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Dianne Abbott

234 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021: fighting climate change

It joins a long list including: bras, knickers, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour, drinking coffee and, as of yesterday, paying tribute to the late Captain Tom Moore.


266 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: it's all about management - Richard Gollum Gill, me, the late Stephen Dean, Nigel Wray, Oisin Fanning and Neill Ricketts

Have I judged Oisin Fanning of San Leon (SLE) by a different standard to, say, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS)? Sure. Would I not judge, for instance, Cheryl Cole by a different standard in the looks department than, say, Diane Abbott? Yes I would. And I bet Cheryl is also better at singing, counting and more or less everything else than Ms Abbott too. Management is key to it all in the world of investing as I discuss today. 


1599 days ago

Video: Diane Abbott MP does Countdown

This needs no comment. Even PC high priest Darren Atwater admitted it was funny. Watch the video below.