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19 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 32: Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources & Chris Bailey on the bonds pension timebomb and blue chips to buy

I am back with these bonus video shows, is this 31 or 32. What the heck: I reset the counter at 32. In this show I interview Kerim Sener of Ariana resources (AAU) and then give my analysis of why I am very happy to hold the shares. Then it is onto Chris Bailey on macroeconomics, the two financial bombshells facing the over 45s and blue chips to buy. I hope that you enjoy the show.


23 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: EK says never trust a man who does not drink, ref Chris Bailey & Fevertree

I start with my nettle beer brewing and ShareStock, then move on to Fevertree (FEVR), Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI), the greatest joke ever told, IQE (IQE) and Chill Brands (CHLL)


137 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - daring to disagree with Chris "three brains" Bailey

I start with some macro matters, base rates, house prices, the madness of Malcolm in buying housebuilders, etc. Then it is on to Currys (CURY) where Chris is wrong about the shares and where my experience as a customer is not good. Then its cash crisis ahoy at Colin Bird’s Bezant Resources (BZT) and finally when is it a good time to stand down as CEO and what can it mean, I refer to FinnCrap (FCAP) and to Pod Point (PODP) PS I reckon that FinnCap is due another profits warning PDQ as is its proposed merger partner Cenkos (CNKS). 


154 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I agree with Chris Bailey

I look at the hot sun outside and think of the hot sun we are promised on Saturday as we do the last 34 mile Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk. With gift aid we are now at c£17,500. If you can help us get towards £20,000 with even a £10 donation please do so HERE. In a long podcast I discuss base rates in the UK, inflation, recession , Crispin Odey and his collapsing empire, San Leon (SLE), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), Eurasia (EUA), Cineworld (CINE), Supply@ME Capital (FRAUD), and M & C Saatchi (SAA). I also look at Robert Walters (RWA). and its long term threats as a commodity player.


299 days ago

Bombshell Bear Dossier from Gabriel Grego's QCM: The dark Side of Darktrace

Myself, Matt Earl, Steve Moore and Chris Bailey have all been bearish on the bastard child of the Autonomy fraud, that is to say Darktrace (DARK). Now our hero Gabriel Grego joins the party with a damning 70 page dossier. At 200p it remains a £1.44 billion short. Enjoy…


424 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Yes! Carnival could be a zero

I start by rubbing more salt into the wounds of Chris Bailey as I look at just how screwed is Carnival (CCL). Then onto whether we are in a recession or not and how long it will last. In light of my conclusion I urge you to ignore Malcolm’s share tip tomorrow. Finally a thanks to a reader who stopped me poisoning my family last night with my self sufficiency. Tonight’s episode of that part of my life is marrow and ginger jam.


472 days ago

ShareStock – No Video Links this is a personal experience!

“Can I do my chat with you via video link?” said the least well-known person attending Sharestock on September 10 as a CEO speaker? “No! You are uninvited” said I. He missed the point about this event, it is personal. You can listen to all the speakers on stage but then collar them in the drinks tent before or afterwards for a one to one chat.


541 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why Genflow is the most uninvestable stock in London and what now for a house price crash?

Today we are donating £2500 to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. I don’t ask you to follow suit but if you are among the 93% of listeners yet to donate to this cause with just 6 days to the event how about giving a fiver here? Then onto Genflow (GENF) in light of the Hindenburg dossier HERE. Then after observations from Chris Bailey earlier on Barratt (BDEV) I look at house prices and house builders.


542 days ago

New star speaker announced for ShareStock on September 10 – watch out Argo Blockchain!

I am pleased to announce the 5th of our six main stage speakers. Do join us for Sharestock, the share show with an all-day bar, held in North Wales (by 30 yards). Joining me, Gabriel Grego, Chris Bailey, Lucian Miers and 4 CEOs is…


633 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The rank Nigel Farage hypocrisy, Hitchens, Syed, Nimmo and the great Chris Bailey

I take a tour through four weekend press articles starting with that greedy scumbag Nigel Farage – I refer in the podcast to THIS PIECE. Then to two great pieces on Ukraine and on the decadent West by Peter Hitchens and Matthew Syed respectvely before discussing the Sunday Times article on CBD and pot stocks. Finally I discuss Chris Bailey’s excellent piece on this website and my own approach to shares I own, mentioning Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and some news breaking in the USA.


