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1010 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the difference between private company and PLC account preparing - profit is a matter of opinion!

I start by noting I have received a begging email from Primary Bid re the Merio offer. Cynical Bear is right - avoid like the plague! Then as I finalise annual accounts for companies house for FIML and ShareProphets (loss in both cases) I explain the different motives of those preparing private company and listed company accounts and some tricks I could have used to show profits. But why would I have done that? Finally...98% of bearcast listeners  have NOT yet sponsored myself and Brokerman Dan for our 30 mile Woodlarks walk. If you enjoy bearcast I am sure you can spare a tenner so donate HERE  - to those who have donated I say thank you.


1555 days ago

Cloudtag Inc –Amit Ben Haim a part time CEO? Just how good is he?

Cloudtag (CTAG) shareholders might expect that Amit Ben Haim, the supposedly superstar CEO, would be wholly focused on building Cloudtag’s business but based on filings at Companies House he has a number of other directorships. Let's look at how a few other businesses led by the great man are doing....


1569 days ago

City of London Markets – analysis of a bucket shop

City of London Markets is the FCA authorised firm that has screwed Milestone (MSG) by not paying over the cash it promised for a recent placing. Poor form. The company has a glossy looking website to impress punters. But behind this veneer lies a tiny and unsuccessful company, as the latest filed accounts at Companies House show.


1606 days ago

Cloudtag - Second Chance Accounts in - show what a lie is the $5.2m distribution deal

The major international distributor based in a shed in Blackpool Second Chance has finally filed its accounts for the year ended 31 January 2016 with Companies House and they show quite evidently that the deal with it announced by AIM listed fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) is sheer fantasy.


1646 days ago

CloudTag & the lies about that $5.2m order - Second Chance Limited accounts say it all

Yesterday I pointed out that the RNS relating to the supposed $5.2 million order that AIM listed fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) had secured from UK distributor had, within months been shown to be a lie - as you can see HERE the guaranteed quarterly order just had not occurred. Now let's move on to whether Second Chance has any chance of fulfilling the "guaranteed" $5.2 million order for calendar 2016. Let's go to Companies House.


1824 days ago

3 Legs Resources - The Mickey Mouse Companies House Filings Part 2.

This is quite simple. Either IOx - the company reversing into 3Legs (3LEG) has filed monstrous lies at Companies House or Jim Mellon's 3 Legs has told monstrous lies to AIM. It is one or the other there is no third way and as such 3Legs needs to re-issue its RTO document to explain who was lying and why? In part 1 of this series I demonstrated unacceptable greed and Companies House filings that DO NOT ADD UP. Now here is the killer.


1829 days ago

Avanti Communications - WTF is it up to now in Bongo Bongo Land? Sell - target price 0p

With a hat tip to a reader who is clearly as much of an anorak as I am, I trek over to Companies House and discover that on 9 February, shortly after its piss poor interims, folks behind Avanti Communications (AVN) established three new Companies. Hang on Henry, what on earth is David Williams, the most bombastic CEO on AIM up to?


1847 days ago

Quindell Financial Services back from the Dead..Praise be to the Lord (Howard)

Quindell Financial Services is alive again! Yes the vehicle ex CEO Rob Fielding used to trouser a £2 million hidden bung is back from the dead. After having been struck off by Companies House on 17 November 2015 it has been restored back on the register of companies on 3 February 2016. Would this have occurred without Shareprophets persistent questioning of Lord Michael Howard on 21 November 2015 (HERE). Perhaps not as you shall see. 


1854 days ago

TMC Southern, Quindell, fraud and the Companies House Mystery

I exposed the massive panama pump fraud at TMC Southern and Quindell (QPP) back in August 2014 and Quindell/Watchstone (WTG) now admits I was 100% right - having first said it would sue me for libel. It would be appreciated if the new management might apologise for that. Now we have some answers as to why TMC has not been struck off despite now being late on THREE sets of accounts. Companies house and I have swapped emails.


1856 days ago

Worthington - Companies House Prosecuting Solicitor Replies - what is she not saying

As you will remember, the failure of Worthington (WRN) to file its accounts for the year to September 30 2014 had brought it to the attention of the Prosecuting Solicitors Department at Companies House. The story continues.


