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6 days ago

Surely everyone can see that Russia has a legitimate point over #fakenews at the ghastly Daily Telegraph?

Yesterday I made the mistake of pointing out that when Ukraine’s President and his fellow leaders of the second most corrupt country in Europe (after Russia) said that a Russian missile had hit Poland, killing two Poles, and that NATO must collectively respond, this was a lie. Not just any old lie but a lie that could have lead to World War Three so a rather dangerous one. Naturally, on twitter and elsewhere, folks responded by saying that I must be a Putin apologist, supporting Russia’s invasion and it shooting down an airliner in 2014.  Of course, I am not an apologist and I do not support either, wholly unwarranted, military action. But that sort of smear is what happens when you write facts exposing folks who are lying in 2022. It is what always happens when you are not part of the GroupThink. The wretched Daily Telegraph, one upon a time a half decent newspaper, is now part of the GroupThink…


335 days ago

Who are more depressing: the covid scientists or the journalists?

Former chairman of the Vaccine Task Force, Clive Dix, has given an interview to the ever more appalling Daily Telegraph. I am not sure which I find more depressing, the lack of thought in Dix’s claims or the failure of the deadwood press to pick him up on this? Let me explain…


538 days ago

Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon “owns” The Daily Telegraph for fake news on immigration

Once again, Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is our hero of the day for exposing the Daily Telegraph for a complete fake news classic on the subject of immigration and staff shortages in pubs. And the folks in the deadwood press wonder why nobody trusts them anymore and why sales continue to plunge? This is a corker. Enjoy a classic release from heroic Tim!


677 days ago

The Daily Telegraph wonders why its sales continue to tank...

My late uncle, Christopher Booker, had a column in the Sunday Telegraph. But well before his death he cancelled his subscription to the Daily Torygraph as it had become such a low grade rag, incapable of addressing any serious issue or showing a shred of gravitas. And thus I bring you the big breaking news in today’s edition…


803 days ago

Heroic Tim Martin lashes out at quack academics, the Daily Mail & the Government on Covid as Daily Telegraph hackette Helena Horton goes mad

Once again the heroic boss of JD Wetherspoon has dared to speak out against the GroupThink gripping academia, the media and the political classes on the subject of Covid. As an example of this madness, rather silly Daily Telegraph reporter Helena Horton was today lecturing the actor Laurence Fox, on twitter, about his idea of meeting six folks for a drink tonight.


843 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Piss Poor Daily Telegraph predicts a roaring twenties...this is why it's totally wrong

I start with how Boris is wrecking the UK economy. I truly despair. Then I discuss the daft comparison with the years that followed Spanish flu. I then move onto the growing banking crisis. Finally, I discuss the idea that industries will change 100% to avoid human contact. I explain why this is not the case with reference to an industry I know well, investor shows. The maths does not stack up and most humans, though not me natch, are social creatures. There is a lot of hot money betting on the world changing completely. It will not.


2136 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Leather clad Rita from Magnolia prepares to whip the naked buttocks of her shareholders again, they love it!

According to the Daily Telegraph, it is a fact that folks who use bad language are more honest than those who speak like Angels. You know where I am fucking well coming from. In this podcast I look at Fitbug (FITB), Servision (SEV), Corero (CNS), Greatland Gold (GGP), me breaking a New Year financial resolution already and also Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP) 


2218 days ago

Now it is the Daily Telegraph lifting our (old) stories without attribution: fraudster Rob Terry's vineyard

A couple of days ago I noted how the lamentable London Evening Standard had lifted a cynical bear story from five days previously without attribution and claimed it as its own breaking news. But the Standard is not the only lazy worthless paper on Fleet Street. We now have an even more blatant pinch and this time it is the Daily Telegraph in the dock. No wonder sales of MSM publications are plunging if they run stories that were reported elsewhere on September 27 as their own breaking news on 29 October? This is the tale of Quindell fraudster Rob Terry and his new vineyard funded by the Quob park ponzi.


2328 days ago

The Financial Media is part of the problem of AIM Corruption (again) - IGAS and The Telegraph

Having exposed the appalling goings on at the Daily Telegraph with regards to going bust Avanti Communications (AVN) last week, now it is the turn of the sister paper the Sunday Telegraph which on its from page today has a quite shocking piece on IGAS. This might as well have been dictated by the PR flunky it is so jaw droppingly bad.