671 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Steven Whitehead's share dump shows why myself and the bears are still right on THG

I start with a weather report then consider Diageo (DGEin light of Chris Bailey’s mea culpa bull piece earlier. I am not sure that I agree with him. Then I look at THG (THG) where an £8 million share dump by a PDMR announced on Friday shows why the bears were right and are still right. Steven Whitehead knows far more about share valuations than Tory Boy poseur and A Grade bullshitter Matt Moulding.,


807 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what about the victims?

I discuss a fascinating article about XL Media (XLMHERE in the Times of Israel. If I wanted to list a fraud I’d be big on ESG as was XL. Chris Bailey’s fund manager pals would love it as I stole all the cash. I look at gender targets and ask what they should be, referencing Principals of Cambridge Colleges. I look at Mercantile Ports (MPL) and PrimaryBid and then what I plan, or hope, to do next about the fraud Umuthi (UHS), ask the victims to tell their stories. I look at Paul Johnson’s Power Metal Resources (POW) and its latest news which takes me back to 2007 and Mark Watson Mitchell’s Yellowcake. I comment on Asimilar (ASLR) and then go to town on Deepverge (DVRG) and its journalist trolling cock of a CEO Gerry Brandon explaining why I believe investors were materially misled in the run up to the £10 million June 7 placing and why the company is, for a variety of reasons, a total bargepole. It is just not investment grade material.


836 days ago

Argo Blockchain spouts green shite but still will not answer fundamental questions so here is another!

Another day and another announcement from Argo Blockchain (ARB) the company that is spending $17.5 million buying some Texas scrub land worth $168,000. It is more green hype which might impress some of the ESG loving millennial fund managers who Chris Bailey is keen on, but cash guzzling Argo refuses to address the herds of elephants in the room.


942 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 25: More than two and a half hours of Bell, Bailey, Newman, Somerville and share tips

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, a sparky interview with Red Rock Resources (RRR) boss Andrew Bell and then a detailed four way with myself, Chris Bailey, Gary Newman and Nigel Somerville on all things mining. Which metals are the ones to be in and why and how to play that. If you invest in mining stocks this show is for you..You can access the show HERE 


988 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 22: Well over 2 hours of gold, blockchain, bubbles, crashes & value with Richard Poulden and Chris Bailey

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with Richard Poulden on Wishbone Gold (WSBN) where I own shares and am a bull and on his other company Upper Thames (UPPT) a blockchain play where I cannot hide that I do not get it at all and Chris “Three Brains” Bailey on what he is buying and on macro-economics.You can access the show HERE 


1000 days ago

Bonus Video: A gold round table with Tom Winnifrith, Chris Bailey and Nigel Somerville

This is a bonus video for you all discussing gold with a bull ( Chris), a mega bull (Nigel) and a reluctant & cautious bull (me). We discuss macroeconomics, gold, silver, PGMs and copper and certain gold investments.


1061 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: rejoice, rejoice, rejoice - Three Brains has recovered!

I start with the new nickname for baby Jaya and why I am double sleep deprived. Men of my age really should not be fathering babies. Then to the great news, I have spoken to Chris Bailey and he is recovered and plans to start writing again this week. I discussed gold, inflation, market madness with Chris and relay our thoughts. Then I ask you to consider your mask wearing habits and discuss Remote Monitored Solutions (RMS). Finally can you top £150 for a bid for something worth 2 Euro which will not arrive for 6 months? Please do so before midnight HERE.  And the reason I may need to seek asylum in England is explained HERE.


