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7 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Getting increasingly angry with Andrew Monkey and the Invinity we don't need to raise lie

I start with why I am a bit sluggish and regrets from Saturday. Then to whatever Fox Marble is called these days, Microsaic (MSYS) -another ouzo moment, Victoria (VCP) which should be suspended and Invinity (IES) and the Monkey business


144 days ago

AIM Market June 2023 statistics – the decline continues: on track for worst IPO year in its history

The AIM Market statistics for June 2023 have arrived. And the self described “world’s most successful growth market” has had another shocker.

2023 continues to be a poor for the AIM market and within that June was a particularly bad month with a net 8 leavers with Fox Marble appearing as both a joiner and a leaver due to a reverse takeover. For the first half of 2023 the AIM market has lot a net 24 companies dropping down to 792 companies – a 20 year low.


200 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I was wrong, PL is right, should you fill your boots with Fox on Tuesday

To be fair, I was urging folks to buy shares in Fox Marble (FOX) last week but it seems I was a bit wrong about the maths and our in-house BB savant PL was right. Does that make Fox a raging FYB buy on Tuesday? I then look at ScotGold (SGZ) and yet another scandal and finally at Flip Flop’s Kavango Resources (KAV) as per my earlier piece HERE. Tomorrow I really am on a training walk so please, as I aim to do 15 miles, consider a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE


209 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the ouzo is on Fox Marble and Malcolm is mad

I start with Malcom Stacey’s latest bout of insanity HERE. Then it is onto woke nonsense and boardroom quotas at Colin Bird’s African Pioneer (AFP), the great news from Fox Marble (FOX) and my thoughts, such as they are on Deutsche Bank buying Numis (NUM) for £410 million. Finally, tomorrow sees me back on a training walk for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. To the 95% of you yet to donate, how about you hand over a tenner ( or more) HERE


377 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Kefi and more emails, 11 brave men & they were all Iranian & the G issue at Genedrive

I start with 11 weedy virtue signallers and 11 incredibly brave men at the World Cup. Then it is on to Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI), Fox Marble (FOX), Dev Clever (DEV) and Asimilar (ASLR) and inally a long look at Genedrive (GDR), a case study on crony capitalism and destruction of shareholder value.


475 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Jupiter tells Revolution to stick it up Uranus

In three days time I start the drive back to Wrexham and I explain why Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble (FOX) sees nothing wrong happening there but much to the disappointment of many on the LSE Asylum I shall be taking an alternative route home. I flag up now that my output may be limited next Tuesday and Wednesday. I then cover Deepverge (DVRG), Revolution Beauty (REVB) and also in some detail Argo Blockchain (ARB). Then say a few words on Sharestock to which I hope you can book a ticket HERE.


597 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: So tired as I reach the Greek Hovel c/o Easyjet - a few thoughts on Bluebird, Fox and Vast

I am just so tired and, needless to say, the carpenter has not done his work. But snake-repellent canisters have been put out. More on that later. Today, I chat about: EasyJet (EZJ); Fox Marble (FOX); Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV); and Vast Resources (VAST).


989 days ago

Fox Marble appoints QC and hires Kroll on legal claim - BUY to possibly double

Remember that Fox Marble (FOX) is now fully funded to pursue a legal claim against the Republic of Kosovo for – under a previous regime – allowing one of its mines to be half inched. Legal giants Dentons were already on board now it has hired top barrister Simon Nesbitt QC from the Maitland Chambers to argue its case.


1079 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 14: Dr Doom becomes a mega bull & 1 stock where you MUST average down!

