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Edward Colston

13 days ago

Defacing statues - the BBC cannot have it both ways

The BBC, the Police and others equivocated on the clearing of the four criminals who pulled down the statue of slave trader turned philanthropist Edward Colston and threw it into the waters of Bristol harbour. “On the one hand but on the other hand” argued the state funded broadcaster and others on the left.  Most of us simply said that the law had been broken and it was not up to individuals to decide what could be defaced or destroyed on the grounds that it offended them.


583 days ago

#DefundtheBBC - example No 667 of why its morally bankrupt values are not those of the rest of us: a criminal is not a protestor

My values are not those of the BBC. Every day, I am served a reminder of that and the anger of the 99% of us living outside the metropolitan liberal elite thought bubble is clearly mounting. We the people feel increasingly angry. Take the headline below, commenting on the news that the useless Bristol Police force has finally released pictures of 14 people who engaged in criminal damage in pulling down the statue of Edward Colston and chucking it into the harbour.