Saturday January 20, 2018
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Thank you, Thank you & Thank you again: 2000 & 3000 beaten

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- Tom Winnifrith

If you have not got the message, thank you. I thank you for reading this blog. You are doing so in record numbers and it is very gratifying indeed. When I started it was a therapeutic outlet. After a dreadful year for me personally but also after far too many years of not being able to say what I thought on a range of issues I just wanted to write freely. I was not sure who, if anyone, would read this website. I am not sure if I cared if no-one read it, I just needed an outlet. There was not really a clear business plan I just wanted to write.

Things have changed. In the first month or so we averaged just under 400 page impressions a day on the blog. Just starting up on twitter I found myself with about 200 folks following me.

Gradually that increased and in recent weeks the increase has been exponential. And so this morning, having sent out 1,338 tweets in four months, I find myself with 2004 twitter followers (just outside the top 3 million twitter users out of c500 million). Since I regard all twitter stats as utterly bogus, page impressions are perhaps more important.

This week saw the highest ever daily total for PIs on this site (just over 3,300). Over the course of the working week we averaged almost 2,200 per day. I know how many PIs per day the editorial content on sites I used to work at got and are getting and, on that basis, I am feeling very excited. And very flattered. The blog is now at a level where we can (and will) run banner adverts – at some stage therapy has to be self financing.

I find writing easy and pleasurable. And so with all 3 books likely to land in final proof ready format with the publishers within two weeks I am now ready to ratchet up the output level here by another couple of notches. When I launched a site I do not mention here any more, a large amount was spent on marketing it to attract readers. This blog has attracted readers purely by word of mouth. No mailshots, no databases to tap into just folks finding it and passing on links. As that process continues and as I increase my output I hope that the readership will also widen.

Thank you for reading during the past four months. Normal commercial websites at this point ask you what features you would like to add. But this is not a normal commercial website. It is not a democracy. It is a very personal enterprise. It will be more of what you have seen already. A lot more!
After the past week I am very thankful to you all. It is much appreciated.



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