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121 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Kefi shareholders drive me to an early grave

I discuss GroupThink on Bulletin Boards as the word Shareprophets is banned on the LSE Asylum, the AIM awards and the corruption of the sewer and Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI). Also an update on the Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) video.


610 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Retirement postponed part 2 as the mother-in-law moves in

Not only are Optibiotix (OPTI) shares not flying (yet) but part two of my retirement plan has also been scuppered as I explain, by the imminent arrival of my in-laws to live in our annexe. I am busy preparing for that and also sorting out the garden ahead of a Greek trip, hence a late bearcast. In that, I discuss whether foolks really are paid to post rubbish on Bulletin Boards, why some companies set up a new holding company and at Carnival (CCL) and elsewhere why an obsession with E &S lets poor G ( shocking greed) take place.


1277 days ago

BREAKING: Tom Winnifrith yet again commended by regulator: The FRC thanks him on Diversified Gas & Oil

Here is another commendation for me for my pig ignorant critics on the Bulletin Boards and supporters of fraud to ignore. One day, maybe even Roger Lawson and certain thirsty share bloggers from Brighton might actually be forced to admit that the folks who matter not only respect my work but act on it too. This tme it concerns what was the largest oil company on AIM before it moved to the main market, Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC). I complained about its accounts, the FRC thought I was correct and forced Diversified to make changes. The letter below makes that clear. Ouzo for the Sheriff of AIM tonight methinks.


1388 days ago

Are you a Bidstack owning moron seeking the company of like minded morons?

Tired of Bulletin Boards where, just now and again, someone dares to point out inconvenient truths like the fact that CEO James Draper is a liar and the fact that the company needs a bailout placing within months? Would you rather discuss with like minded souls whether you will invest your Bidstack (BIDS) derived millions in a fleet of Porsches orf a fleet of Ferraris? Fear not! Here is the answer, a bear free paradise for you and your fellow morons to tell lies to each other and say how wonderful the latest podcast with Justin the Clown Waite was.  Fear not, bears will not be permitted to join and spoil your paradise. Fabbo.Hat tip BC.


1618 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast; My top 10 mid cap shorts in this crazy, crazy world

We live in a mad, mad world and I cite four examples of this: the banning of the original US flag by Nike 48 hours ahead of July 4, illiterate Zak Mir going into PR, the PI love-in on Bulletin Boards with utterly worthless Premier African Minerals (PREM) and the IPO of Funding Circle (FCH). I look at Dialight (DIA), and Fastjet (FJET) and then list my top ten shorts worth more than £250 million (with two slightly smaller cheats included) and explain the bear case for each.


2346 days ago

MySquar - Why today's statement is just such horse - part 2

I am grateful to the great Waseem Shakoor who has made me realise just how much of a darling of the Bulletin Boards MySquar (MYSQ) has become. The posts are legion, the idiotic hatred of myself ( he always gets it wrong) of Waseem, the casual homophobia is all there. That makes me more convinced that ever that with its crackers valuation and misleading statements this is set to crater. Earlier I addressed that matter of insane valuations and casual use of language to hide the truth but there is a secondary, and more devastating issue.


2463 days ago

When you know a company is finished - sentiment on a Bulletin Board: ref Advanced Oncotherapy

Shares in Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) are sliding again today. Last time I looked they were 32p bid and they are heading rapidly towards the 25p mark at which point Bracknor will not be able to forward sell/convert loan notes as explained HERE without GM sanction. Thus the loan shark death spiral provider - which is pro tem exposed to the tune of well over £1 million will be flogging shares as fast as it can. Meanwhile Advanced just won't answer my 16 questions HERE. But there is something else going on which you can see if you check out the Bulletin Boards and it is quite remarkable and shows this company is toast.


2473 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Sponsored by tomwinnifrith

One Bulletin Board Moron is already under FCA investigation this week for impersonating me and suggesting, inter alia, that Cloudtag (CTAG) shares would treble from here. They won't it is heading to 0p. But whoever tomwinnifrith is is so obviously the moron of the week that everyone else is competing for second place. So nominate away with any example of extreme stupidity from twitter or Bulletin Boards The deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday 5 March. Do your worst in the comments section below.


