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Femi Oluwole

85 days ago

Things that are so racist in 2021 that they kill black people - Covid vaccine packaging

Add it to the list of things we must shun like knickers, bras, sand, covid itself, drinking coffee, women’s hockey, dating people of colour, not dating people of colour, the film Grease, etc, etc etc. The source of this latest shocking expose is the career Euro loon Femi Oluwole. Apparently Boris Johnson has blood on his hands for insisting that covid vaccine packaging is so racist that BAME folks will refuse to take it. You could not make this stuff up.


165 days ago

So there were no blacks or gays fighting in two world wars then?

EU-loving loon Femi Oluwole may have lost the Brexit battle but he is still fighting the woke wars and today his attack is on poppy wearing which, as you can see below, he terms a “war-related campaign”.