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Gina Miller

361 days ago

Batshit Crazy Euro Loon Gina Miller FCA Dossier - she is bang on the money about how useless it is: Asleep at the Wheel

Snobbish metropolitan elitist Gina Miller and her husband Alan are the most batshit crazy Euro loons going and their contempt for we 17.4 million plebs who voted for Brexit is disgusting. However, the two have compiled a dossier on the FCA and its string of failures, many where its former head and now Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey was personally involved. Sadly the Miller’s do not mention a website which warned of a number of these failures while the deadwood press were still blowing off those responssible but despite that, I congratulate the deluded duo on a fine piece of work, which you can read below.


1009 days ago

The hypocrites celebrate referenda, the Irish celebrate murder

On Friday, the Irish voted to legalize abortion at up to 12 weeks. It is now Sunday and the BBC - my only English language TV here in Greece - is still covering this story with a manic obsession. "What a modern nation Ireland has become: a gay PM, abortion on demand, the Church in tatters, cue picture of joyous crowds." Okay, it does not mention its joy at the collapse of the Irish church but it makes its views clear with pictures of nuns scuttling away from polling stations looking miserable.


1405 days ago

In defence of the queen of the remoaners - Gina Miller

Please do not get me wrong. Gina Miller is a loathsome creep but I write today in defence of the Queen of the Remoaners.
As a martyr to the cause of Euro-lunacy Gina complains that she is always being attacked. Some of the attacks are fair. She is a patronising Metropolitan elitist who views those of us who voted for independence with undisguised contempt. We did not understand the issues and we are just not as clever as her. She also keeps changing her arguments about what she is seeking to achieve - she talks incoherent nonsense. and she is married to a man with a face like a baboon's arse. All of these are fair criticisms.


1436 days ago

Photo article: Remoaning academic says Brexit opponents "silent majority" - pity her poor students

Gina Miller, Nick Clegg, Tony the war criminal Blair, Michael "Brexiteers are Nazis " Heseltine. Apparently it is that they are silent. You might have thought that the BBC and C4 gave these folks every opportunity to yak on about what a disaster Brexit will be, but oh no, as the tweet below shows.


1444 days ago

Kevin Hart - you thought he had gone from Bowleven: think again

You and I had thought that Kevin Hart the grossly overpaid and underperforming CEO of Bowleven (BLVN) had cleaned his desk and gone after Tuesday's GM vote to sack the useless pig. Think again. He is still CEO and still on full pay and still running the company. This is like debating the Brexit referendum with that silly cow Gina Miller. A company is owned by its shareholders. The shareholders have voted to get rid, like we voted to quit the EU...but the bastard hangs on and Gina tries to subvert democracy.


1448 days ago

Photo article: Islington In Europe - unbelievable stupidity and pious sanctimony in a nutshell: beyond satire

In the leafy London Borough of Islington where smug Guardian readers live in £3 million houses they voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. Of course they did, The pious liberal elite know that only thick, old, white racist white van driving working class types wanted to leave. But the battle goes on lead by a group Islington in EU which holds regular events including one with the odious Gina Miller as you can see below. Its website is a stormer, beyond satire, with a star exhibit a poem which displays the prejudices but also the sheer ignorance of these folk perfectly. The key four lines are underlined by me:


1496 days ago

Euro loon & democracy hater Gina Miller - enjoys law for the rich down at Animal Farm

On the steps of the Supreme Court yesterday Brexit opposing Gina Miller gushed about how she had shown that we the citizenry can hold Government to account by using the courts. Really Gina? How much was your bill with top law firm Mishcon de Reya?


1497 days ago

Eleven old farts delay Brexit - good: the contempt for an out of touch Establishment grows

Eleven rich and privileged members of the establishment, that is to say the Supreme Court, today backed a millionaire bankster, Gina Miller, in delaying what the British people voted for in our largest ever exercise in democracy. I voted for Brexit but still regard this as great news.