Candace Owens

1008 days ago

Spot the tolerant progressive in 2021 contest - the great Candace Owens edition

Conservative commentator Candace Owens thinks that a woman has a right not to be beaten up and injured on the sports field by someone who used to be a man. I guess that makes Candace a feminist does it not? As well as a person of colour and a conservative. Meet Kate, a white progressive: she has another way of describing Candace.


1171 days ago

Joe Biden wants to rip up the constitution as Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg dies – watch what the liberal media does next!

The constitution is clear. If a Supreme Court Justice dies, the sitting President nominates a replacement who must be ratified by the sitting Senate which right now means a Republican President and Republican majority in the Senate.  But guess what, creepy Joe Biden appears to think that the US Constitution does not matter. Anyone thinking of voting for this senile old coot should be alarmed.


1945 days ago

Blacks for Trump – one reason the Democrats may face electoral oblivion in 2020

As I am sure you can remember, the liberal media, spearheaded in the UK by the BBC’s repellent Jon Sopel and Beltway Kylie Morris and Matt Frei of Channel 4 Fake News, demonstrated, to their satisfaction, if not that of anyone else, that Donald Trump was a racist back during the Presidential campaign of 2016. The Democrats and Hillary paid a few visits to the ghettos and sung Kumbaya and all was well.