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble (FOX) and Dr Doom David Scott. I discuss averaging down  and after news this week Fox is a rare case where that is justified. This will – as I explain in the show – be a multibagger from here. Meanwhile Dr Doom is now a bull. we discuss sharers, bonds, real estate, bitcoin and gold in a must listen to interview. Then there are a few thoughts on companies you must NOT own, including Powerhouse Energy (PHE).You can access the show HERE


1083 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Okay unless you can do better my villain of the year has to be Mad Mark Drakeford

First I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and the appearance of the star. Then who is to be my Christmas carol villain of the year then it has to be Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford who today has just gone complelely bonkers as I describe HERE. Then I look at Vin Murria’s Summerway Capital (SWC) and explain why you are not too late even at 1.65p. then a look  at AFC Energy (AFC) and my new policy on dealing with abusive trolls. I discuss Fox Marble (FOX) and averaging down and then the scandal that is Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) gets even worse. Surely the Oxymorons must investigate.


1159 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 12: Almost 3 hours of Fox Marble, of Zak Mir ( with his top share tip) and of me on SYME & Trainline, 2 mega shorts

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with  Chris Gilbert the boss of Fox Marble followed by me explaining why, though I am 80% down, I am sure Fox will multibag from here. Then a very long – and very funny – session with Zak Mir with his top share tip among London small caps, his view on the markets, the real economy and discussions on Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Eurasia Mining (EUA) & the lies of both, on Big Dish (DISH) and more. Finally it is me onSupply’s lies again and also on why Trainline (TRN) miust surely see a share price collapse. You can access the show HERE


1239 days ago

Tom Winnifrith: I am going to buy a new stock as a result of MineProphets… and it's not gold

On Saturday 18th July, anyone serious about mining stocks will be tuning in to MineProphets. The conference will last all day, but the 30 videos plus will stay up until just after Christmas. Tipsters, CEO and a swathe of mining gurus and experts will be presenting, and most of those who do present will also be there on the day to chat to attendees in dedicated chat rooms. And, already, I have one stock that I am almost certain to buy.


1252 days ago

July 18 MineProphets Online Conference book your seat now

Is now the time to buy gold aggressively or has that ship sailed? What about silver, uranium, rare earths? We have assembled a panel of true experts ready to present to you on how to make money from mining stocks and all will present at on July 18. You can book your seat HERE.


1275 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Leading folks up the garden Pathfinder in this way is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Firstly the links. For reasons discussed, if you are not registered with Primary Bid register for free now HERE. Secondly we are at 33% help us to save Woodlarks donate HERE. Heck even daughter Olaf has dipped into her vodka funds to donate. In the podcast I look at IWG (IWG), Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), Cineworld (CINE), Bidstack (BIDS), Fox Marble (FOX) and, sorry Jim, Condor Gold (CNR). I also look at the “wisdom” of appointing a Chief Diversity Officer. 


1286 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Fund manager Gervais Williams goes from zero to hero but for how long?

We are now at almost 33% of the way to our Rogue Bloggers (well just me) for Woodlarks target. Today I do 11 laps of the fields here in a training walk, so please donate ahead of that ordeal HERE. In the podcast I discuss Gervais Williams, Avacta (AVCT), Novacyt (NCYT), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Amur Minerals (AMC) and Fox Marble (FOX), with whom I am very cross indeed. I also look at British Land (BLND) which I inadvertently refer to as Land Securities (LAND) in the podcast and commercial property in general.


1300 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I cannot condone the actions of the Mrs or join her as I am a law abiding citizen

Yes, the Mrs and Joshua broke lockdown to go see the mother-in-law. Naturally I was keen to join them but gave two reasons why I could not. On that matter the Government has no strategy that works for ending the chaos it created. It is a shambles. I explain what all the fuss is about at Fox Marble (FOX) - you can see for yourself HERE. Then look at San Leon (SLE), Kefi (KEFI), Mosman (MSMN) and Bidstack (BIDS). The moral of the tale, swot up on your show videos tonight HERE.


1329 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: so where should I invest my SIPP Windfall?

It looks like the cash that I did not realise until a few months ago I had, will finally arrive in my SIPP this week. so where will I invest it? I discuss my outlook for equities in general, what I shall avoid and then Optibiotix (OPTI). R4E (R4E), Imperial Brands (IMB), Centamin (CEY), Tesco (TSCO), BP (BP.), Shell (RDSB), Wishbone Gold (WSBN) Red Rock (RRR) and Fox Marble (FOX).


