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A Modest Proposal

185 days ago

The mask jihadis of Holt insist that I hate this entire village near Wrexham – I am their Emmanuel Goldstein

I should stress that there are few out and out loons in the village of Holt in which I live when not here in Greece. But, as there are in every village in England and Wales, there are some and the covid scandemic has allowed such souls to flourish showing virtue as they boast of wearing masks in the bath and tut tutting at anyone who dares question the cult. As I did yesterday with my “modest proposal.”


187 days ago

A Modest Proposal for the Orwellian mask jihadists of Holt

Provoked by the sheer silliness of some of my neighbours back in the last village in Wales, I signalled my opposition to mask wearing on the village Facebook site last night. The response, as you’d imagine, has been Orwellian. And as such, I have a modest proposal for the face nappy jihadists…


1982 days ago

Inbred chavs on Isle of Wight get their man: David Hoare of Ofsted walks

School results on the isle of Wight are piss poor and so Oftsed boss David Hoare mistakenly commented on this and suggested that there were perhaps good reasons why the offspring of the inbred white trash that inhabit the island's poorer districts fared so badly. You could see the poor fellow was doomed. Somehow he has survived for a month but now he has gone.

What Hoare said was obviously true. But


1998 days ago

The Isle of Wight chavs & educational failure: A Modest Proposal

I noted yesterday the persecution of Ofsted boss David Hoare for making a number of factually verifiable statements about the inbred chav community of the Isle of Wight and their propensity to crime, poor educational results and poverty. The old fool should have known better than to tell the truth and use empirical data in Airstrip One these days. It is far simpler to blame everything on global warming, the wicked Tories, Maggie Thatcher, Brexit or racism. Naturally my defence of Mr Hoare has already seen one chav from across the Solent send me a semi literate tweet and that prompts me to come up with "A Modest Proposal."