2328 days ago

Fleet Street is part of the problem of AIM Corruption not the solution - The Telegraph & Avanti

Shares in Avanti Communications (AVN), once the darling of AIM, collapsed by 60% yesterday amid all sorts of horrors emerging. It is a big story and most papers are covering it, at least with a mention. But in the Daily Telegraph there is nothing ....except


2336 days ago

The Guardian on racists, Brexit supporters and stupid people

As I am with my father in Shipston the paper delivered each day is the Guardian and my father is delighting in reading out various excerpts just to annoy me. Since he is a closet reactionary they also make him despair but he has been well trained by my step mother, who actually agrees with much of this nonsense, to hide that despair. That is until he gets to the White Bear where he can read the Daily Telegraph and smile in open agreement.

On page 33 of the Guardian there is a section where a history teacher who blogs as "disappointed idealist" offers hints on what to tell your kids in school if they ask awkward questions. Today the teacher answers the question that all the kids are apparently asking about Brexit, "are all leave voters racist?" The answer:


2430 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard - make greedy doctors and lawyers share the financial pain of journalists

An article in today's Daily Telegraph looks back to the days ( 35 years ago) when journalists earned more than Doctors and lawyers. That has all changed big time. I explain why and why the greed of the doctors and lawyers has prevailed and how that hurts the rest of us so badly. It can be changed if doctors and lawyers are made to face the same market forces we poor journalists have had to face.


2456 days ago

The Guardian: Lies, rugby, Eton toffs and Homosexuals

The Guardian's Stuart Jeffries pens a lengthy piece on rugby and tackling in schools which says nothing in particular in a fairly tedious way. But in the way it treats No 8 and Eton College it says far more about this awful publication than about the art of the scrummage.

Mr Jeffries, a grammar school boy, seems convinced that many rugger players are toffs and thus manages to get in several paragraphs about Eton. The only minor issue with this approach is that because of the Wall Game and rowing, rugger is a relatively minor sport at Eton. To lambast rugger as a game which most public schools in England play would be accurate if rather pointless but to single out the one major public school where rugger does not dominate the winter term, is just the Guardian way. Never let facts get in the way of a spot of Eton bashing with a dose of Call Me Dave abuse thrown in for good measure.

For the record I am no particular fan of Eton or of Call Me Dave but facts do matter.

And that brings me to the author's insistence that at his grim North Midlands grammar school, as a Number 8, he was forced to bind onto the two second rows by sticking his hand between their legs, rubbing past their testicles and grabbing their shirt. At length he describes the homo-erotic nature of this encounter.

My father 


2519 days ago

You have been warned..ignore the mainstream press & Malcolm Stacey, I am not the only mega-bear

I see the Daily Telegraph is today still pushing the "we are in a bull market don't miss out" line so favoured by Malcolm Stacey. It is not a view I share. This article by Jim Quinn appeared on Zero Hedge yesterday and is superb. Just brilliant. Read it and be warned...


2631 days ago

My Top 10 shares to buy on AIM (to dodge IHT) – Tom Winnifrith

It is all very well to ridicule the Daily Telegraph’s top ten AIM shares to buy to dodge IHT as I did yesterday HERE but could you do any better asks a reader. Possibly not, I don’t really like the AIM Casino but I am always up for a challenge so here goes.

The list below is my basket of ten – I hot link each one to our coverage here on ShareProphets which is in some cases fuller than other. Three are in there since we own them and thus it would be odd for me not to include them ( that is 1-3). The others are there with capital preservation (this is IHT dodging we are talking about) in mind although I hope for dividends and growth from the lot.


2632 days ago

Daily Telegraph’s top 10 Aim stocks to buy – its ‘avin’ a bubble!

The Daily Telegraph has a cunning wheeze for its readers to avoid Inheritance Tax – buy AIM stocks. In fact this is a double wheeze. Not only are these IHT free assets but the Torygraph has selected a top 10 which seems guaranteed to smash the value of your estate. It is ‘avin’ a bubble with its top 10 dogs, oops I meant AIM Casino shares to buy. 


2737 days ago

Sefton - The Smears start again for those who dare to question

You may well remember the dirty tricks camoaign that Sefton Resources (SER) under Jimmyliar Ellerton waged against myself and Dan Levi when we exposed his lies and fraud. One smear was to plant a suggestion/lie with a "friendly journalist" - or scab as I would call her - in the Daily Telegraph suggesting that Dan was short of the stock. Now it seems as if New Sefton is waging the same campaign against me.