1369 days ago

Fox Marble – “Strategy Update” sees some more confidence return

Updating on Fox Marble (FOX) earlier this month, we noted we retain the patience for at least continuing to hold with the shares at 2.30p with the potential arbitration and it mitigating a forced quarry operations suspension with increased focus on the sales of processed material from the factory and “further contracts for third party processing are expected to be signed in the near future”. Further updates have now helped the shares to a current 2.90p…


1406 days ago

Fox Marble – “block processing factory to double capacity due to strong demand”…- Light at the end of the tunnel at last?

Fox Marble (FOX“is pleased to announce that as a result of rising client demand the company’s factory at Lipjan in Kosovo has moved to two daily production shifts”


1595 days ago

Fox Marble – acquisitions dispute escalates, Malesheva quarry operations suspended

Updating on Fox Marble (FOX) last month we noted enforceability of acquisition agreements challenged – though it believing the claims to be wholly unfounded. It now re-emphasises this “based on legal advice”, though “has suspended operations in its Malesheva quarry in Kosovo pending a resolution to the dispute”


1609 days ago

Fox Marble – a further agreement further builds sales momentum…BUY

Fox Marble (FOX“is pleased to announce it has entered into a new sales agreement with a customer based in China”


1626 days ago

Fox Marble – after biggest single order for Alexandrian White marble earlier this month…BUY

Previously writing on Fox Marble (FOX), earlier this month we noted operational momentum with its biggest single order for Alexandrian White marble. Now the company “is pleased to announce the largest single order of its highly prized Illirico Selene marble from the Maleshevë quarry in Kosovo”


1637 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the gender pay gap in football & £3m coke & hookers money from the sorry Mporium saga

I start with a discussion of the gender pay gap in football and why it is so much hogwash. Then I look at Neil Woodford and the useless FCA. Then I cover two stocks I own, Fox Marble (FOX) and Venn Life (VENN), and two which I don’t Ted Baker (TED) and then a long term target of mine MPorium (MPM), a tale of AIM woe.


1701 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Reviewing my portfolio

In this podcast I look at the  growing mini bond scandal as I flag up another ponzi waiting to collapse today HERE. Then I do a review of my own bull portfolio: Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (YGEN), Concepta (CPT), Big Sofa (BST), Wishbone (WSBN), Kefi (KEFI), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Falanx (FLX), Fox Marble (FOX), Berekely Energia (BKY) and Argo Blockchain (ARB). I did not mention Fox in the podcast so I'll do a seperate update later. Finally: why have you not joined the roll call of heros HERE? I say a few extra fucktards on that count.


1701 days ago

Fox Marble – tidy-up acquisitions, remains a long-term buy

Fox Marble (FOX) “is pleased to announce that it has conditionally acquired Green Power Sh.p.k the licence holder of the Maleshevë quarry and Scope Sh.p.k., a company through which Fox Marble has entered into two hire purchase agreements”


1732 days ago

Fox Marble – production resumption with additional equipment and a new customer. All positive…

Fox Marble (FOX) “is pleased to announce the resumption of production after the usual winter shut down in our Prilep quarry in Northern Macedonia” – and with the deployment of additional equipment and a new customer…


1758 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ouzo time at Sheriff Towers as Accesso halves

I told you on November 8 that shares in Accesso (ACSO) would halve as I published a major short dossier. Oh how my critics laughed and scoffed for they all know better. Well it has not taken long for it to be ouzo time and vindication again at Sheriff of AIM Towers. I discuss DP Poland (DPP), Fox Marble (FOX) and a shameful ramp by Brokerman Dan, that is to say Dev Clever (DEV)


1775 days ago

Fox Marble – sales agreement with expected value “in excess of €1 million over the next twelve months”, remains a buy

“New Material and Orders” announcement from Fox Marble (FOX), emphasising Commercial extraction commenced of Alexandrian Blue marble from Prilep Quarry. 441 tonne order of Alexandrian Blue completed and paid in December 2018. Sales agreement entered into with an indicative value in excess of €1 million”...


