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Balkan Wars

184 days ago

Greek Hovel Summer 2022 Photo Article: The Kardamili war memorial

My late father wrote a learned article on this monument using another photo by his son. It is an interesting war memorial, erected after the two Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913. Not a lot of perople are aware of how much of what is Northern Greece today was still, in 1911, in Turkish hands. That ended after the first Balkan War. In the second war, Bulgaria – which had been part of the 1912 alliance against the Turks – declared war on its ertswhile allies, Greece and Serbia, and lost territory as a result. Modern Greece is very largely a result of those wars.


757 days ago

The EU brought peace to Europe, Brexit threatens this – the nonsense spouted by Euro loons Jonathan Price, Dan Snow and others

The hereditary TV presenter Dan Snow, aka thehistoryguy, claimed yesterday that the EU had brought peace to Europe and Brexit threatened it. So nothing to do with NATO and the American defensive shield then? And what about the genocide at Srebrenica during the Bosnian war when EU peacekeeping troops stood idly by as 8,000 folks were massacred?  Snow was talking nonsense as many of us pointed out. But rallying to his defence was my good friend, the arch Euro loon Jonathan Price, who insisted that the EU had ended war in Europe since all the previous wars were started by either France or Germany. Like the hereditary TV presenter, I fear that even Bath Spa would fail that answer. 


2151 days ago

Orwell would be proud - the Dusseldorf truth emerges after the news cycle has moved on

I noted yesterday the ludicrous line being spun by the German Police that the axe wielding chap on the rampage at Dusseldorf station was from the former Yugoslavia, a country that had not existed for 16 years. Within minutes they had been able to say that the man had psychological issues. if only the NHS was so efficient in terms of diagnosis there would be no crisis. Yet the Police could not say where the chap came from. And the liberal media - in as much as they covered this at all - played along.