Eden Research and the strange case of the exercised options that belonged to no-one

Tom Winnifrith Monday 8 February 2016


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Eleven years ago I did battle with Eden Research (EDEN) and Environmental Recycling Technologies (ENRT), then called 3DM which were both run by Witney lawyer Ken "Kenny-boy" Brooks. They sent me a slew of lawyers letters, their advisers John Finn, Johnny Townsend and PR man/tipster Mike Walters engaged in a filthy dirty tricks and smear campaign against myself and Lucian Miers, but it was team Kennyboy that ended up with TWO FSA censures. I am now officially "at war" with both companies once more and will today endeavour to show why both worthless entitities should be delisted at once. I start with a very gentle opening delivery for Eden, the strange case of the options.

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