1775 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bullcast - reviewing my own portfolio

The regvular bearcast will appear later. In this podcast I cover Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (YGEN), Wishbone (WSBN), Falanx (FLX), Concepta (CPT), Big Sofa (BST), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Obtala (OBT), Ariana (AAU), Wandisco (WAND), Fox Marble (FOX), Argo Blockchain (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh) and Kefi (KEFI)


1878 days ago

Fox Marble – acquisition of joint venture partner adds to prospects - BUY

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced the acquisition of its joint venture partner based at the Prilep Alpha Quarry, Macedonia and “look forward to seeing the benefits of our increased participation in the Prilep Alpha quarry feeding through to the bottom line going forward”. Hear, hear!...


1892 days ago

Fox Marble – half-year results, positive about the outlook - BUY

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2018 and that “the board is positive about the outlook for the company for the remainder of this year and into 2019”


1937 days ago

Photo Article - marble from Kosovo now in place at the Greek Hovel

I suspect George the Architect is still a bit cross about me using marble from Fox Marble (FOX) in Kosovo rather than local marble at the Greek Hovel. But I am a shareholder, get a discount, and want to show my support.


1946 days ago

Fox Marble – half-year update, progress being made

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated on the first half of 2018 and that “as we move into the second half of the year our focus will remain on capitalising on growth, increasing our capacity and enhancing our product range in order to strengthen our position in the market”


2031 days ago

Fox Marble – 2017 sales lower than hoped, but now looking forward to “significant growth” - BUY

Kosovo and the Balkans region marble quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) has announced 2017 results, including that “sales have been lower than expected” but that it “has made important progress over the year… Our factory in Kosovo is now fully operational, we have entered into a number of promising sales agreements, and we are beginning to see momentum building in the demand for our marble”


2051 days ago

Fox Marble – new factory installations add to potential

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced new installations in its marble processing factory in Kosovo to “provide additional capacity to meet increased order flow and improve margins”.


2160 days ago

Fox Marble - new sales deal, placing, debt for equity swap. All good news!

I knew about this. I was an insider as well as a loyal shareholder. And for that reason I declined to make Fox Marble (FOX) one of my tips of the year. Otherwise I would have been sorely tempted. 2018 may well be the year of the Fox.


2186 days ago

Fox Marble - director loan - hang on this is good news! Stance UPGRADE

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that it has received an unsecured loan of £500,000 from Roy Harrison OBE, a non-executive director of the Company - The interest rate is a very reasonable 5% and the loan can - and will - be repaid within two years.


2201 days ago

Fox Marble – new US sale & further shipments to Turkey, momentum continuing to build: BUY

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced “an important new sales channel for the company into the United States” and further sales under a previously announced agreement to Turkey. Good news on the Turkey front this Thanksgiving..


2230 days ago

Fox Marble – completes a first sale from newly operational factory, momentum building

At the end of last month we noted from marble quarrier in Kosovo and the Balkans region Fox Marble (FOX), with the shares then down to circa 7p, disappointing interim financials but some reasons for optimism. The company has now since followed a $500,000 receipt from a sales agreement with a “First consignment of marble to Marble Dino” announcement.


2234 days ago

Fox Marble: the $500,000 cheque it said was in the post has arrived

A piece of good news is posted by our friends in Kosovo, Fox Marble (FOX). It says that the advance payment of $500,000 it was promised by OM Enterprises , a leading tile manufacturer and distributor based in Calcutta has arrived. This is part of a deal announced on the 28 September 2017 when OM Enterprises agreed, to purchase 5,000 tonnes of material over three years. As part of the agreement, OM committed to a $500,000 advance payment.


