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EU flag

233 days ago

Pity Sophia Collins, ashamed of her country and suffering severe #BrexitDerangementSyndrome, she is ill, pray for her

A common symptom of severe #BrexitDerangementSyndcrome is starting to hate symbols of the UK, decrying them as Alt Right and loathsome. Greeks can wave the Greek flag, Frogs can wave the Tricolor and folks in Islington can wave the EU flag  which I like burning on special occasions  as they are all good Europeans. But waving, or displaying, the Union Flag is a sign of supporting UKIP or being an extremist. Or both as anyone who is not to the left of Keir Starmer is automatically an extremist. Meet Sophia Collins.


264 days ago

Photo Article: Burning the EU flag on a bonfire at the Welsh Hovel as we cheer Brexit freedom day

We are good Europeans, the Mrs and I. We live in Greece as much as we can and love the place. The Mrs is a fluent Swedish speaker and she would, I suspect, live there again. We speak to each other in French when we do not want Joshua to understand and we happily toasted our freedom at 11 PM on December 31 with Metaxa, greek brandy. We love Europe, we detest the EU. The toast was to three great Eurosceptics not there to witness this great day: Ronald Bell, father of my friend  despite the day’s earlier humiliation  Andrew*, my uncle Christopher Booker and my Grandfather Sir John Winnifrith.


1931 days ago

UK protesters try to burn the EU flag, but can't because of EU regulation on flammable materials

The video below says it all. A little Friday humour as we enter the last two weeks of the Brexit campaign.