2474 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Day - tomwinnifrith - NOT!

The ADVFN bulletin boards are so poorly regulated that you can register with any name without any proof that it is yours. And so once again as at 26 February some moron has registered as tomwinnifrith to post as me about Cloudtag (CTAG), natch. I note once again that I am paid to write here, why would I write for free on a chatroom. And moreover why would I write the sort of obvious crap you see below. 


2480 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why reading the LSE Asylum is not research, it is mad, bad and dangerous

A reader has lost money and blames the LSE Asylum. I hate all Bulletin Boards and their operators and explain why - they encourage theft from me. But the LSE Asylum is unique: it is a nest of ramping vipers and free speech deniers and, as such, it is mad, bad and dangerous for your wealth.


2501 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Why Worthington morons should report me to the official liquidator

There are two parts to this podcast. I start by explaining how a liquidation works with reference to the fraud Worthington (WRN). I know some of its shareholders are obsessing about this and reckon they should report me to the liquidator. Go ahead, we are already talking. Then I move onto a quite brilliant column by Luke Johnson about the myth that is the sharing new economy and specifically how it effects uber but also the media world with evil google and the bulletin boards in my sights


2522 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week - its ouzo time as Potash booted off AIM

Send Tom Winnifrith a fascist lawyers letter as the fraud African Potash (AFPO) did on September 1 and your fate is sealed. Today African Potash was formally booted off AIM. Now it will fail to raise cash on NEX (formerly ISDX) and will go bust soon. Lyin' Chris Cleverley meet Karma. Ain't she sweet? Amazingly there are still some people out there on the Bulletin boards who think its all my fault and Lyin' Chris runs a great British Company. Whatever. In that vein please nominate the most moronic Bulletin Board or twitter comment you can find in the comments section by midnight on Sunday 15th January. Have fun!


2545 days ago

Hayley Whittaker - a Cloudtag moron who says she's more educated then (sic) Tom Winnifrith

These Cloudtag (CTAG) morons really are a hoot. They get onto the Bulletin Boards and then onto twitter and start spamming me. And they spam me with such junk. Meet Hayley Whittaker a payroll assistant at Lookers who tweets as Hayleigh234 and was spamming last night with gems such as: 


2567 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: reading the Bulletin Boards to apply the Tom Winnifrith test

I have spent the morning reading a few Bulletin Boards. I feel dirty in admitting to doing this as it is something I do very rarely and only when no-one is watching. Specifically I looked at threads on Cloudtag (CTAG), Strat Aero (AERO) and Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) for instructive lessons in both human behaviour and also the nature of all the best frauds.


2697 days ago

Strat Aero - taking the piss: placing ahoy

Sometimes I wonder if certain AIM Casino listed companies think that we are all stupid. Maybe I am being harsh, after chatting to the morons who populate certain Bulletin Boards, one can understand how a company might leap to that conclusion. And that brings us to Strat Aero (AERO) which really is taking the piss as it calls an AGM and asks for permission for a sub-division of its shares, before then spouting horseshit.


2728 days ago

Gulf Keystone - Tick Tock Tick Tock it is one minute to midnight

There is massive speculation about Gulf Keystone (GKP) on the Bulletin Boards and I see that the shares are ahead at 4.2p today. But there are only two facts and I remind you of both as the clock is ticking, it is 11.59 Pm and at midnight shares in this company are likely to go pop.


2766 days ago

LGO Energy: The Risible Write to Reply - By Don Quixote

It has been suggested by Duck & Dive and repeated by other poltroons on LGO Energy (LGO) Bulletin Boards,  that in my last article it was unfair to 'confuse' reactivations with re-completions as it is a case of drawing conclusions about the depletion rates of apples with the depletion rates of oranges.  In answer to this criticism, I would stress firstly, that it was Neil Ritson who framed the terms in which he sought to demonstrate that wells in the Goudron Sandstone deplete slowly.  I will quote him again.