1105 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Maybe I am a dinosaur and past it but this is why I am not attracted to bitcoin

I start with the therapy my woodshed offers and also a note on Chris Bailey. Then I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE) and Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) before considering bitcoin and gold and why I personally have big exposure to the “barbarous relic” and no exposure to crypto.


1157 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 12: Almost 3 hours of Fox Marble, of Zak Mir ( with his top share tip) and of me on SYME & Trainline, 2 mega shorts

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with  Chris Gilbert the boss of Fox Marble followed by me explaining why, though I am 80% down, I am sure Fox will multibag from here. Then a very long – and very funny – session with Zak Mir with his top share tip among London small caps, his view on the markets, the real economy and discussions on Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Eurasia Mining (EUA) & the lies of both, on Big Dish (DISH) and more. Finally it is me onSupply’s lies again and also on why Trainline (TRN) miust surely see a share price collapse. You can access the show HERE


1170 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 11: Almost 3 hours of AEX Gold, me on a new stock I've bought and why SYME is a con and a zero and Chris "3 brains" Bailey

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with  Chris “3 brains” Bailey on his dirty secret, the real economy why UK shares are so cheap, on gold and his 3 top picks. There is also a detailed interview with the boss of AEX Gold (AEXG) who is not really 13 years old plus I discuss a new stock I have bought into heavily and also why Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has this week hoisted its biggest red flag yet, is a scam and is worth 0p. You can access the show HERE


1200 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: At last Warren Buffett has listened to Chris Bailey, Nigel Somerville & myself

I start with a few thoughts on the possibility that Greece might be added to the UK’s Covid red list – feck you Boris you utter clown and here’s why. Then I see that old Warren Buffett has finally seen the light on gold and I have a few thoughts on that. Then a bullcast on why Jubilee Metals (JLP) has crossed in inflexion point and is now such a perfect investment.


1233 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: So who was bonkers enough to buy those 37 million Boohoo shares?

A busy morning recording MineProphets videos with Chris Bailey, remember to book your ticket for next Saturday HERE. In today’s bearcast I discuss Boohoo (BOO) and Carnival (CCL).


1300 days ago

Funeral Provider Dignity offers the Covid-19 quote of the day but shows why Boris, all MPs & a complicit media have screwed up so badly

Britain’s largest funeral services provider Dignity (DTY) has served up a trading statement on Covid-19 which contains both the quote of the day but also the stats which show just how disastrously Boris, but also everyone else in the political and media GroupThink bubble, have created this crisis.


1321 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: What are you doing on May 9? I very much hope you are "coming to" the totally all star ShareProphets Shares Conference!

Fear not you do not need to break lockdown. The event is online and for £9.99 you get access to a line up of stars of the investment world never seen before at a UK show. It really is all star. Carson Block, Gabriel Grego, Mark Slater, Jim Mellon, Evil Knievil, Vin Murria, Peter Hambro, Sam Antar, Adam Reynolds, Luke Johnson, me, Chris Bailey, Dom Frisby, Paul Jourdan, James Delingpole, Malcolm Burne, Chris Bailey, all the team here at ShareProphets, Matt Earl, Lucian Miers, Peter Hambro, the list goes on. As well as the star speakers there is also the Sith Lord Zak Mir and 30 PLC CEOs will also present. Doors open at 8.30 AM amd there will be chatrooms to engage with many of the speakers and each other open all day.  And your ticket will give you access to all the videos right up until Christmas. The booking section of the site is secure ( see the padlock is present) and you can book your seats now & get more show details HERE  


1362 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Don't argue with Chris "3 Brains" Bailey but I think Malcolm Stacey is badly wrong on Rightmove

In today’s podcast I look at Intu (INTU), Rightmove (RMV), Purplebricks (PURP), Iconic labs (ICON) and Nanoco (NANO).