2333 days ago

Fox Marble , shares down on Beaufort appointment - unfair but the RNS is a lie from a brain dead PR firm

Shares in Fox Marble (FOX) fell by almost 10% to 8.25p-8.5p on the back of news that it had appointed Beaufort Securities, Belfort Secs to its legion of admirers, as the company's joint broker. The assumption is that Belfort, whose clients are mainly bucket shops, will be doing a discounted placing. that is not the case, Fox has enough cash to get it through to profitability but Belfort's reputation proceeds it. Fox has gone on the record to say there is no placing.


2343 days ago

Fox Marble AGM - a Truly Mixed bag - on balance BUY

It was a case of the good, the bad and the ugly but on balance there were a lot more goods than bads. Let's start with the ugly from the Fox Marble (FOX) AGM..


2487 days ago

Fox Marble - Oh Ye of little faith, stunning new Indian deal: Buy

There were many who worried and sold. Oh ye of little faith, at long last Fox Marble (FOX) is starting to deliver real sales. We had news last week of a $300,000 order in the UK and Australia now there is a really big deal that has been announced.


2493 days ago

Good News from Fox Marble - it makes a pleasant change

Just a quick note following a “New Orders and Specifications” announcement from Fox Marble(FOX). Yes this is an upbeat statement. It had to happen one day!


2513 days ago

Fox & Eboracum Marble - lets sort this out

I have been alerted by various folk to the fact that a Fox Marble (FOX) customer Eboracum Marble has a First Gazette notice out against it which, according to the knockers, means it is going bust/is a fraud and that Fox will issue a profits warning. This has seen the shares drift to 7.75p. Sometimes before you hit the sell button it pays to make a few phone calls. Which is why you should buy the shares today.


2542 days ago

Fox Marble warns again but we really do think this is the nadir

Another day, another disappointing update from Balkans region quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) – with “the conversion of orders into delivered sales has taken longer than anticipated… leaving our estimated sales number for full year 2016 lower than expected”. We’ve now spoken to CEO Chris Gilbert.


2542 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Why hasn't Deborah White been fired for breaking AIM Rules?

I have loaded the photos of pressing the olives from the Greek Hovel HERE. There may not be a bearcast tomorrow as I am about to start travelling soon. Today I look at LGO Energy (LGO), Milestone Group (MSG) and its CEO Deborah White who has committed market abuse and should be fired, Strat Aero (AERO), Fox Marble (FOX), Golden Saint (GSR) where I suggest a rule change is needed at AIM to deal with share dumping parasites like PR genius Steffi, and Proxama (PROX).


2613 days ago

New Fox Marble JV - still a buy

Kosovo and the Balkans region-focused marble company, Fox Marble (FOX) has announced participation in a “landmark venture formed with the Kosovo Government” aiming at “a world class new stone industry for Kosovo” and “a much wider marketing, sales and distribution platform” for Fox…


2627 days ago

Fox Marble Interims - getting there: Buy

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2016 – including admitted “disappointing” revenue of €0.262 million, but that the “board is positive about the outlook for the company for the remainder of this year and into 2017”.


2653 days ago

Fox Marble - chat with CEO Chris Gilbert: nailing the conspiracists

There are folks out there determined to suggest that something is not qu9ite right with Fox Marble (FOX). In one sense they are correct, Fox has missed a stack of targets. We know that and it is well and truly "in the price". The conspiracists quite simply maintain that Fox is built on smoke & mirrors. They are - I believe - wrong but their war on Fox has left the shares very cheap indeed.


2661 days ago

Fox Marble - more good news than bad, master Yoda controls my anger

The Star Wars imagery should tell you that this is Tom writing not Steve. The series of movies will be my specialist subject if I ever go on Mastermind. Enough geekery, you want to know about marble not that I am losing my marbles.Another day and another operational update from Fox Marble (FOX) sees, on balance, more good news than bad. We will get full interims for the half calendar year by the end of September but the trading update is full. Let's start with the bad.


