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Children in Need

1899 days ago

Don't Give to #ChildreninNeed - give it to a real charity instead

The loathsome, state funded, fake news producing, BBC will tonight tell you that “all your donation will go to Children in Need.” They will not tell you that "all your donations go to children in need." Do you get the difference? It is c£8 million quid of difference.


1953 days ago

Parson Street Primary in Bristol and the gay penguin family - I really despair

The politically correct BBC here in the South West creamed itself as Parson Green Primary here in Bristol picked up an award for its work to promote LGBT equality. Kids at the school are allowed to wear trousers or skirts whatever their gender, toilets are unisex and the school prides itself on teaching the kids from the start that gay is normal. 


2262 days ago

Why I don't give a penny to Children in Need - we need a bonfire of the Charities

Maybe I have a new contender for the "four words that made me the most hated man in the room"? Children in Need sucks. Surely that has to be a winner. But it is also true at almost every level and that is why I don't give it a cent and urge all others to boycott it too.