1384 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: daring to disagree with Chris "three Brains" Bailey & Answering Cynical Bear's Question

In today’s podcast I discuss Carnival (CCL) and the Coronavirus, Optibiotix (OPTI) and Versarien (VRS)


1433 days ago

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2020 - No 8 a buy from Chris Bailey

During the first seven days of Christmas each of the team will serve up two share tips (buys or sells). I will serve up 4. That makes 20 in total. Enjoy our share tips of the year 2020. Eighth up is a BUY from Chris Bailey who owns shares in the company below.


1433 days ago

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2020 - No 6 a buy from Chris Bailey

During the first seven days of Christmas each of the team will serve up two share tips (buys or sells). I will serve up 4. That makes 20 in total. Enjoy our share tips of the year 2020. Sixth up is a BUY from Chris Bailey who owns shares in the company below.


1454 days ago

ShareProphets Election coverage: Vote Liberal Democrat says Woodlarks walker Jonathan Price

We are running articles by supporters of the three main parties in Britain urging you to vote for their party. If you are some SNP supporting sheep molester or cottage burning Taffy and want to bleat about not having your say, tough. This is about parties that are serious across the UK ….and also the Lib Dems. Our first contributor was lifelong Labour supporter Brian Basham, next was writer here and recently elected Conservative Councillor Chris ‘three brains’ Bailey and now it is Woodlarks walker Jonathan Price for the Lib Dems:


1458 days ago

ShareProphets Election coverage: Vote Conservative says Councillor Chris Bailey

Over the next week or so we will run articles by supporters of the three main parties in Britain urging you to vote for their party. If you are some SNP supporting sheep molester or cottage burning Taffy and want to bleat about not having your say, tough. This is about parties that are serious across the UK ….and also the Lib Dems. Our first contributor was lifelong Labour supporter Brian Basham, now writer here and recently elected Conservative Councillor Chris ‘three brains’ Bailey writes:


1458 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: When he is not republishing defamatory tweets about me, Roger Lawson makes partial sense on debt

I apologise for the lack of articles today, Gary Newman is on a book deadline, Chris Bailey is engaging in his dirty secret and I am olive harvesting. A few words on that and then I look at comments that Roger Lawson of ShareSoc makes on debt and also on Victoria (VCP). On this occasion he is only partially wrong, which must b e seen as a result.


1514 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition THIRTEEN with Tom Winnifrith, Chris Bailey and the legendary Gabriel Grego

There are two guests in this week’s show, First up I discuss the clown who runs Sirius Minerals (SXX). Then I welcome Chris Bailey. We discuss where value lies in the market and has the mood music changed, SIG (SHI),  Metro Bank (MTRO), Funding Circle (FCH), the crazy share price of Diageo (DGE) and much more. Then my second guest is the legendary bear raider Gabriel Grego of Globo and Folli Follie Fame. We discuss his latest triumph Bio-On and much more. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same  and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


1517 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I've got more chance of getting lucky with Cheryl Cole than Bidstack has of meeting forecasts

In today’s podcast I discuss the ominous silence from Brady (BRY), dare to disagree with Chris “three brains” Bailey on SIG (SHI), look at Bidstack (BIDS) and consider the, incomplete, Q3 trading statement from Audioboom (BOOM), pondering when its next bailout placing will be.


1550 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: with respect Liberum you are talking cock

In today’s podcast I start with a couple of reflections on the joys of modern life involving Andrew Monk of VSA, cannabis and the tossers at Barclays Bank (BARC). I look at Burford (BUR), Falanx (FLX), IQE (IQE), Xaar (XAR), Providence Resources (PVR) and Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP). I forgot to mention Restaurant Group (RTN) but Chris “Three Brains” Bailey, again, covers it very well HERE and he is right. It is a slam dunk sell. Lucian Miers reckons it might just be a zero.


