardyce

662 days ago

A Mixed sporting weekend – Ireland, Wales & West Ham

915 days ago

I am Off to Wales v France – who to support?

918 days ago

When did Ireland & West Ham both win on the same day last? Er…7 days ago

929 days ago

No Tomograph or videos this weekend as I am flat out at Maribelle’s

936 days ago

Mandela – The Film

937 days ago

I’d rather build a new herb bed and stink of horse manure than Watch West Ham today

951 days ago

Two free tickets to West Ham vs Stoke - ko 3 PM Upton Park on offer

1092 days ago

18 Hours to Kick Off: West Ham vs Cardiff

1106 days ago

The Bulletin Board Morons – They do not like it up ‘em

1142 days ago

West Ham Season Ticket Renewal…Against My Better Judgement

1169 days ago

West Ham vs Reading- Match Preview

1195 days ago

BoJo you Clown – sort it out!

1210 days ago

Language you do not wish to have to explain to your daughter at Upton Park

1210 days ago

West Ham vs Newcastle Preview – Bad News for the Irons

1210 days ago

West Ham wins Olympic Stadium – On balance I am happy

1253 days ago

Lucian Miers – A Bear with a Very Sharp Brain profiled

1330 days ago

Yossi Out, Joe Cole Back at our home team West Ham – Great Business

1331 days ago

Why Allardyce should go and Paulo di Canio be appointed in may as West Ham Manager

1334 days ago

The Scum (Spurs) vs West Ham - match preview

1370 days ago

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