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Douglas Winnifrith

214 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: A 1st hand account of Christmas Day 1914 on the Western Front from the Rev Douglas Winnifrith

One of three brothers who all became vicars ( until one was defrocked and sent to prison) , Douglas Winnifrith was my great great uncle and in this podcast I bring you his account – written up in a 1915 book – of Christmas Day 1914 on the Western Front.


838 days ago

Winnifrith family 1913 photo odd one out contest: hint prison & Church scandal

The photo below is from the 1913 wedding anniversary of my great great grandfather, the Reverend Alfred Winnifrith. I have the press cuttings which his wife kept of his work as a parish priest. He was a good man, a high Anglican and staunch Tory who was rewarded by the Belgians after the First war for his heroic efforts in assisting refugees with the Medaille du Roi Albert avec Rayure.