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Cyril Smith

2487 days ago

Should I vote Labour to tackle the Seagull Menace – the hot issue in Bristol East

I am rather cross with my capitalist cat Tara. Whereas my morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley treated the UKIP pamphlets thrust through our door with suitable respect by defecating on Nigel Farage’s face, Tara failed to respond in a suitable manner when the Labour party pushed three flyers through the letterbox. Bad Tara. 

Thus the Mrs, a lifelong deluded lefty, thrust them into my hand smirking at the failure of Tara to follow orders and I dutifully had a butchers. There was one from a dreadful harridan who leads Labour on the City Council and thinks our pompous arse of a red-trousered mayor George Ferguson is awful. He is but her rantings made me feel almost sorry for the Mayor. The level of petty squabbling just made me want to see the whole lot of them at City hall strung up with eco-friendly piano wire.

Then there was a glossy pamphlet from our Labour MP Kerry McCarthy. Oddly I could find no picture of her party leader Mr Miliband on the flyer and cannot imagine why that is. She had a long go at the Tories for failing to tackle the deficit. You what? Suddenly the party that always runs out of other people’s money when in power is the party of Austrian economics?  Pull the other one Kerry luv.  Kerry also boasts that she has mentioned Bristol 200 times in Parliament in the past five years. Wow… my taxes are well spent on you aren’t they?

Finally there was a pamphlet from my local council candidate who was wearing a trainspotter’s uniform and looked about 150. By this point I was losing the will to live but comrade Mike Langley grabbed my attention by flagging up the real issue in this election: the seagull menace here in Bristlington.  And


2562 days ago

Will 2015 be the year when the paedophile MPs and politicians are finally exposed?

Elm House. Dolphin Square. The revelations keep on coming. The Sunday Mirror has another compellig and persuasive front page splash today about how a Tory minister appears to have killed a young girl in one paedophile party at Dolphin Square. The police are meant to be investigating this thoroughly. But….

it is clear that when all this was going on the Police and Security services were directly implicated in the cover up. Today’s report suggests that an officer was stationed outside the door where the MP killed the girl. So do I have faith in the establishment to allow “its own” to face justice? I am not so sure.

Trawl the internet and you can be in little doubt as to some of the names who are allegedly involved.  The two most prominent ex MPs both now Lords (one Labour one Tory) have been the subject of Fleet Street speculation bordering on certainty for years. Shall we call them


2751 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: Leon Brittan Edition

Everyone on Fleet Street or anyone who can use google knows the answes so why won’t David Cameron allow a full public enquiry to ask the questions relating to paedophile activity and cover-ups at Westminster in the 1970s and 1980s?

In that vein I ask you to post suitable captions for the picture of former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the comment section below. Deadline Friday close of play.

For what it is worth my entry is: “It’s just Jimmy Saville’s address book, Cyril Smith’s police record and a few sketches of young girls by Rolf Harris…can you file these documents for me in the usual place please?”


2920 days ago

Jimmy Saville, Arthur C Clarke, Cyril Smith & Leon Brittan: Odd One Out Competition Results

Last week instead of a caption contest I asked you to name the odd one out and say why from the four gentlemen pictured below. It was so simple yet no correct winner emerged. The four men pictured below are of course: Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith MP, Sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke and former Tory Minister and European Commissioner Leon Brittan.




The correct answer is of course


3350 days ago

Sir Cyril Smith MP - Shocking allegation

Yesterday the most shocking allegation was made in the house of commons about the late MP for Rochdale Sir Cyril Smith. Using Parliamentary privilege the obese Northerner was accused of being a lifelong, and serial Liberal Democrat.

Smith’s family have reacted with anger, claiming this is a viicious smear. One said, this is just untrue: Cyril was just an ordinary paedophile. To suggest anything otherwise is simply malicious.


3351 days ago

One Law for Them and One Law for Us – MP Sleaze: Today’s round up

In today’s sleaze round up rwo former MPs are unmasked but because they were MPs evading all punishment. It is one rule for them and one for us. First up is Westminster nonce of the day. Okay he is dead so there is no hope of prosecuting him but it appears that the late Sir Cyril Smith, the morbidly obese former Liberal MP for Rochdale was a serial abuser of teenage boys. He was named as a paedophile in Parliament today and the evidence is now flooding out.