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East Germany

314 days ago

Photo Article - obeying the diktat of the eco-committee, Joshua's school goes full East Germany

You may remember that last term the white kids on Joshua’s school council decided that everyone had to red one Friday to defeat racism. So mixed race Joshua and his best friend R (who is half Polish) had to have chats with their parents about why some folks might not like them. It was a bit of a hard conversation given that the boys are just 5. This Sunday the Mrs got a message: The school eco-committee has decided that you must provide your child with a healthy snack this week, until Friday, when they can have a treat.


777 days ago

Basketball England and its menacing take a knee “opportunity” for 13 year olds

With a wife who is a person of colour and a mixed race son I do not need to be told that Black Lives Matter. Of course they do and anyone who disagrees is a bloody numbskull.  But does that necessarily mean that one must support the “Black Lives Matter movement”?


2296 days ago

More Rio2016 cobblers: Olympic medals lead to more participation - the cycling myth

As elite sport demands that it retains its £450 million four year Olympic budget or even increases it, supporters base their case on two pillars. One is ridiculous and the other is based on bogus data.


2297 days ago

Labour scoundrel Tessa Jowell blames Brexit for future Olympic failure - what a silly woman

Tessa Jowell was the woman who publicly ditched her husband David Mills as he became embroiled in a Silvio Berlusconi corruption scandal. Mills was exiled to my father's village of Shipston where the socialist millionaires kept a country farm as a compliment to their North London mansion. Jowell got to stay with the urban sophisticates. Out here in the boonies folks did not buy the seperation story as la Jowell kept on making appearances up here and, lo and behold, after Tessa's political career came to an end there was a miraculous reconciliation with Mills. The political elite actuallythink that we are so stupid that we buy this sort of horseshit don't they? Now Tessa makes the most bonkers of claims regarding TeamGB and its Olympics success.