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Gatwick Airport

1634 days ago

Andrew Monk on the great oil exploration triangle

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources has a geography lessn for those following oil explorers. Believe it or not the hot spot is not somewhere close to Gatwick Airport but somewhere a bit more exotic.


2124 days ago

The arab guy shouting down his mobile rushes past me at Gatwick: is it racist to be a bit spooked?

It was less than 24 hours after the Brussels attacks when the Mrs and I arrived at Gawtck at 4.30 AM. Given the images we had seen on our TV screens for almost the entire previous day, being in the departure lounge of an international airport was not exactly our preferred location but needs must. 

As we wandered towards the terminal a guy rushed past us in a real hurry shouting loudly down his cell phone in arabic. I gave a bit of a double take and was glad he was rushing away from me. Is that racist? I am terribly sorry


3119 days ago

North Terminal Gatwick Airport – Cripes this is grim

I am terrified of falling asleep lest I wake up to discover that I have missed my 5.30 AM flight. But having said that I wish I was asleep if only to block out the sheer horror that is Gatwick Airport North Terminal. 

Everything bar Costa Coffee is shut. If I have another one of its overpriced cups of poison I shall explode. The free newspaper it hands out is the Independent which these days is almost as unbearable as The Guardian.

It is a 600 yard walk to the nearest smoking zone (a tiny shelter which can fit about 12 people and appears to serve an entire terminal).  

I can amuse myself by writing offensive articles for only so long.  My next excitement is at 3.30 when the check in desk opens. Just 1 hour and 6 minutes to go. I might just have a cigarette as a treat in 33 minutes time, if only to give me something to look forward to.