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4 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Another day of shame for AIM and why Sosandar is just not for me anymore

Today I look at three companies. I start with Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) where I ask if it is better to travel than to arrive? Then it is onto Sarah Willingham, Allenby Capital, The Sunday Times and their collective shame in the disgraceful AIM IPO of car crash in waiting Nightcap (NGHT). Finally I look at Sosandar (SOS).


159 days ago

Zenith Energy fails to address Elephant in Room, instead updates on Cheryl Cole style deal

On Thursday, I published a letter, now confirmed as genuine, from the Government of the Republic of Congo saying that Zenith Energy (ZEN) had lost its sole asset, Tilapia on June 4, something it failed to disclose to investors as it secured more funding. Still, Zenith and its newly appointed adviser, Allenby Capital, have failed to address this. Instead, we have a statement on a Cheryl Cole type deal. Let me explain.


2096 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Oh boy I am flying today

I am in a good mood today as I launch into a podcast tirade. Under fire are: Crap Oil, Sorry Trap Oil, Edenville, Condor Gold (placing ahoy), Plethora (ditto), Mosman (ditto), Matomy Media, blinkx and then a full frontal assault on Camkids - come on Nick Harris at Allenby be a hero, you know what to do


2309 days ago

The Industrial Scale China stock Fraud in Fujian home to Naibu, China Chaintek and Camkids revealed

This article appeared in the Chinese publication  Caixin Online at Christmas 2012. Staff reporter Qu Yunyu has done a superb job. It should be required reading for the crony capitalists round at Daniel Stewart, Allenby Capital and Abchurch Communications as well as AIM Regulation and for anyone mad enough to hold shares in Naibu (NBU), Camkids (CAMK) or China Chaintek (CTEK). It is explicit about what has gone on. If you own shares in any of the Fujian companies on the AIM Casino you should sell them all at once. The article – with a few choice sections in bold from me -  reads: 


2841 days ago

FSA & LSE AIM team asked to widen Sefton investigation

We know that the regulators are looking at Sefton and today my good pal Dan Levi (aka Brokerman Daniel) has asked them to widen the scope of their investigation into this hopeless little company which I exposed at the weekend as lying about its output on March 5 a day before getting a share placing away.

Dan's official letter to the regulators can be viewed here 

Of course it is the Nomad Allenby Capital which signed off on the misleading RNS of 5th March. I am yet to receive an answer to my question to Allenby: "were you complicit in misleading investors or were you misled by Sefton?"

If it is the former Allenby should be handing in its licenses. If it is the latter Allenby should be handing in its resignation as Sefton's Nomad with immediate effect. It is that simple. Over to you Allenby...