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Eddie Izzard

101 days ago

Poster: The progressive left fighting for Palestine and segregation

In the bad old days, only alt-right freaks or members of the Democrat party in Dixie believed in segregation but as the poster below shows, the progressive forces of the left seem to have embraced the idea. We evil folks on the right who reckon everyone on this earth should be treated in the same way and allowed to mix with whom they want must, by definition, be fascists for opposing segregation.


226 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021: fighting climate change

It joins a long list including: bras, knickers, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour, drinking coffee and, as of yesterday, paying tribute to the late Captain Tom Moore.


246 days ago

Women's Running - stop taking bollocks, Eddie Izzard is a man because he has er....bollocks

Women’s Running UK is a magazine about running. It’s for women and is sold in the UK. Today it talks about how comedian Eddie Izzard takes on “her” latest incredible challenge. Izzard was once, and I follow his own words, a transvestite, then a “lesbian trapped in a man’s body” and is now genderfluid. Whatever. Izzard has a penis and he is a man whatever he is wearing or whoever he is shagging.


1947 days ago

Keira Knightley, Eddie Izzard and Derek Jacobi 4 times I dont give a fuck what you think on Brexit

A list of 250 celebrities have signed a letter telling us that we should vote to stay in Europe. The actor Derek Jacobi thinks I care so much what he thinks that his name appars four times. So lots of rich folks whose lives are not impacted at all by immigration, NHS waiting lists, paying the mortgage and other matters which you & I must deal with on a daily basis, are telling us we should listen to them just because they are fecking celebs. 

What on earth