2894 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 January - Bulletin Boards, pointless relics of the past

Are bulletin boards past their sell by date? What is the purpose of them? Could they ever be monitised? A podcast discusses these issues. Now it is off to lunch with Sam Antar


2908 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Thinkathon: futurology, publishing, Bulletin Boards, Malcolm Stacey, retail

My sleep patterns disrupted by a late night screening of Star Wars and ealy morning writing to accomodate the travel arrangements of pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, I have only just woken up. The Mrs is out at a party with some Krauts and so I engage in a few reflections on a changing world and how that affects work and investment decisions. Malcolm Stacey is the cue...


3191 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast No 1 on 11 March - ADVFN and Gulf Keystone

By the time this goes live I shall be in the High Court. I comment briefy, sing a song for a regular listener and then move onto ADVFN PLC with some observatuons, on the nature of Bulletin Boards and onto Gulf Keystone


3210 days ago

The Worthington Fraud part 13 – 2014 Interim Results That Deceive (back to Rangers FC)

The results for the six months to March 31 2014 for the fraud Worthington (WRN) were finally released on 29th August 2014. A child of three should have been able to see through them but on the Bulletin Boards the enthusiasm was almost overwhelming – the investing public fell for it hook, line and sinker.

If one looks at the bullet points then head honcho Aiden Earley (oops, sorry I meant to say Doug Ware) and his team had done a great job.  The company reported a pre-tax profit of £8.7 million versus a loss of £5.3 million and net assets went from minus £3.5 million to plus £5.9 million. Wow! Pat on the back Aiden, oops I meant Doug.

But hang on Henry, how was this achieved given that the operating cash outflow was £129,000. In fact the whole P&L looks crackers from top to bottom.


3216 days ago

99% of Bulletin Board users are not Morons – so who am I insulting?

I stand accused yet again of insulting the entire investment community and of delighting in folks losing money. Au contraire, I delight when Bulletin Board Morons lose money but that is just a small group of those who use BBs.

I think Bulletin Boards are a good thing. They should allow private investors to swap ideas, to pick up on news items they may have missed and to expand the understanding of companies that are too small for the Mainstream Media to both with. So I am a fan. And moreover I, perhaps naively, think that 99% of folks who use them are sane individuals.

However there is a minority – and a vociferous minority to post most often and shout the loudest who are morons. They are morons because:


3361 days ago

Quindell Leaks Confidential letter as part of smear campaign & scores another massive own goal

As I noted at the weekend HERE Quindell (QPP) sent a letter from its new lawyers almost two weeks ago. I have asked it to justify statements in that letter it has failed to do so. But it gets worse. Quindell has now leaked that letter to the pathetic QPPSAG and it is being quoted verbatim albeit selectively on Bulletin Boards. That is a massive OWN GOAL by Mr 2+2 can = 5. My legal team is over the moon.


3418 days ago

It is sometimes prudent to place shares – do not always bash the boss: ref Leni Gas & Oil

I do not follow Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) but I note that it got the Bulletin Boards buzzing last week. It announced a big acquisition and the next day a placing. This outraged some commentators. I think wrongly.

If a company places shares in a way that patently dilutes shareholders that is wrong, especially if the stock just goes to flippers or to “mates.” If a company says it is not issuing shares and then does that is also wrong and arguably Leni Gas sailed a little close to the wind on that secondary count as Ben Turney flagged up HERE



3430 days ago

ShareProphets (Prophets of Doom), REM, Bulletin Board Morons – a FINAL word

On twitter, on various bulletin boards and on the comments section here on ShareProphets  and elsewhere we have come under sustained attack for 24 hours – let me set the record straight. And then I can get back to dealing with the snakes, rats and bats that infest my home for the summer in Greece.

  1. Some commentators have stated that they have no sympathy with the threats made against myself, ChrisOil and James Parter by Bulletin Board Morons BUT… we have brought it on ourselves by being so bearish, etc. Bollocks. There can be no BUYS on this one. Making threats is illegal. And threatening writers because you disagree with what they say is just plain wrong. Anyone who cannot appreciate that there can be no BUT’s in this matter has a screw loose. I suggest they start their therapy by reading 1984 ref ThoughtCrime and follow that up with On Liberty by John Stuart Mill.
  2. Others attack ShareProphets 

3430 days ago

What don’t Bulletin Board Morons Get about free speech – 80 year old with heart condition threatened

Most folks who post on Bulletin Boards are decent sensible folk but the minority (the morons) are quite deranged as a case this week involving our own Chris Oil demonstrates rather too visibly. It is truly shocking.

