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Dick Emery

466 days ago

I am becoming addicted to watching Katie from Proactive: comedy gold as she interviews Neill Ricketts

This is like admitting that I have a secret habit of watching old episodes of the Dick Emery show. I might accept that what I watch is utter rubbish, that I learn nothing from it at all and that I really should not admit it in polite society but what the hell, I am becoming addicted to Proactive’s new interviewer Katie Pilbeam whose “good news as the shares crashed” special with ScotGold (SGZ))I flagged up yesterday. Katie, Ooh, you are awful … but I like you!. Now she has recorded a 5 minute special with loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) as you can see below.


2397 days ago

Midsomer Murders New Series - Political Correctness gone mad?

My father and I are both great fans of Midsomer Murders. Okay the plots are ludicrous but both Inspector Barnaby's have been interesting characters and the new Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) has a terribly funny dog. Ok I know it is fairly sad to admit this and so perhaps I should out Adam Reynolds as being another closet Midsomer fan just for the sake of solidarity.

My Mrs and my step mother regard Midsomer as terrible. I am not sure what Mrs Reynolds thinks but the Mrs/Step mum point out that the plots are ludicrous and all too predictable and frankly not very interesting. I suppose they do have a point but there is a comfort in the familiarity of it all.

The Mrs/step mum have also criticised Midsomer