Why does Tom Winnifrith not work for a proper newspaper rather than just blogging?

Tom Winnifrith Saturday 6 September 2014


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Bon, A Quindell (QPP) owning Moron, asks on this website why “If Tom Winnifrith is such a brilliant investigative journalist does he not work for a top newspaper, he is just a blogger” It is a very fair question and has a several part answer.

I start by saying that I have served my time in the mainstream press: Evening Standard, Agence France Extel and Investors Chronicle staff, freelance contributor at Mail on Sunday etc., etc. But that was then and this is now.

The first reason not to go back is that no paper would hire me. My style is to use words that are “un-paper like” such as moron, and “sucking PR cock”. Moreover newspapers – as you may have noticed – are not into investigative journalism in the way that I practice it. For their (largely failing) business models it does not make sense to pick away day by day at fraudulent companies as I do. How many frauds on AIM has the deadwood press exposed in the past year? Er

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