1873 days ago

Worthington Group - tell us about the Prosecuting Solicitor please?

Oh dear, looks like a few more troubles at 't mill for joke company Worthington Group (WRN). Last week I asked why Worthington had not been dissolved for failing to file its accounts for the year to September 30th 2014. It seems as if the wheels are turning at Companies House in Cardiff...


1935 days ago

David Lenigas – can you sort out Companies House Filings for your new (joke) acquisition – they don’t stack up

Yesterday we revealed how the latest acquisition announced by Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) was a joke. Big Dave reckons the company has been trading for 12 years but in fact it has been dormant for 11 years and has zero cash. The canard is exposed HERE. But, happily, for me, it gets even worse.

If we go to Companies House to check the records for InCloud9 we see that the Annual Returns for 31 august 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 show only £2 issued share capital and that the sole director is a chartered accountant James Longley.


1986 days ago

Worthington & Law Financial to face first strike off notice in 5 days - Reader Post of the day

A cracking entry from the comments section - this has to be reader post of the day. It seems that Worthington PLC (WRN) is just five days away from its first notice of being struck off for failing to file documents at Companies House. Also up for strike off is Law Financial which is trying to extract money from Rangers (#RFC) but will clearly fail if this is an indication of how organised it is This cracking post reads:


2238 days ago

Quindell – just what is it so desperate to hide at Ingenie?

It is probably the least of the problems of the insider dealing fraudster Laurence Moorse at Quindell (QPP) but he really does seem to be in a spot of bother with Companies House over non-disclosure at Ingenie. What is Larry so desperate to hide? 

You may remember that on October 10 2014 I wrote to Companies House pointing out that Ingenie should – as part of a PLC – supplied full not abbreviated accounts. On December 12 2014 (HERE) CH confirmed it had written to Larry on this matter.


2272 days ago

Another problem for insider dealing Laurence Moorse at Quindell

I guess the in-tray for Laurence Moorse,  the insider dealing Finance Director at Quindell (QPP), is getting to be a little on the bulging side: folks owed £180 million by the cash strapped company demanding immediate payment; letters from the FCA, letters from AIM regulation, the PWC memos on his dodgy accounting and now to add to his woes …Companies House has confirmed that its on his case.


2324 days ago

Quindell Legal Services – More Red Flags Vicar? Part 1

And so Quindell Legal Services, the biggest part of the Quenron Group (QPP) has filed its accounts. Also of interest is the fact that it filed two annual returns for last year. Would Quindell care to deny that it had a spot of bother with its capital adequacy forms filled in with the FCA? That might explain a few of the red flags but not all.

The first thing to note is that Companies House stamps the accounts for calendar 2013 as received on October 1st. that is a £150 fine for Quenron. It is small beer although it is good that someone is making money from the company. But it is indicative of a badly run enterprise.

I note also that KPMG – which earned £60,000 for compiling this document that contradicts itself – did not actually attach a signature to its sign off.


2342 days ago

18 More Red Flags for Quindell – I stopped counting at noon (there may be more)

Quindell (QPP) has even more subsidiaries than I thought. And now the subsidiaries are starting to have subsidiaries. And more have been started this year. Think of rabbits breeding. You start with just one pregnant female and pretty soon you are swamped. Okay the interbreeding causes a few problems down the line but that is Quenron in a nutshell.

By noon I had counted 18 subsidiaries of Quindell PLC or subsidiaries of subsidiaries which were meant to have filed their annual accounts (for calendar 2013) with Companies House by 30 September 2014 bit had not done so. That will be a small fine for Quenron but at least it stops me poking around for a while. It is particularly the accounts of Ingenie which I expect to be most illuminating.

Bulletin Board Morons


2368 days ago

Quindell now in “discussions” with Companies House over subsidiary accounts – what’s it trying to hide?

So what is Quindell (QPP) trying to hide now? I guess that Rob Terry is getting a bit pissed off that I keep unearthing red flags in the regulatory filings of his 54 subsidiaries ( or is it 57, you kind of lose count). But in trying to reveal as little as possible it seems that the Quinnovation Group is now in a spot of bother with Companies House.