The old dirty tricks are revealed in full in Sefton the True Story video from UK Investor HERE

That Sefton shares are overvalued is clear to one and all as I pointed out yesterday in BearCast HERE

But Sefton does not like it and its minions are smearing. There is a blogger known as California Joe who states on his blog:


3038 days ago

Today's Alex cartoon From Daily Telegraph on IPOs - Superb

Since the Daily Telegraph lifts our articles without attribution (well that silly cow Harriet Denys anyway) we feel no qualms about this trivial lifting on the subject of IPOs. The Alex cartoon is 100% bang on the money.


3439 days ago

In defence of Sefton Resources

The wine flowed freely at the AIM Cesspit 2013 awards dinner. My hangover was reported in the Daily Telegraph by some dim bird who could not spell Knievil (as in Evil) correctly and who appears to manage about two factual errors a paragraph. But she was right about the hangover.

The next morning I felt rather sorry for myself as I struggled to work. I also felt rather sorry for Sefton Resources (SER) as it picked up three of the five awards. Since the shortlists were decided by the votes of hundreds of private investors as were the actual awards I suppose one cannot argue with Sefton picking up trophies for: AIM Cesspit Entrepreneur of the Year (value destroyer) – Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources and AIM Cesspit CEO Pig of the year (pay out of line with performance) – Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources.


3499 days ago

Video: Christopher Booker: The Margaret Thatcher I knew: nearly always right in the end

Christopher Booker founded Private Eye, was campaigning journalist of the year several times in the 1970s and as a columnist on the Sunday Telegraph and ( sometimes) on the Daily Mail he is a scourge of global warming nutters, the EU and all things that right thinking folks despise. He is also my uncle and godfather. And he knew the late Margaret Thatcher well. His speech at UK Investor Show on April 13 reflects on that and on Maggie’s U-Turns on Europe and on global warming as well as setting the record straight on her attitude to apartheid. It is a stormer.


3554 days ago

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph again: Ooooooh Noooooh

Long term readers will know that my relationship with the Daily Torygraph City Diary has not always been of the friendliest variety. First there was gorgeous pouting hackette Anna White but when she left her shoes were filled by Fleet Street kitten Harriet Denys. Neither has been exactly kind to me and so when I learned that this column was to write a piece on my little spat with Sefton Resources ( the company that says its output is going up when it was in fact falling and now sues me for libel for suggest that this might be misleading) I naturally feared the worst.

Oddly Ms Denys did not actually call me for my side of the story. Last time she covered Sefton she claimed that Brokerman Dan was only being brutal because he was short of the stock, citing sources, i.e Sefton’s loathsome PR machine, for this utterly defamatory and unfounded allegation of market abuse. And so I thought I better call pouting Harriet to put my side of the story.

I pointed out that Sefton had said output was rising when it was falling as it prepared to raise money by issuing shares. I asked her if she thought this was misleading? She admitted that she did. Clearly I must call her as an expert witness in the forthcoming libel trial.

Do I expect a fair report in the paper tomorrow? Er…no. I am sure that Sefton’s PR machine is far more charming than I am. And for the Telegraph City Diary to be even balanced towards me would break the habit of a lifetime.


3656 days ago

Ortac – Gold Site Visit in Slovak Republic: Value Play?

Ortac Resources (OTC), the AIM listed developer of a gold mine in the Slovak Republic is today hosting an analysts jolly and has announced as much via RNS. Is it worth the trip? Is there value there?

The company’s shares have like most gold juniors not exactly prospered over the past year. Back in September I reported that speculation in the Daily Telegraph about a bid approach was just wide of the mark but I hinted that there might be value at 0.58p.


3700 days ago

Scrumptious pouting hackette Harriet Denys of the Telegraph – Dinner Invitation (Please say yes)

It seems that scrumptious pouting hackette Anna White of the Telegraph City Diary is absent on maternity leave until August 2013. How she will be missed. But her successor, Ms Harriet Denys seems to follow in Anna’s ways and also cannot stop herself from writing about me. She seems to have picked up on yesterday’s More Jam Vicar piece and today posts:


3722 days ago

I warm to Nigel Farage after pathetic attack in Telegraph

As official attack poodle for David Cameron, the Daily Telegraph has today had a go at UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage.

