Cheddar Gorge

8 days ago

Today's Orwellian Covid Cops are in Avon & Somerset - man fined for eating a kebab in a car

Britain’s Police forces are increasingly drunk on the new lockdown powers they have been given by our airhead, but authoritarian, Home Secretary Priti Patel. My family and I managed to break five of her daft laws today with acts that have seen fines handed out by cops from various forces in recent days, such as sitting on a bench or drinking a cup of coffee, without the Rozzers catching us. But some poor sap from Bristol was not so lucky. His crime is shocking.


2420 days ago

The Most politically correct Museum in Britain just tells lies – Welcome to Cheddar lie land

Among the joys of half term week was a trip to the Cheddar Gorge. For someone whose maternal family comes from Dorset and who lives in Bristol with relatives across Somerset this may sound odd but in 46 years on this planet this was my first visit. I now have a ten year pass and so will be back to look inside a few more caves. And then there is the small museum.

It has some interesting displays on the history of Cheddar on cannibalism and on sex 5000 years ago. But it also manages to pack in what it terms a “modern perspective”, what the Daily Mail termed “political correctness gone mad” and what I would call just plain lies.

What enraged the Mail was that the Museum has replaced the terms AD and BC with BP (Before Present). Thus 0 AD is 2014 BP, 1066 is er….oh shite I can’t do the maths in my head BP You get the drift.

The Mail ranted on in a predictable fashion about how the Museum was abandoning Christ and offending good Christian folks. My objection is that the system – as demonstrated above – is clumsy and also silly. 1979 AD (the year that our Saviour, the blessed Thatcher came to power and thus Year 0 in a new system I propose) is right now 35 BP. But in January 2015 it becomes 36 BP. This is just silliness in a way that only politically correct lefties can regard as sensible.

But the Museum offended in a far worse way as it tried to explore the idea of man’s willingness to destroy his fellow man with these words on a poster “9/11 Religious zealots from poor Muslim countries destroy the Twin Towers, symbols of Western Consumerism.” Well that is a series of lies is it not? Yes it is.