Chris has written a series of articles which have been overtly negative on Rockhopper Exploration (RKH)). He is entitled to his view and gives his reasons.  You may agree or disagree or (like me) have no view on the stock. Ultimately if it delivers it will probably go up if it does not it will fall, irrespective of what Chris writes here.

But some Bulletin Board morons simply cannot accept dissent. Slagging someone off on the boards (playing the man not the ball) is standard practice, as I now only too well. But some folks go further, posting bogus dreadful reviews of certain restaurants for instance and encouraging others to follow suit. It is not working by the way fellows, trade is great.

In the case of Chris one Moron signed him up to a series of dating websites. Oh really, how dismal. But one went further, seeking out his home address and phone number and posting it on the ADVFN board encouraging folks to abuse him. That post has been removed but not before someone called up and issued a series of dire threats and abuse.

Chris is away from home right now and it was his 80 year old father who has a heart condition who took the call. 


3490 days ago

A Delay in results is nearly ALWAYS bad News

I compare and contrast two companies here: Totally (TLY) and Greka Drilling (GDL). The matter is the question of a delay in results.

The old market adage is that results are never delayed because of good news. The reality is that as a CEO you want good news out there in the market so that your share price goes up, folks write nice things about you on Bulletin Boards rather than accusing you of being even more useless than Tom Winnifrith, shareholders send you chocolates rather than shit in the post, etc, etc.


3490 days ago

Quindell: Buy, sell or Hold – this may surprise you

I see that over on Stockopedia* someone writing anonymously as a bull of Quindell (QPP) has slammed those who post anonymously suggestions that kit is a sell. Whatever… Mr Steamy001 (perhaps that is his real name?) also describes me as “one of Quindell most vocal detractors.” Hmmmm - I ask questions and perhaps that is viewed as a bad thing in some circles? But would I short the shares now, at 21p?

At 30p or 40p the valuation seemed to me insane. Even if one ignored all the red flags valuing a stock that had just reported free cashflow generation of c£5 million at £2 billion or £3 billion just seemed bonkers. My good pal Mark Slater who had bought in at 7p was selling at these levels purely on the basis of valuation. I make no apology for suggesting that such valuations were crackers. I was right. They allowed no margin for error or uncertainty

I know that on the Bulletin Boards the idea of selling Quindell at any price filled some folks with horror, it was viewed as being akin to eating your own babies or chucking live fluffy puppies into an incinerator. But all stocks are ultimately for selling if they get ahead of themselves.

At 21p this is a much harder call. There are to me three possible scenarios here:


3547 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons, the sentiment of grief and Gulf Keystone

I gather that I am not wildly popular with certain Bulletin Board Morons for my pieces yesterday on Gulf Keystone (GKP). Arguing that the shares could be worth 0p in some circumstances (HERE) or pointing out that its Bonds were now in Junk Bond territory (HERE) was always going to attract some ire. However, the tone of the comments is most instructive. We are in phase 1 of grief.

It is not as if this is the first time I have questioned the valuation of this stock. This site ran a series of articles last May by myself and others suggesting that the shares were overvalued. At that time the comment on the Boards was universally hostile. Todd Kozel (the grotesquely overpaid CEO who dumped all his stock last year) could do no wrong. I and the other critics were just crooks on the make or imbeciles or both. Gulf was THE darling of the Bulletin Boards and anyone criticising this company faced universal slating.

Like I care. It is nice to be vindicated but one receives no thanks for pointing out when a grotesquely overpromoted stock is a slam dunk sell.

But as is always the case,


3555 days ago

Kenmare – Director’s share purchases mean jack shit – keep selling

The peasants at Kenmare Resources (KMR) are revolting. Quick! Toss them a few pieces of bread from over the castle walls. That will keep them quiet. And allow the board to keep their noses in the trough for a bit longer. Yes these grotesquely overpaid failures have bought a few shares in this hapless enterprise. 

The world’s number one mining analyst Roger Bade of Whitman Howard commented today: 

The Bulletin Boards have been pleading for Director share purchases for ages and now they have got their wish.”

