Quindell Bulletin Board Morons of the Day – Surely if Darwin was correct these folk wouldn’t exist?

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 20 July 2014


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As I wait for a new video to be sent back to London I check out the abuse I am getting from Quindell (QPP) shareholders on twitter and on this website. I am struck by just how stupid some of our fellow human beings are. You really wouldn’t want many Quindell shareholders on your pub quiz team would you? 

First up is James Beckwith who besides glorifying in the bogus crap reviews posted online about my restaurant (hmmm if trade goes down which it is not, I sack a waitress – what does that achieve chaps?) seems to believe that the precipitous collapse in Quindell’s share price is down to me?

I am flattered that this idiot thinks that I am at the heart of a global conspiracy and have so much power. These folks alternate between “bigging me up” and in the next breath saying I am a failed tipster, human being etc. and that no-one listens to me. Well make your mind up folks. Mr Beckwith tweets: 

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