The 2013 AIM Cesspit Awards

A fundraiser for the defence of Tom Winnifrith against Sefton

24th June 2013, 7pm
The Real Man Pizza Company
91 - 95 Clerkenwell Road, London

Featuring words and a prize competition from Mr Lucian Miers, words from Mr Evil Knievil, and the giving of awards for:

IPO of the year – an objective award for the IPO which moves most rapidly from IPO to suspended pending clarification.
The Darwin award – an objective award for the company that destroyed most market capitalisation in the 12 months prior to its shares being suspended pending clarification.
Entrepreneur of the year – which AIM CEO has destroyed value most spectacularly in the past year.
PLC Pig of the year – which AIM CEO or Chairman was most grotesquely over-remunerated relative to performance.
Cesspit lie of the year – which RNS issued during the year by an AIM listed company was most misleading.
Cesspit deal of the year – which merger or acquisition of the past year did the most to destroy value.
Cesspit entrepreneur of the year, the most coveted award, handed out to the man or woman whose over promotion of a stock, under-delivery and ability to destroy value has done most to contribute to making the Cesspit regarded as it is today.

Tickets £75 per person. [£15 inc. VAT for dinner, plus £60 donation to the Sefton fighting fund (VAT exempt)]

2013 AIM Cesspit Awards & Sefton Fundraiser Dinner Menu

First Course

  1. Carrot & Fennel Soup (v)
  2. Manx smoked Mackerel pate (not everything that smells fishy is a Sefton RNS)
  3. Italian Antipasto

Main Course

  1. Gnocchi Sorrentino (v)
  2. The Sefton Special Pizza – Where’s the beef? There’s none. No oil. But very fishy.
  3. Choice of pizza [PDF]
  4. Grilled Chicken & Avocado salad
  5. The Great Western Mining Nevada Pizza (do not worry it contains no uranium, gold, silver or copper)
  6. Penne with smoked salmon and red peppers in a creamy sauce


  1. Tiramasu
  2. Nigel’s American Cheesecake
  3. Chocolate Mousse
  4. Scoops of salted caramel, stem ginger and dulce de leche ice cream


1/2 litre of


All tables provided with output from US Oil & Gas (either still or sparkling)



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First course

Main Course


By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser agrees to keep the evening under the Chatham House rule: the whole event is off the record and no cameras or recorders are permitted.