Really? Check out the RNS. 


3576 days ago

Monitise – Surely the valuation is a total joke?

I realise that AIM Listed mobile banking technology group Monitise (MONI) is a Bulletin Board darling and so penning this piece will generate heaps of abuse for me (plus ca change). I am prepared to accept that this is a fine company but surely a £1.15 billion valuation at 70p is quite simply insane?

A hat tip to the great Paul Scott for flagging this up. His initial comments have prompted further thinking on my part. As such, following its interims yesterday I offer up a few red flags which make me thing this is a screaming short.


3639 days ago

Why I do not write articles on Bulletin Boards/LinkedIn groups

I appear to have fallen out with another LinkedIn Group – the West Ham Supporters. My “crime” is that I posted links to articles wot I wrote about the Irons. Apparently to stay there I have to write the whole piece on that discussion group.

Hmmm. I am a writer and earn a living from writing articles. So how about a new business model for me? I shall stop writing for websites where I earn money and will just post articles direct on LinkedIn Groups or on Bulletin Boards and so earn no money.

Can anyone spot the minor flaw in that one?

If you are not a professional writer and you wish to post your thoughts (judging by the timings, in many cases when you are being paid by someone else to do an actual job) that is fine.

But if you actually get the cash to pay for cat food, vets bills, a round of drinks at the Conservative Club and other essential things in life by being a writer, but then give everything away for free I would suggest you have a problem.

On that basis I have quit West Ham LinkedIn supporters. A surprising number of folks from there read this website. They know where to find me…

I guess it is better to quit than to be evicted as I was from the LinkedIN Friends of Greece and UKIP groups.


3689 days ago

An Open Letter to Terry “Junk” Bond – Chairman of Vialogy

Dear Terry: It must, by now, be clear to you from both the AGM and from reading the Bulletin Boards that the owners of Vialogy, its long suffering shareholders, have completely lost faith in you. Your performance at the AGM was an ill-tempered shambles and as our chairman you have been overpaid for abject non delivery for years.


3752 days ago

Sefton: Even at its Death the dirty tricks continue?

In what appears to be a company inspired campaign I see that the Bulletin Boards are suggesting that the pizza man (i.e. me) has run out of cash and that I am thus about to cave into Sefton and concede in the libel case. Jeepers. Since the posters involved have historically had a direct line to Sefton IR fuckwit Doctor Michael gopher Green, I assume the worst. With Sefton that has historically been a fair assumption to make.

For the avoidance of doubt. I have not run out of cash. As it happens, my employer (RMPC) booked revenues of just under £15,000 yesterday – the best day in its history. As such that part is total bollocks.

And when it comes to the case, Sefton has called just one witness and cannot at this stage call others. That witness was Jim Ellerton who is now a disgraced proven liar and a crook. The AIM team have said that he is not fit to sit on a PLC board. Wheels are turning in Colorado to ensure that he is charged with perjury (a 5 year stretch) for his 2008 deposition. His own lawyers say that he is thoroughly discredited and the Sefton case is in tatters. It IS running out of cash.

It is Sefton’s advisers that are reaching out to me (and Dan Levi) to agree a settlement which will involve SEFTON paying our costs. But the RNS issued by Sefton on 24 February 2013 about myself and Dan was clearly defamatory, malicious and untrue. The only question now is what damages we will obtain from Sefton to deal with that matter. And those discussions are underway as are discussions on the nature of the apology TO US FROM SEFTON.

I hope that is clear. Even to the gopher who is in enough trouble as it is and should put a cork in it as further aggravation will only make myself and Mr Levi more aggressive in our claims for damages.


3867 days ago

Lucian Miers says he feels like entering a Witness Protection Scheme: Gulf Keystone

I have not dared look at the Gulf Keystone (GKP) Bulletin Board threads since myself and Zak Mir went openly bearish. The more I look at this the more I am bearish. Bear raider Lucien Miers outed himself as a bear over the weekend and he has dared look at the thread on ADVFN.

None of the points he raised is answered in any way. Instead there is a torrent of abuse for him (and also again myself, Zak and Shareprophets). Lucian thinks we should all now enter the witness protection programme. You can read all of our thoughts at www.ShareProphets.com – we are not deterred and will not be deterred from writing again.


