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1752 days ago

This is now very clear: The real Russia scandals of 2016 are Hillary Clinton's - why will the British Media not report this?

The British liberal media are still wiping themselves down having been unable to contain their excitement as crooked Hillary Clinton allowed them to the chance to give fawning interviews as she plugged her Godawful book "What Happened?" As such they seem unable to report the big stories in US politics like Hillary's collusion with the Russians.

Instead we are treated to Jon Snow on Channel 4 and the various BBC libtards telling us that the Republican Party has had enough of Trump as two senior senators line up to attack him. The truth is that Jeff Flake of Arizona an d Bob Corker of Tennessee are the sort of Country club Republicans who backed Romney and McCain enthusiastically but did not really mind that Obama won since they agreed with President Hopey Change on most things.


2090 days ago

Donald Trump has betrayed true conservatives, we deplorables: We want HER locked up

It is bad enough that Donald Trump is considering the treacherous Country Club arse Mitt Romney for a cabinet position, given all he did to betray the GOP at the Election and to get crooked Hillary into the White House. But now Trump has betrayed conservative America and his supporters overseas with his statement that he is not going to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton. This is a sell out pure and simple.


2225 days ago

Lying Leadsom walks, the Establishment loves May and the nation gets crosser

Andrea Leadsom was not my favoured candidate to be PM for a variety of reasons. In short she was a liar and socially illiberal and so I wanted her to lose even though Theresa May is, herself, a ghastly piece of work. I guess she now walks into Downing Street. Leadsom has, this morning, after apologising for making vile remarks that 48 hours ago she was smearing jounalists by claiming she had not made, pulled out of the race, May is crowned not elected.


2348 days ago

British Liberal media creams itself as proven Republican losers bash Trump but no-one else cares

You could sense how the BBC, Channel 4 News, The Guardian and the rest of the British liberal media creamed themselves last week as leading figures from the Republican establishment lined up to slam Donald Trump. For a moment the liberal media forgot that folks like Mitt Romney and John Mccain were evil right wingers, in their book anyway, and lauded them as great statesman.

As one, the only question the media pack lead by Emily Maitlis on Newsnight and the beltway liberal warrior Kylie Morris on C4, asked was "have the big beasts left it too late". That was, of course, the wrong question.

In case the liberal media had forgotten,


2523 days ago

Life on Marbs starring Quindell fraudster Jon Stretton Knowles Episode 9: JSK gets his naked man but what about the 2 slappers?

How I suffer for you dear reader? I have just watched episode nine of  the worst ever reality TV show, Life on Marbs starring Jon Stretton Knowles, the owner of the Quindell Country Club and a key player in the Quenron (QPP) fraud. To be fair to episode nine it was no worse than the previous eight.

I am sure you will enjoy the fashion show but for JSK the highlight was getting to see his naked man. Life is about tough choices and as he sips a strawberry daiquiri (“because it’s good for you” – JSK) Tango has to choose which of the two slappers he is eyeing up he is going to pursue. The whole thing is just too dreadful for words.


2845 days ago

Who has been dumping Quenron shares? The insider deals Quindell does not boast about

The Bulletin Board Morons insist that the calamitous share price decline at Quindell (QPP) is down to wicked shorters, me, the CIA etc. and point to the purchases of stock by the board. But folks you have been conned, let me reveal who has been selling aggressively (to you, you fools) and driving the share price down, it is the Country Club insiders.


2924 days ago

Quindell back to 2011 again and an easy question for Mr 2+2 can = 5

Sorry to be a pedant but I have to ask – who was Quindell’s (QPP) largest trading partner in its IPO year of 2011? Quindell has never made this clear and its use of language on the Gotham denial puzzles me. Perhaps Mr 2+2, Rob Terry, can assist? And while he is about it can he expain why he is so keen on handing over millions of quid belonging to shareholders to buy shelf companies worth £68.40 from his old pal Mark Ford ( spelt with an R) - see HERE.

That 41% of sales came from one customer is not disputed and this massive ramp up in reported sales helped turn the Country Club into what it is today. Gotham City alleged that this customer was a related party SMI Telecom. Quindell’s response was:


2924 days ago

Red Flag of the day: Quindell And that Mark Ford fellow again – BE Insulation (UK) Ltd

I gather that my first Mark Ford article HERE has had some effect round at the Country Club. Skillwise, the shelf company with no assets bought by Quindell from (I think Mark Ford) for £2.76 million in cash on August 30th 2013 has finally appointed some directors (Rob Terry and Laurence Moose). And it has extended its year end. So I guess some revenues will be put through it and it will not be struck off. But while we are on the subject of Mark Ford, let’s move onto BE Insulation (UK) Ltd.


2927 days ago

The ethics of Rob Terry at Quindell – let’s go back to 2011 and also to his old pal Mark Ford

If you are a bull of Quindell (QPP) then that must largely be because you trust its founder, Mr 2+2 can = 5 Rob Terry. After all almost 40% of the revenue Quindell books this year will be accrued (i.e. not even invoiced but just based on what Rob Terry thinks will come in). He has bought businesses for massive prices from old friends based on what they might do (Himex and of course Brand Extension as exposed HERE yesterday).  So you trust Rob Terry.

Ok, The Innovation Group crashed as did his prior venture but you reckon he has learned his lessons and THIS time he is playing it differently. I happen to disagree. Right from the launch of Quindell onto AIM in 2011 via an RTO the then Country Club business engaged in business practices which were simply not sustainable and which – to any impartial observer – scream out Red Flag ahoy!


3021 days ago

Quindell: I can smell the desperation Mr Terry: The Diminishing Power of non news

In happier BG (Before Gotham) days for Quindell (QPP) the release of an RNS announcement saying that a non exec had scored a 3 under par round at the local Country Club would have seen the shares zooming ahead. But, as I have noted before in relation to Globo, once the faithful start to ask questions non-news ceases to have any effect.  Indeed it can be counter productive as punters start to smell the desparation. Which brings me to today’s RNS. 

Don’t ask me how but I knew that Rob Terry, a loyal reader of Shareprophets, was in Canada. Rob, I am watching you. Our spies are everywhere. And from the Dominions Rob announced