1588 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition TWO with Tom Winnifrith

Once again, please excuse my croaky voice. In this second edition of the ShareProphets Radio podcast sponsored by Riverfort Global Capital, this week, in order I discuss the cowardice of a well known AIM CEO, interview bear raider Lucian Miers on a wide range of subjects including Tesla, Neil Woodford and WPCT, IQE, Purplebricks, UK Oil & Gas, Thomas Cook and cannabis, I then interview value blue chip investor Chris Bailey on, inter alia, Tesla, EasyJet, Imperial Brands, Woodford, Burberry, Dignity, and St James Place. Enjoy. If you like this and can’t wait seven days for more of the same you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


1656 days ago

Thomas Cook: bad News for Andrew Monk and Chris Bailey, this is going to 0p

I did warn my pal Andrew Monk, as he greedily filled his boots with Thomas Cook (TCG) shares and for a time he looked smart. Now the stock has collapsed to just 10p but that still values the company at c£150 million. The bad news for Monkey and Chris “three brains “ Bailey, a fellow bull, is that this is likely to be a zero.


1757 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Steve Moore heads to Wolverhampton, the sex capital of Britain, for Stag weekend hell

With help from Chris "three  brains" Bailey and the Sun Newspaper I explain the logic behind young Steve's weekend plans. I then look at GLI Finance (GLIF), try to explain a few points to a man who attacks a bearcast he has not listened to (Brokerman Dan), Flybe (FLYB ), Blue Prism (PRSM) - surely a stonking short - and Westminster Group (WSG) and its record of cash guzzling shame.


1821 days ago

Video: Nigel Wray (Britain's Buffett) quizzed by Chris "Three Brains" Bailey at the UK Investor Show City forum on December 3

 The next City Forum is on January 21 with Adam Reynolds as the guest speaker being quizzed by the Sith Lord Zak Mir. I bet Adam's quaking about that grilling. Three companies will also present and take questions as will Adam. Put the date in your diary. From this week's seminar here is Britain's Buffett being interviewed by Three Brains himself


1822 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Might Chris "Three Brains" Bailey be wrong about Thomas Cook? Are the shares really worth only 12p?

I start with the news about the olive harvest. When you get the full financial report you will laugh. I almost did. I am almost tempted to get Neil Woodford to invest in it. Then I discuss Thomas Cook (TCG), Audioboom (BUST) and Tekmar (TGP), another disastrous IPO on the AIM Casino. I also discuss the battle between the metropolitan elites and the rest of us ref. France, but also the UK and Brexit.


1848 days ago

Meet & Quiz Nigel Wray, Sosandar, SkinBioTherapeutics and more on December 3rd: Book free seat now!

The UK Investor Show team can now announce our line-up for our next City forum which takes place on the evening of Monday 3rd December in the heart of the City of London at the headquarters of investment bank UBS. There’s mince pies, wine and canapes on offer but more importantly the event features presentations and a chance to quiz three growth companies: SkinBioTherapeutics, RiverFort Global Opportunities (formerly Paternoster Resources) and Sosandar. The evening ends with our own, Chris “Three Brains” Bailey, interviewing Britain's Buffett Nigel Wray. I will be intervening by video link from Greece!


1869 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is BCA still the big short? Yes and here is why

I start with reflections on a rather plump young lady not wearing a bra parking her truck in front of my makeshift studio here in Greece. Moving swiftly on, I have a go at Malcolm Stacey over this piece and at James Bowden over this piece. I stand with Chris "three brains" Bailey on the recruitment stocks. Then it is onto BCA Marketplace (BCA). is it still "The Big Short?" I discuss in light of news both from Pendragon (PDG) and from the USA yesterday. 


1923 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - equity markets tell you Andrew Monk & Malcolm Stacey are complacent and wrong and residential property is facing a big sell-off

I note Chris Bailey's excellent article earlier, HERE, and have to say he is bang on the money and those who advise buying housebuilding shares such as Andrew Monk and our own Malcolm Stacey are very wrong. The equity markets are telling you there is a stack of trouble ahead.