2727 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Boxhill now not an invitation to sell but an obligation - it goes legal

We start with Boxhill (BOX) chaired by Lord Razzall who still refuses to answer 10 questions from Cynical Bear. The company has now gone legal. It is utterly uninvestable. Then I look at Wandisco (WAND) - which schmucks backed its placing today? I also cover FastJet (FJET), Fox Marble (FOX) and Nighthawk (HAWK)


2738 days ago

Fox Marble Results - no shock we knew they would be poor: the shares remain a buy

Having previously warned, calendar year 2015 results from Fox Marble (FOX) are unsurprisingly “disappointing”, though the Kosovo and Macedonia quarrier emphasises that it is now“seeing the results of our efforts in establishing our product in key marketplaces throughout the world and the benefit or having our marble actually installed in developments”.


2753 days ago

Some good news from Fox Marble...its about time!

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that its “order book has increased to €3.9 million for the year” and developments offering further potential.


2758 days ago

Video Dragon's Den 1 at UK investor Show: Nostra Terra, Eurasia Mining, Noricum & Fox Marble

The first Dragon's Den session at UK Investor Show saw myself, Gary Newman and Steve Moore each invest £1000 via our broker European Wealth in 3 stocks. Our choice of pitching CEOs were from Noricum Gold (NMG), Fox Marble (FOX), Nostra Terra (NTOG) and Eurasia Mining (EUA)


2759 days ago

Video: Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble at UK Investor Show

This presentation has been somewhat overtaken by events - something Steve & I cover HERE - but Chris Gilbert gives a good explanation of the investment case none the less. Enjoy.


2759 days ago

Fox Marble placing - we take part: the shares are a buy

Kosovo and Macedonia quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) has announced financing developments – including a conditional £2 million gross placing at 10p per share and we took part in a small way. The funding is:


2819 days ago

Fox Marble: More Good News - Buy

Shares in marble quarry company Fox Marble (FOX) are continuing something of a recovery having fallen towards 10p early this month, with some further momentum now being provided by an update including that commissioning and opening of the company’s factory in Kosovo “is anticipated by the middle of the year”.


2826 days ago

Fox Marble some cash in - we want to see more

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that a payment of €390,000 from Eboracum Limited will shortly be sent to the company as part payment of the €2 million order announced last year. This is good news and bad.


2873 days ago

Fox Marble Trading update - buy

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated that 2015 reported sales are expected to be around a self-declared “disappointing” €230,000, but that the outlook for 2016 is much more promising indeed. And that is why the shares are a buy. This has been a poor share tip to date but now is a time to average down big time.


2907 days ago

Video: Chris Gilbert CEO of Fox Marble presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

And the next presentation is by Chris Gilbert of Kosovo based Fox Marble (FOX), shares in which I rate as a buy - it will come good in the end. Enjoy


3005 days ago

Fox Marble Interims - the shares are a buy

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that, whilst frustrated by operational setbacks experienced, remains “confident of fulfilling our plans”.


3157 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 13 April

It is almost time for the "placing song" but not quite. In this podcast I look at Fox Marble, Coms, Image Scan (in detail), Blur and Tethys. Warning strong language used in connection with the total POS that used to do PR for Image Scan, itself a total POS.


3158 days ago

Fox Marble..this sounds much better

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced further sales to Berkeley Homes plc and initial small scale orders for its red, Rosso Cait, marble for customers in Egypt.


3242 days ago

Fox Marble Trading statement: penny share buy

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated that, with much of the 2014 order book having been pushed into H1 2015, 2014 reported sales are expected to be only around €150K, though that it is “encouraged by the strong finish to the year in terms of deferred income, signed offtakes and sales agency agreements” , with “confirmed orders to date for 2015 currently stand at €1.5m of block and slab marble”.


