Exclusive: US Oil & Gas – The FSA Insider Dealing Enquiry Secret Document Revealed

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 9 May 2013


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Another day and more documents emerge. Among the absolute classics is an email from Brian McDonnel (the hapless CEO) to a shareholder demanding that the shareholder cease ringing contractors and officials in Nevada to discover things about life in Hot Creek. Brian says that it is illegal for shareholders to do such due diligence. What piffle.

Brian reckons that shareholders who do due diligence get an unfair advantage and that this may be a breach of securities laws. Oh please. Doing due diligence might have helped a lot of shareholders to establish far earlier what a POS US Oil & Gas was and is and have saved them a lot of cash. Anyone who cites bogus laws to deter shareholders from asking questions is, to say the least, odd.

We established yesterday why PLUS booted US Oil & Gas off its own joke market but disgracefully failed to share these facts with investors who then went on to get mugged by US Oil & Gas on GXG.

You can read that here:

But what about the FSA?


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