1961 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The £172k court case Safestyle is keeping quiet about & why Chris Bailey's City pal is wrong

I recorded this on my last night in Greece. As you listen I shall be starting the trek back to Bristol. I appeal to those yet to donate to the Woodlarks charity walk by myself, Lucian Miers and Brokerman Dan to donate HERE - we are at 69% of our £20,000 target and every cent pledged will make a difference. Thanks to a reader for spotting a court case involving Safestyle (SFE) which is utterly shocking - I reckon this makes the stock uninvestable. I then take issue with the analysis of a City pal of Chris "three brains" Bailey on the matter of fraud.


1968 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast- I am sorry but I am just not as clever as Chris "three brains" Bailey

I start  with a bit on my walking schedule. I really will suffer tomorrow so about donating a tenner to Woodlarks as you think of the pain that lies ahead. Support a great cause HERE. In the podcast I look at non food retailers where I take a simple view as I am not as clever as Chris. I look at CyanConnode (CYAN), GYG (GYG) and follow up on Gary's piece on Bellzone (BZM) with a discussion on what constitutes market abuse.


2031 days ago

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Making Money in Africa

This session was chaired by our own Chris Bailey  and featured Andrew Bell of Red Rock (RRR), Rob Scott of Anglo African Agriculture (AAAP - where we own shares - Ahmet Dik of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) and Colin Bird of numerous companies, including Jubilee Metals (JLP) tipped by Andrew Monk this morning.


2071 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The times they are a changin' (for the worse) in praise of Malcolm Stacey & Chris Bailey

The excitement mounts as the Winnifrith family heads off for a day at an owl sanctuary for that is the current obsession of young Joshua. Ahead of that I reflect on themes touched on by Malcolm Stacey today (HERE) and also Chris Bailey (HERE). I go far further than they do. The times they are a changin' and not for the better. Bring on the goats. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH


2271 days ago

Video:Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit on why you should subscribe to ShareProphets

Chris Bailey is one of the writers who a subscription based ShareProphets - assuming enough of you sign up! - will be showcasing more often. In the video below he explains exactly why you should sign up NOW HERE 


2512 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Birthday Bearcast - where's my ffing ouzo Paul Scott & Chris Bailey's a freak

I start by explaining why Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit is a freak!. it is all to do with Star Wars. Then it is onto TrakM8 (TRAK) following my kerboom article of earlier. I make specific points about Paul Scott's favourite dog but then general points about why company's acquire and why that turns me off.


2755 days ago

Video: The Balloon Debate from UK Investor Show - now this was fun

This was meant to be just a fun debate to start the day with a few laughs. Girly swat Chris Bailey took it really seriously but other competitors myself, Malcolm Stacey, Colin Bird, Dominic Frisby were more relaxed. Speaking for gold Andrew Bell was so relaxed he forgot to turn up but Jan Nelson stood in at the last minute. I explain what a balloon debate is in the video. Enjoy.


2755 days ago

Video: Nigel Wray, TW, Chris Bailey & Paul Jourdan at UK Investor Show - value investing

After Saracens European triumph on Saturday I imagine that Nigel Wray will be a happy man. He was at the centre of the value investing panel at UK Investor Show with Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit, Paul Jourdan of Amati and myself, Tom Winnifrith. Enjoy


2762 days ago

Baby Bear, Graham Neary - Welcome aboard the good ship ShareProphets

I rather think that the lineup of main writers is now complete. Joining myself, Malcolm Stacey, Amanda Van Dyke, Lucian Miers, Steve Moore, Nigel Somerville, Gary Newman, Chris Bailey, Thierry Laduguie, Evil Banksta and Cynical Bear we now - as of today - have Baby Bear, aka Graham Neary on board.


2904 days ago

Video: Amanda van Dyke Commodity Panel at Gold & Bears 2015

And now another main stage presentation from Gold & Bears with the Van Goddess, Amanda Van Dyke leading a resources panel including Chris Bailey, Willem Middlekoop,Chris Berry and the CEOs of Bacanora Minerals (BCN), Jubilee Platinum (JLP) and Asiamet (ARS). There is also a main stage stoming by myself, Tom Winnifrith, as I put the Dutch chappy in his place.


