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Edith Maude Winnifrith

74 days ago

Does anyone know this woman or more importantly where this picture is and are there more?

I believe that Edith Wingfield Digby (1848-1935) of Coleshill, Sherborne Castle and Bournemouth gave birth to an illegitimate daughter in around 1875 who was my great grandmother Edith Maude Winnifrith, for reasons I partly explain HERE. I may be wrong, only a DNA test can resolve a mystery that has now haunted three generations once and for all. If you search google for pictures of Edith Wingfield Digby you will find an image of a stout old lady, the patron of several homes she founded in Dorset to care for fallen women. She had an interest in the subject. But there is just one I discovered of Edith as a younger lady which you can see below. The man who uploaded it is not responding to messages so I wonder does anyone out there know more about the picture below and if there are any others of this woman as a young lady or where the original can be found?