3256 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s tenth and final share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Fox Marble at 18.25p

This is the closest I am going to get to tipping a mining stock in a hurry – Fox Marble (FOX) might own mines but it is essentially a building materials stock. This should be a boring and dull business. To date it as not been.

Fox owns quarries which are largely in Kosovo, an area once in Serbia where with the complicity of the West the ethnic Serbs were ethnically cleansed by the Albanians. The latter have no historic claim on the area (it was never part of greater Albania) but when it came to the vilification of the Serbs we in the West did not really care about our oldest allies in the region. Rant over. The new regime does appear relatively honest so when a bent local official tried to seize a Fox asset soon after the IPO he was sent to prison and the asset quickly restored. None the less being in Kosovo has not been seen as a massive plus point by AIM casino investors.



3284 days ago

Fox Marble Offtake Deal - Buy

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced an offtake agreement for €1.5 million of block marble in three six month tranches and which will see it receive an immediate €250,000. 

The agreement with Gibraltar-headquartered Banyan Stone Ltd follows another announced in October  – with the company emphasising that these “will provide a solid start to our revenue figures for 2015” and that it has “experienced a significant improvement in the level of interest in our product, particularly in the last quarter of 2014… We would expect further sales contracts to be completed early in the New Year”

The announcement has helped the shares


3347 days ago

ShareProphets Seminars: Video Presentation by Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble

On Monday 29th September the first ShareProphets evening seminar was held. 4 talks, free pizza and booze. A great time was had by all. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one is 13 October) register HERE. The first talker was Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble (FOX) who spoke well and made a good case. I rate the shares as a buy.


3351 days ago

Report Back on ShareProphets Seminar: Premaitha, Fox Marble, AAA and myself on Quindell

Contrary to suggestions made here and elsewhere by some of my greatest admirers, the first ShareProphets seminar was packed out with just over 50 folks gathering in Clerkenwell on Monday and – I think – having a good time. The next seminar is on Monday October 13 and you can ensure you get priority booking by registering HERE.

The doors opened for free drinks at 6 PM and the first talk was at 6.30 and was by Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble (FOX). Chris explained very clearly what Fox does in Kosovo – mining marble – claiming that there was minimal political risks and going through the maths of mining, polishing and cutting and selling the different types of marble. In a sense this is a bit of a play of global GDP growth but the critical point is that Fox has to produce the stuff, get its factory up and running asap to boost margins and deliver sales contracts.


3491 days ago

Fox Marble – I remain a buyer after AGM

Kosovo and Balkans region-focused marble company, Fox Marble (FOX) has updated investors attending its AGM that it continues to believe that “2014 will be a pivotal year in establishing Fox Marble in the market”, though “as a result of the unexpected weather conditions and one quarry site being extended to acquire the premium quality resource, production has been set back and thus booked revenues will be more strongly second half weighted”.


3644 days ago

Fox Marble Trading statement - up on my share tip but still a buy

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated that “production levels are being achieved in line with expectations”, that it is“seeing repeat orders from early customers” and that “successful entry into the key USA market is gaining traction”but that its planned processing plant on its factory site “is likely now to be delayed, on current estimates by up to six months” (completion previously planned by April). 


3674 days ago

Buy Fox Marble at a 17.5p offer price

Why are you guys not tipping a raft of bombed out mining stocks? Well we are not sure that things have bottomed out quite yet. There is no rush to fill the gold portfolio on our Nifty Fifty site ( although – amazingly) we are only 1% down over a year on gold stocks. Fox Marble (FOX) is classified as a mining stock on AIM but I’d view it as a building materials sector play. 

It produces marble – the price of which is far more predictable than, say, gold.  It is not a cash cow yet but it will be pretty soon. It is run by a sensible and successful businessman Chris Gilbert who is modestly paid but has a big equity stake and the 2015 yield could well be close to 100%. I am not joking. The stock is a buy at an offer price of 17.5p with a two year target price of 60p.