3872 days ago

The Bre-X Jimmy Savile Moment for AIM Resources stocks?

Right now resources stocks listed on the Cesspit AIM market have a sort of Freddie Starr status. The old boy has not been charged and folks give him the benefit of the doubt but it is not exactly like he is getting a rush of bookings. And so profitable stocks trade at a premium to cash and those that are not profitable discount severe dilution but not bankruptcy. But that could change.

There is a story doing the rounds about a resource darling which I cannot verify although the source seems to be kosher. As such I shall not name the company in question. Over at IG Index almost all of those betting on it are long. They have been long and wrong for a while but while the shares have slid noticeable they have not collapsed. On the Bulletin Boards sentiment is still gushingly positive despite the slide. 


3942 days ago

Guest Post: Sam Bottell on Plexus Holdings

I spent two years working along Sam Bottell as he worked with minesite.com and oilbarrel.com and he is a good, honest and clever chap. Now that he is starting his career freelance writing as well as an organiser of the UKInvestor Show I have no hesitation in helping him along via this blog as a guest contributor. As such I bring to your attention a share tip from TradingResearch Point on Plexus Holdings. Sam writes…

I see that Plexus (POS) was last night awarded the title “Best Oil & Gas stock” at the Stock Market Wire Awards awards ceremony in London. It is an absolute darling of the Bulletin Boards which is not surprising as it has delivered spectacular returns for shareholders. There is a good reason for that: its POS-GRIP wellhead technology is clearly world class and is much in demand, but the share price is now 240p valuing the business at £199 million. On the basis of what we know is the share price just a bit ahead of itself?


3998 days ago

Gulf Keystone (GKP) – 2013 the pivotal year? Time to buy?

I spent two years working along Sam Bottell at minesite/oilbarrel and he is a good, honest and clever chap. Now that he is starting his career freelance writing I have no hesitation in helping him along via this blog as a guest contributor. As such I bring to your attention a piece from TradingResearch Point…

Gulf Keystone (GKP) the AIM listed Kurdistan-centred oil exploration and production company has had an eventful year which has seen the share price tumble from highs of 425.2p to its current price of 167.5p. Day in day out it is the most discussed stock on the Bulletin Boards with its supporters convinced that the share fall is an opportunity. For them 2013 will be a pivotal year in Gulf’s development programme, the twelve months when their faith is rewarded. But will it be?


4005 days ago

Zak Mir reviews Letters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe

Tom Winnifrith is a bit of a marmite individual. Read some Bulletin Board posts and he is the spawn of Satan. Read others (I try to as much as I can to improve my grammar) and it occurs to some people that he makes some extremely good points. At a financial level some of his pieces, such as this little gem on Falklands Oil & Gas and notably this little gem on US Oil & Gas not only real insight but are also extremely funny. Indeed, for us Old Harrovians a sense of humour is everything, the only thing that differentiates us from the savages, or as they taught us in public school – socialists. I can think of no other financial tipster who would write a piece about a company whose shares were heading South and manage to include a video of Adele singing Skyfall ( or Sharefall as Tom termed it) to show that the Fat lady is about to sing. But that was Tom’s piece de resistance yesterday for shareholders in Vialogy.


4006 days ago

US Oil & Gas – Why the share slide?

Having bounced back up from 35p to 170p shares in GMX traded joke valuation company US Oil & Gas (USOP) were starting to bubble. The USOPians (folks who chat amongst themselves on twitter and Bulletin Boards) were already discussing once again whether £15 or £200 a share was fair value. But then…. the shares started to fall once again and as I write are back at 90p. This still values the company at a very generous £37 million but why the slide? And what next. I offer three explanations and also a festive greeting to my fellow Irishmen who run this company in our native tongue.


4007 days ago

Centamin – Good News but Not all Good: TW vs the Barmy Sukari army Round 3

Fully listed gold miner Centamin (LSE:CEY) has served up two pieces of good news in two days. The barmy Sukari army on the Bulletin Boards will be delighted and the share price has raced ahead to 44p. That is your cue to sell. Remember 44p it is important.