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Gary Barlow

1942 days ago

It is not often that I cheer the taxman but in the case of the virtue signaller Gary Lineker....

I would like to see a low tax small state Britain. Sadly that dream is not shared by any of the money tree worshipping political parties but I can still hope. Instinctively that makes me view HMRC as the pantomime villain, a body to be hissed and booed whenever it comes on stage to try and get more cash out of hard working folks. But in the case of HMRC vs Gary Lineker, the jug eared virtue signalling poseur, I will not be warning Mr Walker's Crisps that "he's behind you", I cheer on the taxman at every turn.


3046 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: The Political Classes are Listening to you NOT! edition

In the wake of the drubbing of LibLabCon in the local and Euro Elections the political classes have taken a few days off from fiddling their expenses to insist that they are listening to us plebs. “Of course we are listening, we have stopped calling you racists, little Englanders, etc and have ALWAYS been concerned about Europe, immigration, etc.”

Yeah right… and you are also going to crack down on expenses fiddling too?

In that vein I ask that you suggest suitable captions for the picture below:

For what it is worth my entry, on a different tack, is:


3052 days ago

Weekly Caption Context – Low Tax & Gary Barlow Edition

I cannot remember the last time we ran a caption contest but it is time to get back into the old routine, if only to keep Jon Pickles happy.  As such this week we feature the man formally known as Saint Gary of Barlow, a man who could do no wrong but now known as a bit of a Jimmy carr on the tax avoiding front.

Mr Barlow is an enthusiastic member of Call Me Dave’s Conservative party in the mistaken belief that the spineless one was going to make the UK a low tax regime. I picture of the two men in happier times is your challenge.

Please post your entries in the comments section below by 9 AM Friday.

For what it is worth my entry is:


3238 days ago

I have a really guilty confession – I have started watching the X-factor

I know, I know. It is Chav TV par excellence. It is utterly moronic. The audience bay like those demanding death at the Coliseum and has a collective IQ of 17. The whole thing is truly frightful and I am truly ashamed to admit it but, late in life, I have become hooked.

There is drama. I kind of knew that Abi was toast on Sunday, she gave a weak performance the day before and though a sweet girl from somewhere in the Grim North she did not have the X factor. But there was drama none the less as she entered a sing off with Hannah, a girl who cannot articulate a single word properly. Surely she has to go soon?

All the contestants bar 1 seem to come either from the Grim North or Essex or South London. A few of them can speak proper English. And, dare I say it, some of them seem quite good at singing.

The real appeal is the Judges. American Nicole is truly ghastly and makes the audience seem like a collection of Nobel Prize winners. But there is something endearing in quite how thick and shallow she is. It goes without saying that no-one could be a patch on the UK’s leading chanteuse Ms Cheryl Cole.

The rather camp Louis Walsh seems like a nice man although I am not sure that he would be my first pick for the pub quiz team. Sharon O. is almost as ghastly as Nicole in a rougher, older manner. And she is not as thick as the American. No-one is as thick as Nicole. If you had a gap in your pub quiz team and had to choose between Nicole and a loaf of bread, you’d go for the loaf any day.

However, Gary Barlow is just a class act. He is witty and cutting, kind and cruel and, compared to everyone else involved in this spectacle, he is an intellectual colossus.

So I am hooked on the chaviest most low-grade junk TV going.  I really cannot think of any more of a guilty confession to make. But I felt I should come clean.