Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 25 June - is Malcolm Stacey Getafix?

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 25 June 2015


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I keep having this odd image of Malcolm Stacey. He lives among the heathen celts of Wales and is a self confessed money tree worshipper, an older man with white hair - he is Getafix, the druid from Asterix the Gaul. Getafix heads off into the woods with his sickle to hack away mistletoe to make potions. Malcolm heads off into the woods to hack away at the money tree and then brews up a potion.

He stands over his cauldron and as Delphic type vapours emerge he intones "I know, buy Advanced Oncotherapy, add more Tertiary Minerals." Sometimes it works and he enjoys a good night at the Punters Return. Other times it does not work and Malcolm realises he took cuttings from the wrong tree. Getafix mutters to himself "but the Money Tree realy does exist" and trudges back into the woods with his sickle to continue his quest. I digress.

In today's podcast I discuss whether money is important to me and whether I am really an alcoholic, look at Trap Oil, Quindell, Slater & Gordon, Red Emperor, Sefton and the POS Mosman Oil & Gas

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