Any mockery of UKIP has to be balanced by due respect. The low handicappers are now the only game in town when it comes to anti-establishment Right-wing politics. They hold 12 MEPs in the European Parliament and took 3.1 percent in the 2010 general election. If we had proportional representation, UKIP would probably own a batch of MPs and be a querulous part of the coalition. Smoking would be permitted in the House of Commons and the national anthem would be played in cinemas. Augusto Pinochet would feature on the £5 note.

So Farage believes that his movement stands a genuine chance of subverting the morally compromised Lib Dems and emerging as the new third party. But he’s mistaken if he believes that swapping the pound symbol for a Bentley or a bull dog will do the trick. UKIP still needs to confront that golf club stereotype.

Well I guess that changing that stereotype is going to be simple when the Daily Telegraph presents such a mature and balanced analysis of its main policies isn’t it?


3727 days ago

Olympic Spirit of 2012 can reverse Britain’s National Decline: Utter Rubbish

The headline screams out from columnist Alison Pearson in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph. Does anyone actually believe this rubbish? Or have we been so brainwashed that Big Brothers will be hauling me off to Room 101 for pointing it out. Well I shall risk it anyway. La Pearson states:

Patriotism not being a source of toe-curling embarrassment may be one of London 2012’s enduring legacies. Britons waved their flag, and found that they liked it. The need to be cool was displaced by the wish to be warm. Figures out yesterday show that crime was down in London by 6 per cent. Only nine people were arrested at Olympics venues. Attendance at the Proms themselves hit a record 93 per cent.

Of course, helpful smiles may blow away with the first churlish gale of autumn, but what will remain is the knowledge of what can be achieved when the genius of our people is harnessed.

Let’s start with waving the National Flag. Most ordinary (I do not use that word in a disparaging sense as you will see below) folk in Britain have never had a problem waving the flag. They have been British and proud of it.


3733 days ago

Ortac Resources - No obvious insider dealing so bid spec in Telegraph wrong

The Daily Telegraph reports that shares in AIM listed gold exploration company Ortac Resources (OTC) rose yesterday on the back of bid speculation. Yeah right. A story pumped to a daft journalist by someone looking to make a turn or just a way to fill up a line. If there was real bid speculation or activity the stock would have risen by a heck of a lot than 0.03p. Oooh are you saying that there is insider dealing in London? Er yes.


3783 days ago

UK Government Spending “cuts” – Call Me Dave tells outright lies yet Again

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph, our beloved leader, the Right Honourable David Cameron MP, says that he is prepared to extend public spending cuts until 2020 in order to “deal with our deficits” because he is a responsible politician. No Dave you are a complete bare faced liar. To quote:

Asked whether the austerity programme would now last a decade until 2020, the Prime Minister replies: “I think it’s going to be…this is a period for all countries, not just in Europe but I think you will see it in America too, where we have to deal with our deficits and we have to have sustainable debts. I can’t see any time soon when…the pressure will be off.

“I don’t see a time when difficult spending choices are going to go away.”

Er… yes. I now attach a table from the website


3785 days ago

Naughty Naughty Anna White at The Telegraph

The delightful Miss White is the editor of the City Diary at the Daily Telegraph and has promised to join me for a cosy meal at Real Man Pizza Company on my return to England. I am looking forward to meeting her greatly as she seems a pleasant enough bird and I am not the sort to harbour a grudge over the spate of not very flattering or accurate things she has written about me during the past year. I have yet to hear from my pal Lucy Sharp, the PR girl from Playboy about how to network but maybe taking hot Fleet Street hackettes out for chocolate pizza counts? I am a novice in this field and do feel the need for personal guidance from Lucy, whenever she is ready.

But I do think that Ms White needs her bottom spanking over one issue. I see that in her column today here she has lifted my story about G4S hiring a new PR girl. How do I know she got it from me? Well we discussed it on email and she is a loyal follower of me on twitter (sign up to @tomwinnifrith – in case you, like Anna, want to read all about it before Fleet Street picks up on it two days later). I gather that the “form” here is to offer attribution or a “hat tip” as a professional courtesy. But no such hat tip is offered. Naughty, naughty Anna White. I look forward to our tete a tete in September.


3811 days ago

Aquarius Platinum – to mothball 1 mine is understandable but 2?

An amazing statement from Aquarius Platinum (AQP) this morning. Having mothballed its Marikana mine 10 days ago, it is now mothballing Everest. It says that it will keep one mine (Kroondal) and its small tailings operations open to maximise near term cashflow. What it says about the Platinum market is gob-smacking.