2965 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 19 October - the Great Unravel for LGO and Tribal Group

Today's podcast finds me in a panic as Oakley and I need to do frantic tidying before the Mrs returns to cover our respective sins. Meanwhile Tara the cat is also misbehaving. On the agenda - the great unravels at LGO Energy (LGO) but more especially Tribal Group (TRB) - the latter getting a thorough analysis. Then it is onto JQW (JQW), Alba Minerals (ALba) and the Horse Hill/Horse Shite prospect and Michelmersh Brick (MBH) which leaves me confused, perhaps Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit is geekish enough to assist?


3091 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 16 June - homage to Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit is on my mind for three reasons and I explain why. One of them is APR Energy which I discuss and Chris will post on later. I also look at two China POS stocks, the fraud Sorbic and Auhua Clean Energy. Then at Thor Mining, Trap Oil and Mosman Oil & Gas. Then it is onto the boiler room stocks: Inspirit, Sabien and Flowgroup. Warning: this podcast contains both bad language and also a lot of racist generalisations about folks from Australia and New Zealand with the exception of Kylie Minogue (pictured) who can, of course, do no wrong.


3101 days ago

Launching a new monthly magazine today - download it now!

In between treavelling back from the Greek Hovel to Bristol there is always tiime to launch a new free monthly magazine - Uk Investor Show. Issue one leads on Greece and I have a centre spread on why it is kebabbed whatever. There are share tips and bear calls from myself and share tips from Steve Moore and Zak Mir. Columns by Chris Bailey and Thierry Laduguie and comment on why UK house prices must fall and on the election. You can download it for free with no registration needed HERE


3128 days ago

Video of Chris Bailey interview at the Bloggers Cafe at UK Investor Show

Also at the bloggers cafe at UK Investor Show 2015 was Chris Bailey, City whizz kid turned editor of Financial Orbit


3142 days ago

UK Investor Show Video: Picking stocks with Ed Croft, Chris Bailey & Thierry Laduguie

Stockpicking - that is what you all wanted to hear about at the UK Investor Show 2015 and as such a packed out presentation with more than 800 folks crammed into a 700 person theatre came from Ed Croft of Stockopedia, Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit and "the miserable froggie" the great Thierry Laduguie.


3190 days ago

April 18, Westminster, The Investor show of the year 80% sold out – book your seats today!

The final gold tickets went last week. There are now fewer than 500 of the 2000 £12 investor class seats left for the show of the year and at current rates they will be gone within weeks so book your seats TODAY for UK Investor Show 2015 and here are 5 reasons why – you can book HERE.

1. The main stage line up is awesome. Starting at 9 AM with Sajid Javid MP it moves on to take in 45 speakers including: Mark Slater, Luke Johnson, Paul Scott, Ed Croft, Evil Knievil, Chris Bailey, Paul Kavanagh, Lucian Miers, Kevin Ashton, Matt Earl, Tom Winnifrith (me), Dave Lenigas, Nigel Wray, Nigel Somerville, Ben Turney, Amanda Van Dyke, Thierry Laduguie, Paul Jourdan, Richard Poulden, Clem Chambers, Charlotte Argylle, Dominic Frisby, Lorne Daniel, etc ending up with Ben Edelman to close the show.

2. More than


3212 days ago

A most Excellent Financial Orbit – the financial world has gone mad edition

That is not the official title of this week’s Financial Orbit but my pal Chris Bailey should have used it. This is a most excellent edition covering the insanities of negative bond yields in Europe, the alarming disparity between earnings revisions and equity re-ratings on the S&P, data on new brokerage account openings in China and much else. To my friend Mr Bailey, I say “this is your best issue yet!”


3435 days ago

Nigel Wray, Chris Bailey, Paul Kavanagh and Ed Croft ( and me) – value investing 2014 on video

Britain’s Buffett, Nigel Wray led the value investing session at UK Investor 2014 and what an educational and sparky session it was as you can see in the video below. Wray was as humble as ever but Britain’s Buffett did not pick up that nickname by chance.